What Facilities do Private Schools Have Indoors & Outdoors?

Sending you’re child to a private school you know as a parent they’ll not be competing for limited resources.

Boys and girls have access to the latest outdoor & indoor classroom equipment and sports fields to help them achieve the best they can academically and personally.

Facilities at private schools

Private schools facilities include well equipped classrooms & science labs with latest technology & equipment, drama & dance studio, theatre, boarding bedrooms, swimming pool, riding stables, cricket & hockey fields, fitness suite, gymnasium, climbing wall & chapel & prayer room and gardens. 

Independent school academic & leisure facilities

All schools are different in the amount and varied facilities they offer, although they do all offer appropriate quality academic & leisure facilities to enable all students to achieve the best they can academically.

Location of a school also plays a part in what a school can offer students for extracurricular activities, local academic field trip, water sports such as rowing on the Thames or school social activities.

Town/city and rural school facilities differ in the amount of space a school has and type of outdoor facilities they can offer. An inner city private school in Edinburgh & London has limited outdoor gardens or sports facilities compared to a more rural school in Berkshire.

Most importantly, independent school classrooms are equipped with enough materials, fixed & movable equipment & materials enabling excellent quality lessons to take place.

All students get access to good teachers that show or instruct them in each subject while using school classroom resources for each lesson topic.

From microscopes, beakers and other science equipment, computers and art materials used in class students don’t require sharing.

Parents require choosing a fee paying school that is suitable for they’re daughter or son for short and long term school life. Why? Is your child an avid rower, horse rider, swimmer or receiving a sports or academic scholarship for gifted talent then they’ll require the school facilities, equipment and teaching & additional instructors.

When it comes my turn to pay for private school know doubt the children’s mother would have taken into account what school is best and make an informed decision on the appropriate academic & sporting facilities & coaching available.

Does private schools in UK & USA have sports?

Sports types at private school

Maybe a larger school with an athletics track, cricket field, swimming pool or specialist drama & dance studio would be beneficial for you’re child?

Edinburgh day & boarding schools and others have a lot of outdoor grounds excel in offering budding athletes or sports professional a place to study and develop in they’re chosen sport including ruby & cricket.

Children also continue at home in the garden, bedroom or family house games sports or homework they were doing in school and now have an interest in.

school climbing wall

Indoor facilities at private school

For much of a student’s time at private school they’ll be indoors from a classroom, sports hall, boarding bedroom, lounge or library.

School FacilityHow the Room, Hall or Court is Used
Games rooms  Used by students boarding or day students to relax where table tennis, snooker, board games, pool, and computer games or on other. Students get to socialise with other children in they’re age range after school or if boarding at weekends.
School Dining Rooms In school with a big student population staggered lunch and evening meals are served to different age students. You’ll also find different seating areas at some schools according to age from prep to senior school in UK.
ClassroomsEquipped with smart board & projector, spacious table space for students to be taught and complete class work comfortably, and yes heated or ventilated classrooms for students comfort.
Science Labs  Well equipped science laboratories for teaching instruction, student classwork, examination & coursework. Get taught how to do experiments with equipment and investigate yourself under teacher student led instruction.
Fitness Suite  Traditional weights, aerobics, exercise & running machines mainly used by older students as they receive the most benefit physically.
Audio, visual & Film Theatre For a small amount of schools they have they’re own seated large room to show films to students that is also hired out for commercial bookings.
Squash Court Indoor Squash court for staff and students use, more often found at independent sports focused schools.
GymnasiumTraditional school gym with pommel horse, trampolines, parallel bars, ropes & climbing apparatus and for student gymnastics.
BadmintonCourt for badminton game for PE or after school club, although could also be in a sports hall.

Learning Resource Centre  
Library with many educational books, magazines and papers for educational and fiction reading activates.
Computer RoomsUsed by teacher at school to provide student instruction and for students to study or browse the internet.
Study Rooms  Older students can study in the library or a school could have a study area for senior school students to research, collaborate or complete school work between lessons or after school.
Netball/Basketball/Squash Courts  A few independent schools have specialist courts for squash and basketball, especially sports focused schools.
Cooking Classrooms  Food technology lessons taught with individual student cooker and preparation surface.
Drama Studios & Theatre   Complete with high tech equipment from lighting & sound for dance & drama lessons or specialist instruction.
Sports Leisure FacilitiesA school could have an indoor swimming pool, basketball court or rooms for table tennis and fencing equipment.
Climbing Wall   Wall used for student PE lessons and extracurricular activates that is well supervised.
Seating Areas   Spread around the school seating areas for students to sit in between classes.
Concert Hall Very few independent schools will have a consort hall, although performance art, dance and drama specialist schools could possibly. Normally any school events, consorts, plays and festive events would be held in one of the schools existing sports or assembly halls.
Assembly Hall  All private schools have some type of assembly room or hall, although it might be conducted in a sports hall or other area depending on size of school and facilities available.
Chapel & Prayer Room  Faith independent schools have a chapel and or prayer area for school wide worship and individual student prayer time.
Parent Meeting Area  Normally an open area inside the school or room with chairs so parents could meet and talk to they’re son or daughter on a visit, especially if students are boarding at the school.
Disabled Access  Ramps and lift for access to classes, dining hall and other school facilities for wheel chair bound or difficulty in walking students.
Lift Used by school staff, disabled and less physically mobile students.
LoungesSeating area for school students to relax in between classes that are seniors.
More traditional living room lounges with sofas are for senior independent school attendees, and younger prep students have other seating facilities they can use around the school from classrooms, house room or dining area.
Boarding School Bedrooms & Living AreasParents can opt for full boarding for the academic year or flexible boarding for they’re child. Occasional student stays can be arranged as long as there is a suitable bedroom available for the student. Vast majority of students bedrooms are shared with 2 male or 2 females the same age per bedroom. 16-19 generally are given they’re own bedroom and en-suite facilities.
There are lounge seating areas for students in the boarding accommodation, tv & games rooms, although this is separate from other regular school facilities. Additionally, senior boarders 16-19 years old will have access to a shared kitchen area to cook and prepare meals.

See Facilities in Primary School

School Facilities

Outdoor sports and leisure facilities at private school

Sports & Leisure FacilitiesType of Facility & How Used
Athletics TrackAt some schools field & running track are for general physical education lessons and extended extracurricular activity, especially specialist sports schools.
Sports FieldsFor hockey, cricket, ruby, lacrosse, football & baseball. Schools with big grounds and gardens will have several fields for sport, although more than one sport is played on certain fields.
All Weather Playing Surface Football, hockey, baseball, netball for all season play for student PE lessons, although not at all schools.
Tennis Courts   Clay, hard court or grass tennis courts you’ll find at many private schools, although bigger schools with larger grounds tend to have the space for a grass lawn tennis court.
Golf Course  From mini golf to 9 hole golf course for student recreation.
Swimming Pool Outdoor or indoor 20-30 metre swimming pool for physical education lessons, swim instruction and extracurricular activities.
Riding Stables Not many UK independent schools have a riding stables on school grounds or livery facilities for students horses. Schools usually have arrangements locally with a riding school or use land or facilities they have close to the school for riding lessons and equestrian pursuits.
Mountain Bike TrackOn school grounds for extracurricular leisure pursuits after lessons or for boarding school students to use during past time.
School Garden & GroundsRelaxing in the school grounds or in the play area for younger students. School lessons are also conducted in the grounds from PE, biology, geography and science for prep school students.
Disabled access ramps and level paths for walking or wheel chairs. School bus transport for use around the grounds and local area, field & social trips and transporting students to and from school.
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