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Feet in a Meter Conversion (ft to m) 1 Feet to Meter

Numerical unit of feet is a measurement used in many countries including the USA and UK to show how long or high an object or person is.

Many of us casually describe a height or distance by saying, for example 8 feet away from the wall or my father is 6.2 feet. Some instructions, guidelines and regulations are given in meters and it’s good to know feet to meters measurement as wells as meters to feet conversion.

How to convert feet to meters

First identify the length of one feet.

1 feet is = 0.3048 meters

or 1ft = 0.3048 m

1 feet to meter = 0.3048 meters

h (m) = h (ft) x 0.3048      (Meaning the height in meters (m) is equal to the height in feet (ft)).

1m / 0.3048 = 3.280839895.    (Divide the amount of meters 1 by numerical value of feet).

or ft to m divide 1 meter by 0.3048.

ft to m

How many feet are in a meter: There’s 3.280839895 ft in 1 meter.

Formula to convert feet (ft) to meters (m)   

m = feet / 3.280839895

Feet to meters table conversion

Feet (ft)Meters (m)Feet (ft)Meters (m)
0.01 ft0.003048 m
0.1 ft0.03048 m
1 ft0.3048 m1.5 ft0.4572 m
2ft0.6096 m2.5 ft0.762 m
3 ft0.9144 m3.5 ft1.0668 m
4 ft1.2192 m4.5 ft1.3716 m
5 ft1.5240 m5.5 ft1.6764 m
6 ft1.8288 m6.5 ft1.9812 m
7 ft2.1336 m7.5 ft2.286 m
8 ft2.4384 m8.5 ft2.5908 m
9 ft2.7432 m9.5 ft2.8956 m
10ft3.048 m15 ft4.572 m
20 ft6.096 m25 ft7.62 m
30 ft9.144 m35 ft10.668 m
40 ft12.192 m45 ft13.716 m
50 ft15.240 m55 ft16.764 m
60 ft18.288 m65 ft19.812 m
70 ft21.336 m75 ft22.86 m
80 ft24.384 m85 ft25.908 m
90 ft27.432 m95 ft28.956 m
100 ft30.480 m200 ft60.96 m

Ft to m conversion examples

Example length of a floor

Convert 30 feet to meters

1 feet is 0.3048     

Multiply 30 ft by 0.3048 for meters

30 ft x 0.3048 = 9.144  

There are 9.144 meters in 30 feet (ft).

Example height of a wall

Convert 15 feet to meters

1 feet is 0.3048     

Multiply 15 ft by 0.3048 for meters

15 ft x 0.3048 = 4.572  

There are 4.572 (m) meters in 30 feet (ft).

Garden path length

Convert 50 feet to meters

1 feet is 0.3048     

Multiply 50 ft by 0.3048 for m

50 ft x 0.3048 m = 15.24

There are 15.24 m in 50 feet ft.

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