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How Many Minutes in a Year? (Solved Calculation)

For work, study and organising our busy daily lives it’s good to know how much time you have to complete or allocate to tasks. Transportation companies like to know exactly how much time they have in minutes & hours each year to accurately track deliveries or a train company wants to know minutes of each year to plan journeys.

Schools districts in USA and primary & secondary schools in UK require teaching a certain amount of days & hours each year with students requiring to be taught certain subjects each day in class by school teachers that teach 40-50 minutes lessons.

Indeed in high or middle school in USA or Canada mathematics calculation and workings out or taught by teachers, also in UK secondary schools ready of GCSE examinations in science & mathematics for 14-16 year olds.

There is 525,600 minutes in 365 calendar common year and a leap year has 527,040 minutes in 366 days calendar year more accurately 525948.76666 minutes & 365.242189 days.

How to calculate number of minutes in a year

Working out the exact number of minutes in a year is not an entirely simple maths calculation. There is a normal calendar year of 365 days and every 4 years is a leap year when one extra day is added in February to take affect of the leap year accounting for the tropical/solar year.

Tropical years vary each year up to 30 minutes as the time it takes completing a full seasonal cycle is not the same each year with about 365.242189 days. According to NASA the time a planet takes to revolve around the sun is called a year, solar year.

First stage calculation number of minutes in a year

Work out the unit measurements for what makes up a year in time:

60 seconds = 1 minute (1/60 of an hour)

60 minutes = 1 hour

24 hours = 1 day

Month is made up of days

365 = number of days in a year

12 months = one year

Second stage

Calculate how many minutes in one day:

Formula: Multiply number of minutes in one hour x total number hours a day

Minutes 60 x 24 hours = 1440 minutes in one day

Third stage

Multiply number minutes in one day x number days a year

Minutes 1400 x 365 days = 525,600 minutes in common calendar year

Minutes in a year in words = Five hundred and twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes (525,600) 365 days common calendar year.

Minutes in year
Minutes in a year

Leap year minutes in year calculation

Leap year one day is added 365 +1 = 366 days in a leap year every 4 years (¼ day is added to each year) gives 365 ¼ days, or 365.24.

Calculation for a leap year 366 days x 24 hours a day x 60 minutes an hour 

366 x 24 x 60 minutes = 527,040 minutes in a leap year

Leap year minutes in a year in words = Five hundred and twenty seven thousand, forty minutes (527,040) 366 days.

More exact calculation of a tropical/solar year should be used to work out the amount of minutes per year. School teachers of geometry or science teach solar year and will also use this calculation and explanation.

According to Britannica “The solar year (365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 seconds), also called tropical year, or year of the seasons, is the time between two successive occurrences of the vernal equinox (the moment when the Sun apparently crosses the celestial equator moving north)”.

Solar year minutes each year calculation

365 days = 365 x 24 x 60 minutes = 525,600 minutes

5 hours = 5 x 60 = 300 minutes

48 minutes = 48 minutes

46 seconds = 46 / 60 minutes = 0.76666 minutes

One solar year (365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 seconds)

= (525,600 + 300 + 48 + 0.76666) minutes

= 525948.76666 minutes in a solar year

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