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Head of Year Job Role & Description

Schools are challenging at times, especially dealing with pupil’s everyday concerns. Head of year jobs from my experience as a secondary form tutor are focused on a pastoral role, and yes working with students that do not want to be at the school. Teacher’s with additional responsibility and non teaching jobs in education roles as year head are available.


Head of year

An effective year group leader works with the whole school community, attends meetings, communicates with parents and also has contact with external social services.

In addition, year heads organise events for the year group to participate, such as year 10 trip to a sporting event.

What makes a good head of year?

My experience during my time as a teacher at secondary school, is someone who is supportive to pupils & teachers, finds out facts and solves issues amicably.


Head of year job description

Job objectives role is to encourage,guide & support pupils wellbeing and academic achievement at school, ensuring students achieve to the best of their ability. Head’s of form year provide pastoral management to pupils working with form tutors, teachers & school management implementing and ensuring policies, behaviour and procedures are followed by students.

Responsible for the standards and day to day management of the year group, subject to change reflecting pupil, job and school wide policies. Specific year responsibilities at least include:

  • Liaise and communicate with teachers, parents and senior management
  • Ensures displays & information in the year corridors are of a high standard and up to date
  • Contribute to school publications e.g. school’s prospectus, news letters, clubs and sport events


Pupil guidance & support

  • Promote the school’s ethos and ensuring school policies are adhered to
  • Be available for questions & answers to/from pupils, parents and teachers
  • Promote anti bullying and prevention


Pupil behaviour

  • Support colleagues in a year leader capacity to ensure the teaching, learning and behaviour policy is implemented
  • Refer and keep contact with outside agencies in relation to pupil behaviour and welfare


Monitoring & recording of behaviour and attendance

Review and implement pupil progress and change


Student social & academic progress

  • Organise and lead assemblies in the form year
  • Supervise pupil report cards termly
  • Takes responsibility for the smooth running and safety of groups during lunchtimes and after school activities
  • Organise trips, activities and social events for pupils
  • Help with parent meetings and other school events
  • Implement and monitor procedures for under performing students and enact progress
  • Conduct pupil progress reviews


School monitoring duties

Weekly checks of planning/assessment/ students’ progress in the year group.

Monitoring data and discussing results with staff, teachers and the senior leadership and decide on appropriate action.

Weekly book check/discussion of work and progress with a group of students.


Management of year tutors

  • Support behaviour for learning school policy by form tutors
  • Induct new staff and students as appropriate in a year role
  • Share good practice & experience with tutors and teachers
  • Keep tutors up to date of change in procedures and school policies
  • Provide and lead training & development of class tutors
  • Contribute school wide ideas and new ways of working with students
  • Monitor and check targets set in the year group
  • Check effective time spent and procedures followed during tutor time with pupils
  • Lead the year group of class form tutors in a managerial and pastoral capacity


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