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Education Job Role and Workplace

A role in education can see you working in one certain sector. Education jobs role can be from nursery school to university. We all require to start somewhere, possibly 16 year old working at a nursery school as an assistant. You could be employed as a classroom assistant at sen, primary, secondary or in the independent sector.


Early years teacher role and jobs From 3 to 7 year old leaning at nurseries, infant school and KS1 at primary school. Specialist teacher during an important time of a child’s life learning the basics of subjects and interacting with other children appropriately through your guidance.



Primary teacher at school for 5 to 12 years old. Throughout the UK there are 1000’s of primary schools in cities, towns, villages and islands. Encompassing Key stage 1 & 2 a primary can be from as little as one to 650 pupils. Classroom teacher assistants can also be found working alongside the class teacher, at least from primary 1-5.



Independent school jobs for 3 to 18 years pupils. Fee paying learning for day or boarding pupils in the UK. Parents can choose to where their child attends school anywhere in the country.



Classroom teaching assistant at school. Working alongside the class teacher you can find yourself helping with reading, explaining concepts or questions to helping wit paperwork.  Higher level class assistants also take small groups of students out of a class to provide booster lessons in primary and secondary school.



Nursery nurse & nursery school assistant.  You get to play a lot of game, from play, singing and through reading. Maybe this is the more fun phase of learning with active role play, group activities and through expressive individual learning.



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