Disadvantages of Children’s Ensuite Room in a House or Flat

Do you have you’re own bathroom that’s connected to the bedroom? It’s convenient as you don’t need to leave the room for the toilet. Of course there are disadvantages having a personal bathroom, especially in a children’s room, such as it could be under used by other family members.

Significant disadvantages of children’s ensuite room include underused, not easily accessible to family members, child constantly disturbed by usage requests. Prospective home buyers are also put off by personal features, unsafe flooring and no bath if the family bathroom has only a shower, resulting in no added value to the home.

Bathroom ensuite might not add much or any home value

You and your children might like the personal features you installed in the ensuite and décor, although future buyers of your house or apartment may not.

  • Installing a bathroom in a bedroom reducing the total footprint of the living area leaves less room floor space for furniture, such as sofa, beds, and storage units. A disadvantage when reducing the size could be less buyer appeal as the room is smaller, although it gains a connecting bathroom, which is a benefit.
  • Think carefully before deciding on all fixtures & fittings as a bath & shower and toilet rather than just a shower & toilet for resale value and appeal is better.
  • A smaller bedroom is usually given to a child in a house, and if it has the ensuite facility then it’s a negative for an apartment, especially a 3, 4, 5 bed house as an adult may not wish a small bedroom.
  • Custom bathroom tiling or artwork you personally like may not appeal to new homeowner. Always good to stick to neutral colour themes & designs with an ensuite or at least be ready to update the bathroom before putting the house on the market so it’s also freshly updated and clean.
  • Poor choice of bathroom flooring is a major safety disadvantage, especially if it’s not that effective to reduce children & other family members from slipping. Install not slip tiles and other ensuite safety features that are essential, and expected of all users.

Children’s ensuite not readily accessible

One family bathroom in a house shared with 2 adults and 3 children is not convenient to have an ensuite in one other child’s bedroom when all other family members are sharing.

Long waits each morning before parents go to work or children go to school is not ideal. Equally not good are family members walking through a kid’s bedroom to access a second shower that’s under used. Future potential buyers of a house or apartment want convince, not inconvenience for all family members.

I lived in a house for one year with 3 other people where the only bathroom & toilet was through the main bedroom used by one person meant disturbing a person in a bedroom accessing the connected bathroom

Animosity between household members grows over time with someone’s private space being invaded constantly through the day accessing the toilet.

2 other child personal bathroom disadvantages with access

  • Constant interruptions for the child who has the enuite in their bedroom, even when lying in bed, as someone will request to use the toilet when the household shared bathroom is occupied.
  • With overnight guests and visitors it’s not good for them to walk through you’re child’s room to access a toilet or bath if the family bathroom is busy. Obvious reason could include you’re son or daughter is in bed, they have friends in the bedroom or simply its not appropriate for that person to enter you’re child’s room

Ensuite in a children’s bedroom not looked after

In a child’s private space they’ll  be in the bedroom themselves as parents allow their sons & daughters privacy and a high degree of trust to act accordingly. Some girls & boys will mistreat the ensuite, basically not looking after it with little daily & weekly cleaning, and even causing damage to walls and bathroom units.

With a younger child’s own bathroom you as parents expect them not to clean it, and this task falls on you. Daily a mother or father would require going into you’re kids bedroom to access the ensuite to tidy up and do routine cleaning of the shower, sink & floor.

Smells lingering and traveling through to the bedroom can result from perfumes, body locations and soiled clothing.

To some degree odors passing between spaces and rooms can’t be avoided, especially when there strong, you can reduce smells by having an extractor fan on 24 hours.

Kids and teenage children could be encouraged to always open a window or vent after a hot shower/bath to let out condensation. A bathroom without a window you can use a dehumidifier which greatly helps with extracting steam that can cause decretive damage to walls and the ceiling over time with mould, and reduce a properties value.

Siblings sharing a bedroom & with ensuite

I shared a bedroom with my brother as a child until into my teens and it wasn’t always a good experience, as we had different characters and personalities.

Enuite bathroom disagreements can occur between siblings sharing a bathroom that’s connected to they’re bedroom for a number of reasons. Significant disadvantages include: one person is tidy and the other not, not taking turns to clean or tidy up afterwards or taking to much time in the shower at important times of the day.

There’s a lot of wear & tear from daily usage from 2 children, meaning regular bathroom maintance and upgrades require to be scheduled to keep the kids ensuite up to a good standard.

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