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Educational Grants, Bursaries & Student Scholarship Funding

Educational Grants, Bursaries & Student Scholarship Funding

Searching the internet, local library and other sources of information for educational grants, bursaries & student scholarship funding are available for undergraduate and especially postgraduate taught degrees & research.

Many grants are awarded by universities, research institutes and governments to attract students and to conduct research.

Education grants are awarded if you qualify and meet the criteria of the awarding organisation.

Of course, all places that award grants have a limited amount of money they provide within a certain time. Study grants can be from nursery assisted learning or college and university level.


What are grants and bursaries

A grant and bursary are money or even products or services provided by people that are award towards something for a fixed period of time. Full grants and bursaries are all the money or part grant covers some of the money.

Educational grants & bursaries funding can be awarded to people of mostly any age, for instance, 18-year-old attending university with a family on a low income.


Example organisations that award education grants and bursaries include:

Local councils



Education councils

Commercial businesses




Government departments

National government

Many organisations award education bursaries throughout the year and some only award grants for education at certain times of the year.


Do you require to pay money back



How many grants available

Thousands of grants and bursaries can be applied for from your own country and international study grants from a university or research centre each year.


Grants Criteria

Certain criteria require to be met in being awarded education bursaries or grants, and each body has their own requirements; including Age, local resident, international student, low-income family, asylum seeker, employed, unemployed, apprentices or a confirmed offer of a certain course of study.


  • Apply early within the deadline date
  • Only apply for grants you qualify
  • Provide all information asked
  • Ready to complete an application form or get someone to complete it
  • Apply for more than one grant available
  • Ready for refusal, as not everyone applies is successful


Listed are a few sources of educational grants and bursaries for study by country available.  You can conduct your own search as well. Just search for education grants, educational bursaries for study, university grants,  Look on university and research centre websites, a good place to start for a certain university,


UK grants available:  List of grants awarded by local councils, business, charities, university, colleges, schools and national government.


UK education grants and international students

Scottish Government


Education grants available from nursery teaching, low-income grants, special educational needs, ILA, student loans and other school and college funding.


Equitable Charitable Trust

Equitable Charitable Trust

Available grants for disabled and disadvantaged people staring £2,500-£30,000 up to 3 years support.


Royal Society Grants

Royal Society

Scientific research fellowships. Grant funding for eligible students conducting research can apply.


Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

Grants and scholarships available in relation to postgraduate arts and humanities study.


Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

Science based funding for reach and taught postgraduate study.


Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Taught and research education grant for UK postgraduate course study


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)  

Range of grants available for further study at postgraduate level


Medical Research Council (MRC)  

Medical research and taught postgraduate study grants available for the UK


Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)  

Grants for postgraduate study


Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

Technology and science related grants funding for further study


Wooden Spoon


Grant provider and helps with disadvantaged people physically, emotionally and financially. Schools can benefit from resources and building grants.


Individual Learning Accounts

ILA Scotland


For any learner in Scotland or Wales than earns less than £22,000 per annum for learning or training up to a value of £200.


Student Award Agency Scotland


Education grants available for care leavers, lone parents, advance payment and dependent grants in addition to any awards available for higher education study.


Foyle Foundation


Provides grants to charities and schools for learning.  Individuals can not apply for themselves. Learning requirements and knowledge gained through average funding grants of around £10,000.


Educational Grants Advisory Service

Family Action

In excess of 1220 funding grants available for people that are disadvantaged and help for people to search and apply for the right education grant. You must be studying at college or university.


Erasmus Scheme


This scheme was around when I was at university!  Grants available for undergraduate students to study in another country in Europe.


Financial Support and Disabled Student Allowance

See here: Open University Are you eligible?




Studying part time through Open University or Birkbeck University of London education grants are available for courses at university level.  You must not already have an undergraduate degree and the amount of grant funding depends on your circumstances.

England & Wales’s residence receive a fees grant and or a course grant for costs of studying. Scotland calls the grant financial support.

People on low income and or on benefits and disabled people that wish to study could mean a full grant available for all costs of fees and living costs for the duration of the course.


Grants for Individuals

Grants for Individuals

Web site listing grants available for a wide range of funding.




Funding and training provider supported by the UK government.  Centres in England and Wales deliver basic skills in Mathematics, computing, English and other basic training.




Provide support for lone parents and children and possible education grants in England & Wale’s.

There are other education grants available out there.


British Council

British Council

For study in the UK.


Fullbright Awards


USA students to study in the UK on a postgraduate course at university.  You can study on a taught course, research or deliver lectures as an academic on these awards.



Organisation that supports international students studying in the UK. Provides information on funding, fees, immigration and other.




Funding for study or research is available through student scholarship funding from various sources such as charities, public bodies, research institutes, universities and commercial organisations in most countries.

Universities in Scotland award student scholarships funding from university department subject areas for postgraduate study and research, open to students from most countries.


What is a student scholarship

Basically, money is awarded to a person for a certain time as a scholarship to an eligible student or organisation that is not required to be paid back. Scholarships funding awarded for school, college, university study and research.

You must meet the criteria of the organisation providing a scholarship that could include excellent grades, gender, ethnicity, qualification, experience and residence.


How to apply for a student scholarship funding

A deadline is given and an application is the normal application process. All scholarship awards are limited, and not all applications are successful.


Scholarships funding sources

Commercial organisations. local & state governments, public and academic organisation provide scholarships out each year for a range of reasons such as funding postgraduate study or PhD research into a disease. Many organisations such as:

Air Force
Government agencies
Research bodies
Commercial companies


Below is a list of scholarships on by geographic location.


See this website scholarships.com for financial assistance. Good amount  of student funded scholarships in the database.

Also, try this website studentscholarships.org   Yet another listing website of many financial awarding organisations.


Fast Aid: Graduate and undergraduate study scholarships.


Scholarships Canada: Study financial scholarships listing in a database.


College Scholarships



Another USA scholarships website and also providing study information for college and university.


World Bank

World Bank

Possible funding for graduate study and share knowledge and experience.


British Chevening Scholarships


Awards from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and partners for student study at postgraduate level for one year in the UK.


Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship


Only available to international students with at least a conditional offer from a university in Scotland.  People from Canada. India, USA and China can be awarded £2.000 towards study for a degree. Scholarships awarded are limited to 200 per year.


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