8 Fun Jobs Roles for MBA Graduates

When you have completed an MBA the focus for the majority of graduates turns to securing a fulfilling job that you’re interested in for a career.

Each of us has our own perception of what fun is, although sitting counting numbers all day at work or in meeting talking about taking the company to another level is not fun, its mundane, some old repetitive work or even boring.

Fun jobs for MBA graduates

1. Zoo deputy manager

For the selective few people that graduated with an MBA in a specialist field related to working with wildlife animals in a zoo or safari park a job as an MBA graduate at 32-35 years old can be zoo deputy or safari park manager.

Obviously you’ll require relevant qualifications & training working with animals, possibly you already have previous experience as a zookeeper, and you’ve been promoted.

Fun & enjoyment is likely working at a zoo or park for wild animals as each reptile, bird or manual has its own personality that could be friendly, while others will require a lot of persuasion.

As a deputy manager you’re likely to require & use the MBA skills & knowledge you acquired to manage, direct and inspire a team of employees daily at work, administration task and liaising with external authorities.

Skills you need in the role include:

  • Presentation & excellent communication skills dealing with visitors, employees, external organisations and senior management team.
  • Take part in recruitment and help to plan staffing rotas of all employees.
  • Assist in development, monitoring and controlling the budget.
  • Maintain detailed accurate records of tools, equipment, materials and wildlife.
  • Lead & manage a large team of zookeepers providing training & development to new & current employees.

2. Stage manager

Graduates with excellent communication skills coupled with impeccable organizational ability & time management to run performances & event smoothly on time a stage manger role is a viable option.

Working at a theatre or on a cruse ship could be enjoyable & fun watching all the acts & events that take place on stage in from of an audience, which can be at times recorded or televised live.

A cruse ship stage manager would require completing more tasks than on land as there’s less employees. You may require making onstage announcements, charity auction presenter or even take part in an performance if someone vital becomes ill.

Directly linked to travel & tourism stage managing on a cruise ships takes all lot of detailed planning, organizing, manage budgets, all highly visible to an audience of people during each live event.

3. Performance & dance co-coordinator

Those of you with good health, fitness & artistic ability a performance & dance co-coordinator job after finishing an MBA at 30 is possible, although you may not require an actual graduate degree for the role.

Specializing working with children & teens could make life more interesting or fun by developing young people’s abilities for dance, singing or acting.

Skills required can include managing a tight budget, applying for external financial funds, managing a team and administration record keeping.

Many days could be enjoyable seeing people you’ve trained & coached as individuals and groups go on to first develop performance ability, but for some perform on stage in front of a paying audience.

4. Software engineer

After graduating with a specialist IT or computer science MBA at 27, 28 or 29 years old a software engineer job position with supervisor responsibilities is within you’re grasp.

Duties & daily tasks could be supervising a team of coders, as well as delivering on going training & development to junior staff members.

You can choose to work in an area that interests you such as movies animation where you’ll, not only code, but meet & possibly interact occasionally with actors doing voice over.

Another of the many areas for proficient software programmer developers is working for a company that produces commercial ads where you may require too travel, and meet a lot of interesting people.

5. Product buyer & tester

When you have years of industry experience in you’re present job role, and then gain an MBA you not only gain skills & useful knowledge, but become more of a benefit to the company.

Moving into a management position as a product buyer & tester for a sports goods & equipment global wholesaler could be exciting & fun at the same time, as you’re traveling and testing products you likely enjoy.

Not interested in sports then a vehicle or fashion buyer & tester are two of the many roles than buyers purchase products on behalf of they’re company.

Although an MBA degree may not be required its useful knowledge & skills attained to complete accounting, analysis, financial decision making and other tasks buyers do as part of the job role.

With experience in the role and an MBA it’s possible the company would offer you a senior management role in the future utilizing more of the course skills.

6. Online games creator

How many people sit in they’re mothers basement or attic bedroom and play games half the nigh? Many.

For people that get enjoyment playing games and wish to make a lasting career in the industry an online games developer is an option, although can be very challenging in certain parts of the industry.

Computer science or IT MBA specialist graduates can choose to focus entirely on being a developer using the skills & knowledge that you acquired on the master’s course.

Working in a management role will so you complete general weekly tasks such as financial analysis, marketing, presenting & pitching to clients and cost/benefit analysis accounting.

7. Marine biologist

For people that like to be at sea, helping the environment and what lives in the worlds oceans a marine biologist can be a fulfilling job role, although you’ll be away from home a lot.

Role of the job explained by New Scientist

Research projects are the main focus of marine biologists, which include collecting specimens at sea, compiling data, and undertaking laboratory-based experiments. Key areas of research include migration patterns, underwater photosynthesis and the impact of human activity on coral reefs. A marine biologist’s tools range from fishing nets and sonar to remotely operated vehicles. Typical responsibilities include planning experiments and using tracking technology, recording and using specialist computer software to aid with interpreting data from biological processes, as well as writing research papers and reports.

New Scientist

Working or collaborating with universities is highly possible, and with government agencies to collect & record data for analysis.

8. Product developer

With a passion to make things or improve on what’s already in existence you can graduate with an MBA and become a full time product developer working in your own start up or for an established company.

You could come up with a new product or be on the entire product development process including design, safety and testing process to bring a useful everyday product to market.

Expect to work as part of a team contributing ideas, and following instructions from senior managers in the development team.

There are many industry sectors you can choose to specialize in from fashion & design, cars, interior design, trains & planes to household electrical good that would be used by millions of people daily.

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