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How to Become a Nurse UK

Nurses work in GP practices, hospitals & schools. How to become a nurse UK guide. Nursing degree course training, apprenticeship & study qualifications so you can register to practice and work in any place where there are people from a school, college, university.

You’ll work individually and as part of larger teams to help people to get well, provide advice and conduct health checks. There are job roles for trained nurses and many opportunities for career advancement. (more…)

Apprenticeship Training Courses, School Education Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Training Courses UK, Apprenticeships in ScotlandKnown as work based training jobs, modern apprenticeships in Scotland, Wales and England are skills qualifications that are nationally recognised by employers. Choose from many apprenticeship training courses or school education apprenticeship.

You can work in many industries including accounting, advertising, retail, transport, school education jobs, local council.

Jobs are split into apprenticeship courses at entry, advanced, intermediate level and advanced skills enhancement respectively. (more…)

Age Limits Teach Abroad Work Visa & Residency Chart 2018

Age Limits Teach Abroad Work Visa & Residency Chart 2018As a 53 year old looking at school teacher job advertisements and then scrolling down to person criteria the same no older than 40 or 60 is listed.  Age limits teach abroad work & residency chart below I complied to help or prevent people from making a costly mistake.

When a young woman in her twenties called me dad on the bus, then maybe I am definitely ageing. Sure, the lines on my face are getting deeper, that does not mean I am any less capable than someone half my age.  Us older teachers and lecturers have built up considerable knowledge, skills, experience; know what works, and what does not. (more…)

Education Job Role and Workplace

A role in education can see you working in one certain sector. Education jobs role can be from nursery school to university. We all require to start somewhere, possibly 16 year old working at a nursery school as an assistant. You could be employed as a classroom assistant at sen, primary, secondary or in the independent sector.


Early years teacher role and jobs From 3 to 7 year old leaning at nurseries, infant school and KS1 at primary school. Specialist teacher during an important time of a child’s life learning the basics of subjects and interacting with other children appropriately through your guidance.


Education UK, School, College and University Study

Education UK, School, College and University StudyEducation UK School College and University Study within the United Kingdom education UK, is widely diverse for age groups, subjects, providers and curriculum studied from the public and private education learning sector.

Education has a number of age levels from compulsory and optional attendance. (more…)

Colleges in UK and Courses Offered

Colleges in UK and Courses OfferedFurther education colleges in UK from Scotland. Wales and England offering higher education courses through open learning, distance learning, part-time and full-time study. Apprenticeships, SVQ, certificates, diplomas, undergraduate degree courses. (more…)

Criminal Records Check UK for Education & Teaching

Consideration for education & teaching positions will involve a criminal records check UK or with your countries police department, where the employer asks permission to conduct a criminal record background check on your past. You can also apply yourself for a police clearance check.

As a mandatory requirement for other countries teaching abroad, all teachers, lectures, classroom assistants and support staff the criminal background check reassure all parties that you are an appropriate person. (more…)

Early Years Teacher Description, Salary, Training & Role

Early Years Teacher Description, Salary, Training & RoleQualified and trainee early years teacher (known as nursery teacher) are for people to work at a primary school or nursery with practitioners and the nursery manager to deliver learning & social development to a group of children between 3-5 years.

You could also teach children up to age 7 at an infant or reception school providing 3 early learning job options.

Accepting one of the many nursery school jobs as a teacher at the start of a child’s school learning, you plan, deliver imaginative lessons and adapt plans for effective lessons to mix groups of young children working closely with a nursery nurse. (more…)

Head of Year Job Role & Description

Schools are challenging at times, especially dealing with pupil’s everyday concerns. Head of year jobs from my experience as a secondary form tutor are focused on a pastoral role, and yes working with students that do not want to be at the school. Teacher’s with additional responsibility and non teaching jobs in education roles as year head are available. (more…)

Independent School Jobs

Independent School Jobs, Boarding School Vacancies UKThere are more than 2000 independent school jobs UK locations in Scotland, Wales & England for primary school teachers should you be looking for private school jobs. An independent fee paying school could also be known as a boarding school or preparatependent ory school in the UK.

Differing in size, you can apply for jobs in private schools located in cities, towns, villages and rural locations.

Private education schools offer teacher positions where educators can find independent and boarding school jobs in UK 4 to 18 year old’s. (more…)

Teaching Assistant Role, Description, Salary & Qualifcations

Teaching Assistant Role, Description, Salary & QualifcationsA primary school teaching assistant jobs role can provide you with an important career in a child’s learning.

Secondary schools also have classroom assistant roles where a person aids a pupil with their work.

In primary education you are assigned to assist in a classroom with a KS1/2 teacher for general learning, where in secondary school you would be a specialist in a subject area. (more…)

Nursery Nurse Role, Salary, Training & Job Description    

Nursery Nurse Role, Salary, Training & Job Description Do you like active in and outdoor play, reading and supervising other activities with young children?  Pre school early years nursery nurse role can provide you with a full or part time job at a primary or nursery school using your knowledge, life and social skills. Nursery assistant jobs at nurseries are for people age 16 and above tasked with a general role with assisting the nursery teacher & nurse with meals, play, educational activities and tidying up. (more…)

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