How Many Hours In A Week

How Many Hours In A Week? (Lets Find Out)

Knowing exactly how many hours are in each week is important for our daily life, study and while at work. Companies can plan and schedule deliveries by hour in a year that will arrive or a production line to actual output in second in a year. People can arrange leisure trips on they’re time off, including how many hour travel. Indeed, busy people with a lot of work and family life organise themselves by keeping time by hours in a year they have and especially hours per week.

Hours in a week calculation

First work out how many hours in a day and number of days in a week.

How many hours in a day = 24 hours

How many days in a week = 7 days    

1 hour = 1/24 of a day or  1/168 of a week.

Hours in week formula: Multiply hours a day x days in week (7 x 24 =168)

1 week = 7 days/week = (7 days/week) × (24 hours/day) = 168 hours in a week.

Hours in a week

On average adults try to sleep 8 hours a day every weeks, which means 7 days x 8 hours = 56 hours of sleep each week. That leaves 16 hours a day for work, relaxing, hobbies, shopping, commute and household tasks in one day or 16 hours x 7 day= 112 hours a week.

Practice question

A couple likes to go cycling several times every week when they can, weather permitted. Joe goes out 4 mornings a week for 1 ½ hours each day and Susan 3 morning each week for one hours.

What is the total time the couple goes cycling in the week?

Joe 4 x 1.5 hours = 6 hours per week

Susan 3 hours = 3 hours a week

6 + 3 = 9 hours a week the couple goes cycling a week in total.

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