corner desk in a bedroom

Are Corner Desks Good for Children’s Bedroom Storage?

Children amass a lot of items during their short lives from clothing & accessories, gadgets with attachments and forgotten toys. A desk in a corner has benefits, especially in smaller bedrooms with little floor space and useful for multiple purposes from study, gaming, crafts, and for a computer.

Corner desks are good for providing additional storage space for children’s bedrooms in addition to other areas to keep the room less cluttered and tidy. Desks design, shape, styles of storage compartments from sliding drawers, cupboards and shelving size would dictate how good the benefit for boys & girls from 3-19 years old receive against how they’ll use the storage areas.

9 corner desk storage type options & functional use

Child’s Age Desk Style Design Type        Items Suitable for Storage
8 years old +Desk with 3 to 4 small storage compartments above the desk top. Suitable style for older children that are looking for a place to write & study with next to no suitable storage for personal items.Papers, magazines, books.
10 years old +Total external desk dimensions of (H) 79 x (W) 186 x (D) 114 cm with 2 cupboards one on each side under the table. Cupboards with (H) 14 x (W) 141 x (D) 141 cm would provide good storage. The desk would be a suitable age and desk height for 10 years old and above including teenagers for study, writing or browsing the computer.Good storage for larger/taller items, toys and action figure.
10 years old +No storage cupboard, drawers or shelves, just a plain corner desk designed for table surface use only. Usable for you’re daughters or son gaming or computer surface, homework & study or interests such as arts and crafts.No storage space.
9 years old +Table desk top with 2x deep drawers on the left and right of the leg space, and 3 shallow drawers just underneath the table surface ((H) 79 x (W) 186.7 x (D) 128.7 cm). The desk would provide good kids storage for larger items.Storage for larger items, such as girl’s dolls, action figures, cars, fragile items and toys.
9 years old +Corner desk with single table and 3 desk drawers to the left underneath. Filing cabinet drawer: 76 x (W) 54.50 x (D) 45.50 cm, Desk drawer: (H) 25 x (W)112 x (D) 49cm. Desk drawer: (H)76 x (W)95 x (D)95cm. The style of desk has little storage except for small items.Storage space for papers, magazines and small items.
11 years old +Double door cupboard of 720 depth x 1790 x 510 x 540 top. Desk width 179cm and 3 drawers unit and could be suitable for teenage a child bedroom. You’re son or daughter could put a computer on the table surface, printer/scanner and store papers in drawers.Desk cupboard storage space is large enough for collectable figures and larger items.
8 years old +55” corner L shaped desk with attached 3 storage sliding drawers and 2 small shelves. Place a computer on the table, complete homework & artist sketching. This design of desk is not suitable for storing children’s toys, game or larger items.Space in drawers for school and study materials.
10 years old +Corner desk with 2-3 open shelves on one side under the surface top. This table style provides minimal storage and is not good to personal items.Storage for dolls on display or collectables.
10 years old +2 or 3 deep drawers underneath the table top to the right or on both sides. These sliding drawers would be deep enough for various items.Toys, games, craft materials collectables or folded clothing.
Corner desk in a bedroom

Appropriate desk and storage for child’s age

A child’s age from 4, 5, 8, 9 years old bedroom desk is smaller than teenage older children, and could possibly hold less storage for items, although young children could have accumulated fewer items compared to older boys & girls.

Parents should provide a corner desk with additional storage so a kid would benefit from a good place to store toys, dolls and items out the way to help save room & floor space and keep clutter to a minimum.

Bedroom desks are designed and sold in different sizes, shapes, designs, functional use and height & width. Greater desk width & height means more opportunity for cabinet, cupboards, shelves and multiple sliding drawers in various depths providing good corner desk storage for larger bulky items such as action figures, dolls and figurines.

Older children desks designed to be located in a bedroom corner require being multifunctional for hobby & interests and a study area for homework with various storage unit capacity.

Corner bedroom desks for younger children in my experience is good and useful for toys & games, collections, books, drawing & writing materials to store away, also so they’re not misplaced or damaged.

Good storage space, height and position of a shelve or drawer is useful if parents purchase the correct size of corner desk for a child’s age & height so kids can access cupboards and storage compartments safely. A desk table placed in a bedroom corner is beneficial as it makes space on the floor for boys and girls play area in they’re bedroom when alone, playing with family member or friends.

You as a parents require deciding: What type of items does your daughter or son want to store in a corner desk? What size, shape, and are the items breakable or easily damaged or not.

Storage area on or in a corner desk provides boys & girls good extra space to store treasured possession and other items out of the way so they are no cluttering the bedroom floor. Corner desks are also good for children’s bedrooms when parents choose an appropriate desk with storage compartments or drawers large enough and the right shape to store the items you’re boys and girls want to put away.

L shape or curved desk designs

There are many different corner desks designs to choose from on the market suitable for children’s bedrooms of all ages with single or double cupboards, shallow or deep sliding drawers and open shelves. L shaped desk are flat back and sit in a corner where curved back desk design molds into a curve wall space.

Parents can good bedroom space save space positioning a desk in a corner of they’re kids bedroom. Depending on the amount of additional storage space you’re child requires, bedroom desk design & functional use, size & type of items to be stored will guide you’re decision making on the style of desk you purchase.

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