Do Boarding Schools Allow Phones

Do USA Boarding Schools Allow Mobile Phones Students Use

Students of ages from college prep, seniors down to juniors living away from home at residential boarding school would want to keep in regular contact with friends & family.

Laptops computers with wifi and smart phones are now an essential part of a child’s life and used for various means as devices are capable of playing music, video & picture taking to text and chat.

Students at USA boarding schools are allowed mobile phones for personal, emotional & wellbeing reasons according to school time restriction rules to video or chat with family & friends after class lessons have ended for the day.

Why students are allowed phones at boarding school

Boarding schools allow student’s to bring they’re own personal mobile phone trusting them to use it responsibly at times when school rules allow, such as contacting home after school lessons.

United States residential boarding schools have children living away from home, including international students that need to communicate with parents, family and friends at different times of the day for emotional support & information.

A mobile cell phone gives boarding students the option of privacy to talk confidentially to family members away from other students or staff while at school in they’re boarding room, garden or off campus.

Although residential schools for children under 18 all have technology from desk top, laptop and communal phones student boarders can be overhead or interrupted by staff or other school students.

Sometime students require they’re own space where they feel comfortable to talk freely. especially with grand parents or parents. Additionally, when boarding students are one the phone upset or emotionally stressed a mobile phone away from other to talk is beneficial.

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With boarding schools allowing student’s mobile phones it gives:

  • Busy parents the opportunity to receive or make a call or text to they’re child even if they’re off school grounds.
  • Traveling parents out shopping or visiting as a means to communicate.
  • Family & friends can show an animal or a student’s horse at home or in a field using a mobile phone.
  • Deaf students with physical disabilities can communicate privately with parents.

School boarding student study aid

Smart cell phones hold the latest technology capable of many functions in one small device from time keeping, organizing, search and communication that a child regularly uses daily and is familiar.

Mobile phones can be use for

  • Homework device assistant, if required.

    Easily search for an explanation or term on the internet while studying.

    Language translation from English to another language spoken or written.

    One device can be used by a boarding student to complete many learning and study tasks.

do boarding schools allow cell phones

Allowing boarding students in Illinois, Maine, and Florida mobile phones also gives them a way to contact the school if required off the school campus, such as if the last bus is cancelled and they require transport or get into trouble.

Personal, emotional & wellbeing of students phone contact

USA college-prep and junior boarding students are allowed phones for personal time & wellbeing when classes have finished for the day giving them a means to escape away from school routine doing an activity they choose.

Residential schools for boarders realize children living away from home have an emotional attachment to they’re parents & grandparents & other family members and need to talk privately sometimes, where a student’s mobile phone comes in.

Boarding schools located around the US from Connecticut, Texas to Washington State try to strike a balance of acceptable time & mobile phone use allowing students to relax and relieve pressure the way they wish.

Parents sending they’re child away to a city school in Washington DC, San Francisco or rural boarding school in South Carolina should know students can have they’re cell phone at boarding school under certain conditions.

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When can students use a mobile phone at boarding school?

  • After academic class lessons have completed for the school day.
  • Student can use a cell phone during evening and weekends, normally between 4pm-10pm.
  • Smart phone use is allowed when off campus to local shops, activities or school trips.
  • Language translating & searching information for homework or study.
  • Communicate with family, friends, outside school activity or clubs.

There are pros & cons of boarding students at residential school using personal phones. When boarding students are allowed personal phones learning distractions occur, if used at the wrong time or for inappropriate use or too long each day.

Foreign & US boarding students of all ages should realize you have you’re cell phone at boarding school, although follow school rules and restrict the amount of social time spent online or gaming.

In the USA schools will allow students to bring you’re phone & laptop to boarding school for you to use outside lessons & mandatory homework/study time and other times when school rules don’t all students phones use.

A school can take action having a rule where students will require handing in they’re mobile smart phone at a certain time of night, for example 9.45pm until the next morning stopping children using them half the night.

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