At 40, 45, 50 Year Old Does an Online MBA Look Bad

Those of use that are 40+ have build up a wealth of work experience still have plenty of years working life left in us.

Thinking of taking a new career direction living in USA or UK could possibly mean updating skills, and possibly studying for an additional qualification desired by government organizations or commercial companies.

For a USA/UK graduates or middle managers an online MBA from a reputable accredited university doesn’t look bad if pursuing the MBA to gain management knowledge & skills benefiting a company & you’re career goals.

Do employers look down on online MBA’S

Applying for a job as senior manager or executive in large companies or global finance investment an online MBA looks bad as industry leaders are generally expected to have studied in class, not online.

Leading industry employers greatly value executives that have studied & been rigorously tested during MBA classes with other students using case study scenarios, Q & A testing and presentations, although there are exceptions.

For 50, 45, 40 year old middle management & graduate employees an online MBA doesn’t look bad, and is widely accepted by UK & USA small & medium size companies, government jobs and organizations.

All employers are different in how they perceive employee’s qualifications. Some businesses think an online MBA looks bad while other organizations recognizes the value of the knowledge & skills an employee attained that can be combined with good soft skills & industry experience.

Intention of studying the course online

Many employers will not ask junior/middle managers if they obtained there MBA face to face in class or online, although investment management, leading consulting companies and executive positions they most possibly will ask.

Mode of study for companies is not relevant how an employee gains a qualification, but why they wanted to gain an MBA.  Organizations focus is also on the MBA management skills & knowledge you bring to the company, personal profile and intention for studying the particular management course.

Busy full time employees working for a manufacturing, logistics or building companies it’s acceptable to study a general or specialist MBA online while retaining a full time job.

Existing organizations employees do get sponsored by they’re companies to do an MBA or conduct continued professional development (CPD).  An online master’s of business administration (MBA) allows experienced 40-50 year old staff stay in they’re job, work & study at the same time.

Employers in America today recognize that an MBA completed online has the same value as face to face F/T or P/T study if obtained from a respected accredited university.

Basically, no matter the mode of study academic standards, course work assignments, level of difficulty and assessment are no different for the same qualification.

Online MBA degree has become more acceptable

In recent years it’s become more acceptable for younger & older people to pursue an online MBA for a number of reasons including:

  • Working full time and retaining a current job.
  • Up skill & add additional knowledge.
  • Gain an MBA to meet a person’s career path goals to become a manager or executive.
  • Study online is more flexible for course time duration, and flexible when a student completes required course content.
  • People are busier and may not have the time commitment for face to face classes each week taking them away from work & family commitments.

Is an online MBA worse than in-person

An in person full time, part time or online MBA courses are the same, doesn’t matter the mode of study, students receive the same qualification. Everything is no different for:

Each students study requirements.
Course assessment by examinations & coursework are no different.
Academic standards in relation to level of difficulty.
Accreditation of the MBA course & university provider.
Amount of course work assignments or other study.

Although, remember all online MBA’s course providers are not equal for reputation, quality, rigour of assessment and course content.

An online general or EMBA is no worse than studying for the qualification F/T or P/T face to face.  One difference is classroom interaction with other students in lecturers & tutorials during in person courses is missing for MBA online study as it’s not required.

University brand value of online MBA’s

In recent years there have been a good number of highly reputable universities with brand recognition that offers online EMBA, specialist or general management MBA courses for young graduates to executives to study.

Well regarded university business schools in United States and United Kingdom now offer online MBA general management or specialist route qualifications, such as MBA financial management.

United States online MBA course providers include:

  • Carnegie Mellon.
  • Indiana University.
  • USC, Rice.
  • UNC at Chapel Hill.
  • Michigan Ross.
  • SMU Cox.
  • UC-Davis

Choosing a well established accredited university with a reputable business school offering MBA’s doesn’t look bad on a job candidates resume.

Gaining an MBA qualification from an established accredited university providing depth & breadth of management skills study & assessment are the important considerations for employers, not if online study or in class full time.

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