Does an Online MBA Have Any Value to Working Professionals?

Methods of study today can be conducted entirely by distance learning or online from home at a pace suited for people working or choice full time study without a job.

A university accredited online MBA is valid in USA, and UK helping you to gain employment after learning new managerial knowledge & skills from the course.

Online MBA Value to Working Professionals

A good number of people in work either start & complete a part time or online MBA while working at the same time as it’s acceptable in UK and USA learning online & combining the knowledge to benefit you’re personal growth.

Indeed, getting an online MBA at 40 years old is a good way to use structured study learning knowledge with industry expertise so the MBA provides you’re employer company benefit also.

MBA course value

An online MBA has value, and doesn’t look bad to people working, career progression & skills accession when studying the right type of general or specialist course for you’re goals.

UK and USA Universities offering online MBA courses are not equal as some are more rigors & academically demanding than others, resulting in different levels of benefit according to the program learning contents.

Choosing an accredited & respected university online MBA course has the same value as in class learning study qualifications as students complete the same coursework learning, assessment and educational required standards.

Apply for a job you don’t put online MBA at 32/35 years old for example on a resume as the qualification speaks for itself, although you can state the mode of study for the masters degree should someone ask.

Working in a job

Older workers & new graduates are employed by local government, charities and commercial companies that acquired they’re MBA after in a job online complementing & adding to existing specialist industry experience and qualifications.

The work place has many job roles where skills & qualifications are required or beneficial to secure a good paying position. Starting a career you wish to stay in long term means:

  • Updating skills periodically.
  • Acquiring new relevant knowledge to stay up to date through study.
  • Learn new skills fast as you have been promoted or are looking for promotion at work.

Online learning personal learning growth

Doing an online MBA is worth it, even a cheap one, if it helps you meet learning & career goals at work or enable you to apply & secure a new job in senior management and higher salary.

In America today’s as well as United Kingdom work place learning is common place where employees up skill to become more relevant or efficient in they’re job role. Additionally, MBA online learning can be a way to improve:

  • Time management working and studying to deadlines.
  • Improve a person’s self discipline.
  • Encourage motivation to complete more work or study to improve themselves academically.
  • Adopt different ways of working more efficiently by applying learning to a current job role.
  • Given additional responsibilities at work and salary increase after acquiring knowledge that benefits an employees work performance and abilities.

Flexible study while working

One advantage is not requiring to give up a job for an online learning MBA as a second maters degree. You can study through flexible learning at your own pace over 2-4 years completing course work & assignments that fit around work commitments.

Another value to an MBA online & work is you can apply learning simultaneously while you learn from the course as you go through course material then use relevant knowledge to improved you’re work practices for the better.

Studying a master of business administration online means you pay less tuition fees for the entire course saving money, continue earning a salary and stay in a job while studying.

Value of an online MBA to employers

Many employers do respect the value of an online MBA qualification from accredited universities same as in class learning. They realize an MBA is highly recognizable providing creditable advanced general or specialist skills & knowledge to manage a company.

For federal US government and local councils in UK, non profit and commercial companies online MBA valid & taken seriously as the qualification provides:

  • Employees with an MBA gain valuable skills such as critical thinking.
  • Able to managing a functional department.
  • Can converse at different levels using communication skills.
  • Presentation skills to deliver sales pitches to clients or repost feed back to senior managers.
  • Problem solving issues that may arise in an organization.

There are a few UK employers that look down on an online MBA qualification, namely leading international companies. Disadvantages of MBA online include employers at times think learning online is not so rigorous and they look down on online learning as the student is not tested the same as in class study.

Do employers care about where an MBA is from?

Employers a lot of the time don’t ask the mode of study, full time or online, just that you have an accredited MBA from a respected university.

They realize that good university courses have the same equivalent rigorous standards for in class & online studying an MBA value for assessments; course work and standards require passing successfully.

A cheap online MBA course at a no accredited university may not have much value in an employers view point as it’s possibly less quality, and hence easier to pass.

Respected MBA courses & universities

Highly respected and credible online MBA’s courses are offered by leading universities in Scotland & England in UK and from some of the United State top universities, all with long established respected reputations for quality education programs.

Top rated MBA courses that carry the following accreditation are highly valued by employers:

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
  • Association of MBAs (AMBA).
  • European Foundation for Management Development’s (EFMD) Quality Improvement System (EQUIS).
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