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Teaching Assistant Jobs, Role, Description, Salary & Qualifications

Teaching Assistant Jobs, Role, Description, Salary & QualificationsA primary school teaching assistant role can provide you with an important career in a child’s learning.

Secondary schools also have classroom assistant roles where a person aids a pupil with their work.

In primary education you are assigned to assist in a classroom with a KS1/2 teacher for general learning, where in secondary school you would be a specialist in a subject area. (more…)

Recruitment Agency Supply Teaching, UK Schools 2021

Recruitment Agency Supply Teaching, UK Schools 2021The choice of education council run school or recruitment agency supply teaching can be an advantage for some or a disadvantage for other teachers.  Supply long or short term teaching has a place in today’s schools to cover a teacher that is not in the classroom.


School Principal, Definition, Head Teacher Salary & Jobs

School Principal, Salary, Definition, Head Teacher Salary & JobsA school principal or known as head teacher provides professional leadership and management skills in order to promote a secure foundation from which to achieve high standards.

The role of principal and duties at a school is to gain high quality of education by managing teaching and learning effectively in order to realise the potential of every student and the school. They do this by providing day by day hands on leadership, coordination, and delegate tasks to the senior leadership team as well as other teachers. (more…)

Head of Department Jobs, School Role, Responsibilities & Description

Head of Department Jobs, School Role, Responsibilities & DescriptionA head of department jobs (HOD) position commonly in a secondary school is one of the most important roles at a school, in a core stem subject such as English, mathematics or science’s it is vital.

With 5 years plus successful secondary school teaching experience as a subject department lead teacher brings knowledge from years of classroom teaching and a department head at a school should also have gained basic leadership attributes to become an effective leader. (more…)

Head of Year Job Role, Description & Responsibilities in School

Head of Year Job Role, Description & Responsibilities in SchoolSchools are challenging at times, especially dealing with pupil’s everyday concerns. Head of year jobs responsibilities from my experience as a secondary form tutor are focused on an academic & pastoral role at the school in a certain year age group, and yes working with students that do not want to be at the school. (more…)

Early Years Teacher Jobs, Description, Salary, Training & Role

Early Years Teacher Jobs, Description, Salary, Training & RoleQualified and trainee early years teacher jobs role (known as nursery teacher) are for people to work at a primary school or nursery with practitioners and the nursery manager to deliver learning & social development to a group of children between 3-5 years.

You could also teach children up to age 7 at an infant or reception school providing 3 early learning job options.

Accepting one of the nursery teacher jobs or many nursery school jobs at the start of a child’s school learning, you plan, deliver imaginative lessons and adapt plans for effective lessons to mix groups of young children working with a nursery nurse. (more…)

Independent School Jobs Roles

Independent School Jobs, Boarding School Vacancies UKThere are more than 2000 independent school jobs UK locations in Scotland, Wales & England for primary school teachers should you be looking for private school jobs. An independent fee paying school could also be known as a boarding school or preparatory school in the UK. (more…)

Nursery Nurse Role, Salary, Training & Description    

Nursery Nurse Role, Salary, Training, Description, Nursery AssistantDo you like active in and outdoor play, reading and supervising other activities with young children?  Pre school early years nursery nurse role can provide you with a full or part time job at a primary or nursery school using your knowledge, life and social skills. Nursery assistant jobs at nurseries are for people age 16 and above tasked with a general role with assisting the nursery teacher & nurse with meals, play, educational activities and tidying up. (more…)

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