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Disclaimer/Cookie Policy/Data/Privacy


Content and information “Content in words, tables and images” displayed on Educationtay.com is “general information” and for this purpose only, and the information should not be used as part of a decision-making process. All effort and care.


All effort and care is and will continue to be taken to ensure the accuracy, currency and reliability of the websites contents. Educationtay.com does not accept any responsibility of any type in any jurisdiction of the UK, overseas or liability for loss subsequent damage you may incur of any kind which may arise from relying on the material contained and displayed on this website or in connection with the services described or offered.


Links to Other Sites

Educationtay.com does no take any responsibility or liability for any external links, information provided by third parties and also does not provide authentication for the material.


Data Protection and Privacy

Client’s personal details will not be passed on to any third party other than requested such as to employer to employee and employee to employer, and information is only communicated through online advertising and promotion.


The GDPR sets out the rights of EU individuals: No individual person’s data is stored or kept by this website or company.



Cookie Policy

Clicking on website links and continuing to use the website means you accept the terms and condition of the website. Minimal website cookies are used for your use on this website, They enable you to access pages that will load properly and provide an effective user experience on this website.

Basically, This website does not store or retain any information on you or specific location.  I have my own location, and that’s all I require.


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