Do Teachers Live at Boarding Schools

Do Teachers Live at Boarding Schools with Students

Living away from home attending a boarding school is not just for student boarders as staff members such as gardener, house parents and possible janitor & maintenance people also live on the school campus.

A boarding school generally has larger grounds and will be in a rural area or the edge of a village although some or in cities.

Schools that offer boarding has K12 students living on the grounds 24 hours a day term time resulting in appropriate staff members requiring being available to supervise and provide guidance.

Yes, staff members and faculty teachers do also live at boarding schools as a single person or with family (Wife & children) in a dorm apartment or accommodation block with school students. Some teachers will live in cottages on the schools grounds if available, families or senior management position teachers.

Where do teachers live at boarding school?

In the United States and United Kingdom and Canada some teachers live at a boarding school in single apartments or with family in the accommodation block with boarding students or the same dorm.

Teachers live on the school campus all year round or during term times and go home for the long holidays.

Full time live in teachers

Teachers that live on a boarding school campus live in a self contained apartment that’s in the same living block as student boarders or in another part of the school building, if it’s older.

Location of the apartment is separate along the corridor or up or down stairs from the location of student rooms, lounge & other living areas used and frequented by school students.

Where do teachers live at boarding school

The teachers that live on the school campus will have additional duties as dorm staff or house parent when given accommodation in the same block as boarding school students. Should the private school accept autistic students then appropriate male or female teachers require being available most hours of the day will students are awake at least.

Occasional nights sleeping at the school

For operational reasons or convince teachers sleep in a boarding school that could have rooms with shared bathroom & kitchen facilities or ensuite for teachers to stay overnight, weekends or 1-2 weeks.

Some nights & weekends one or more teachers will stay on campus at the boarding school where they teach as they have been working late, convince or lack of transportation to return home.

Boarding school teacher live in accommodation provided

An apartment or house on the boarding school grounds are provided free as part of a teacher’s annual salary package. The size of accommodation and location on the schools campus depends on if single or you have a family, and senior school management could be offered stand alone housing away from students.

Should you be appointed as a housemistress/housemaster or teacher with dorm or parent responsibilities you’re most likely be given rooms or apartment next to boarding students you’ll be responsible for day to day.

Size of school accommodation

A 1-3 bedroom apartment or house with bathroom, kitchen, lounge and possible private garden area is normally provided as accommodation for teachers living at a USA or UK boarding school.

Although you’ll have a kitchen in you’re allocated living apartment or house you and possibly family members could also eat breakfast and lunch sometimes in the school dinning hall with other teachers and students.

Why teachers live at boarding school

Many of the homely benefits of a regular home are available including a pet dog or cat you could have within reason as the dog would require being friendly towards adults and children.

All teachers will be able to come and go from the school when they wish and not working.

You can bring occasional visitors onto the school grounds, although may require permission and acceptable conditions will apply for any visitor not regularly associated with the boarding school.

Why teachers live at boarding school

A USA or UK boarding school with students on campus operates 24 hours a day and when teacher’s lessons have finished you may have additional responsibilities giving assistance and support to students.

For the teachers that live at a boarding school the condition of accommodation for free is in return for 1-2 nights dorm or accommodation block parent or house parents or over the boarding school weekend duties.

You’ll most likely require to provide assistance, guidance and avert any issues students may have living away from they’re parents at the school after the end of lessons in the evening, weekends and possible holidays.

In general you’re more likely to visit the student accommodation block to make a quick check, pass on information or make sure students are in they’re boarding rooms by a certain time of night.

Teachers that choose to live at boarding school do so for a number of personal and work commitment reasons including:

  • Save on general living cost.
  • Free accommodation included in salary package.
  • Rural location that include a long commute to the school each day.
  • Lack of suitable housing in the school area.
  • Apartment and housing cost for sale or rent are too expensive locally.
  • Career advancement taking on additional duties outside of the classroom, such as dorm parent to students.

Many of the teaching staff live off the school campus in they’re own homes. Although, more secluded and remote a boarding school the likely hood of the greater amount of accommodation for school teachers to live on campus for operational and safety reasons.

Students get up early from around 06.00 and go to bed as late as 23.00 on school day and during weekends so appropriate staff and teachers need to be at the boarding school to manage student and school requirements.

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