Do Boarding Schools Allow Pets

Do Boarding Schools Allow Pets in Rooms or On School Grounds

All sorts of animals, reptiles, birds and fish come in different shapes & sizes, some give off an odour, some make noises while others don’t give off any sound at all.

Remember, the majority of independent boarding school pupils share a bedroom with one other person until 16 to 18 years old when you get a room to yourself. Maybe you like pets, although while other people don’t mind there are pupils that don’t like them.

UK private boarding schools don’t allow pets, although some do allow staff to have pets such as fish, hamsters, budges or dogs. School students can have a horse at boarding school housed in the livery to make it feel like home and for riding. Reasons private schools have a no pet policy include consideration of other pupils, health & safety and insurance invalidation.

Why no student’s pets are allowed at independent school?

You’re son or daughter maybe asking if they’re about to attend prep private primary school or senior schools in the UK, can you bring pets to boarding school. Answer is no, for a number of reasons:

  • Health & safety at work act, including all children’s safety at school in any building or part of the school grounds.
  • Insurance policies the school has to operate could be invalid by allowing pets to be on the school campus or certain types of animal, birds and reptiles to come into contact with staff, visitors or school children.
  • Dogs can be dangerous by biting people or intimidate a person. Some pupils might be afraid of dogs no matter the size, and although friendly to you may not be friendly to all people.
  • Allowing a pupil to bring a certain pet means the school would require to approve permission if another pupil wants to bring the same type of pet, could you imagine 15 dogs running around school.
  • Possible disease from an animal through direct contact or waste the animal has discarded. Spread of disease from one pet to another with an animal or bird that’s not been properly vaccinated.
  • A student you share a boarding room at school with might not want a bird or animal in the room or a person could be allergic to certain birds or animals.
  • Potential cruelty to animals incident that could occur resulting in negative press and consequences for the school.

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Boarding schools that allow pet pony & horses include

  • Hanford School, Dorset
  • Kilgraston School, Perthshire
  • Abbotsholm School, Staffordshire
  • Queen Margarets School, York
  • Millfield School, Somerset
  • Stonar School, Wiltshire
Boarding schools that allow pet pony

Other equestrian boarding & private independent schools around the UK offer pupils facilities to house a pony or horse in the schools livery or has arrangements with nearby stables.

You’ll require to pay horse stable boarding to help fund the independent school costs of the livery if you bring you’re own horse.

Only a small proportion of UK independent schools offer horse riding facilities in village or rural areas with none located in towns or cities as they don’t have the space.

Equestrian private school facilities

Certain boarding & private independent schools in UK, USA, Canada and Australia have horses all pupils can use to ride and where students can bring a horse or pony from home.

A horse would be located on school grounds in stables, although certain conditions would apply. School riding facilities and instruction include:

  • Indoor and outdoor riding areas including for obstacles horse & pony riding.
  • Cross country trails.
  • Trained staff & instructors for riding lessons.
  • Livery facilities for school pupils to bring a pony or horse from home.
  • The schools own ponies and horses that can be used for riding lessons by pupils.

Stonar School in Wiltshire has 80 acres of grounds where students can bring their own horse or pony on livery and can ride outdoor or indoors.

Similarly, in Perthshire Kilgraston School have ample grounds and equestrian facilities for pupils riding while livery of own a students pony is available.

At Abbotsholm School as well as boarding schools in Somerset and York mentioned above have stable space that’s available for students to bring a pony or horse for riding.

Equestrian private school facilities

Boarding school animals, birds and reptiles

With boarding schools not allowing pupils to bring a pet that doesn’t mean they don’t have animals.

Indeed, private schools in UK USA, Australia and Canada do have birds, dogs, animals, fish and reptiles on school campuses, although not all.

Clearly animals, birds and reptiles can be at boarding and independent prep & senior school, it’s how they are managed & controlled with children and other people around.

Staff members working at a boarding school are allowed dogs and certain other pets under certain conditions. Friendly dogs that are sociable towards adults and children are more likely to be allowed on school grounds and inside buildings.

Having reptiles, birds & animals on the school campus can create a homely & calming atmosphere for students viewing or interacting with them.

Where one independent school has cat, dogs & fish another could have snakes & other reptiles with dogs at school for pupils to touch & interact with in lessons and around school.

One certain UK boarding school has a farm with animals with another that has birds from peacocks, flamingos & other exotic birds to wallabies.

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