Difference Between Level 2 and 3 Teaching Assistant

Difference Between Level 2 and 3 Teaching Assistant?

Working in a primary, nursery or secondary school as a classroom teacher assistant can be a rewarding job role for a long term career in UK from England, Scotland & Wales.

Each educational setting will see you support students learning in a class with a teacher or provide 1:1 booster lesson support to school pupils or in small groups.

Level 3 teaching assistant has a higher level recognised UK qualification, more in-depth knowledge, skills & behaviour management techniques than at level 2. Classroom level 3 TA’s work more independently & at higher level to support school students teaching & learning than level 2. Schools employ qualified TA’s at level 3 and not at 2 as its not sufficient learning or qualification for the role.

Level 2 & 3 teaching assistant qualification differences

Level 3 classroom teaching assistant builds on prior learning from level 2 qualification with more in-depth advanced knowledge & skills with additional enhanced work experience with nursery primary or secondary school children in the class.

Local authorities, primary & secondary schools mainly require you’re a fully qualified TA at level 3 to be offered a job and work in English schools.

Level 2 TA qualifications continues on from entry point at level 1 to build additional skills and knowledge on the role of a teaching assistant and how to effectively support a teacher and school students.

TA’s develop more skills, knowledge and understanding for the role, duties and able to efficiently support a teacher & pupils with increasingly complex tasks associated to learning & teaching.

Level 2 classroom assistant are supervised to support students in small groups delivering revision guidance with an experienced TA or teacher.

Qualification at level 2 allows you with assistance, to help provide 1:1 catch up lessons to school children that require additional assistance with reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, literacy & maths.

Level 3 qualified & experienced teaching assistant facilitate primary school pupils spelling, writing, reading & phonics.

They do this in with individual sessions in small groups of 4-8 students, and especially 1:1 additional lessons for students that require extra help.

Level 2 TA’s difference is their not asked to take groups for extended learning in primary or secondary school. Additional a qualified classroom support assistant at level 3 can:

  • More understanding of school pupil’s requirements.
  • Able to identify additional needs of learners, and more quickly.
  • More understanding of working effectively with a teacher to deliver teaching and outcome in lessons using a variety of built up prior experience & knowledge.
  • Can take part in more complex discussion with a class teacher to prepare lessons and support pupils during lessons.

Working as a classroom teaching assistant in primary & secondary school you’ll benefit from and require GCSE English & maths or alternative qualifications.

Secondary school TA’s assist school students from 11-18 in UK with maths English writing, reading, science subjects help means you require a good level of education to assist effectively.

Main differences level 3 & 2 teacher assistant job role

Main differences level 3 & 2 teacher assistant job role

Level 3 teacher assistants with a higher nationally recognised qualification has more job opportunities than a level 2 TA.

Their given additional responsibility as you’ll have more skills, deeper knowledge and can work independently with children.

Little or no experience TA’s with level 2 work closely with nursery workers or a teacher requiring a lot of guidance & support, where teaching assistants at level 3 think and deliver learning & guidance more independently with students.

What can I do with Level 3 teaching assistant? Better paying jobs are available for a teaching assistant that has more advanced qualifications at level 3 than level 2 and can work independently without much guidance.

You are paid a higher annual salary or hourly wage at level 3 as you’re of more benefit to a school or nursery with experience and qualified than a TA that’s newly qualified and no work history a level 2.

At level 3 you’re a more established TA with a formal accredited qualification, experience and nationally recognised as qualified in the role.

Career progression to higher level teaching assistant from level 3 is possible to level 4 as you have sufficient skills in the role, qualification and work experience, although not at level 2.

Level 2 TA job role in England & Wales you can get without experience, although applying for level 3 TA jobs expectations of a school or nursery means their looking for teacher assistants that are experienced in the role with prior time spent working with children in a similar educational setting.

What is a level 2 teaching assistant qualification?

Two of the main qualifications as classroom support are level 2 teaching assistant certificate and level 2 certificate in supporting teaching and learning in schools.

Both qualification give basics in behaviour for learning, learning skills and team work.

There for people looking to work in nurseries, secondary and primary schools to provide assistance to students 1:1 or in class for literacy, maths, comprehension and learning support.

You can study for and complete a level 2 TA qualification while working or start & successfully finish the course award without a job or prior experience.

Many of the courses provided are self paced online that can be studied up to one year through modules, videos and assessment.

A level 2 classroom assistant qualification is easier than level 3 with less theory knowledge & understanding, less course material and can be completed in a shorter time.

What is Level 3 teaching assistant qualification?

Level 3 teaching assistant diploma and level 3 award in supporting teaching and learning in schools show you have a recognised UK qualification for classroom support with knowledge of learning process, student management skills & behaviour for learning.

Being awarded a level 3 TA qualification shows you have acquired the skills, knowledge and competency to work with primary & secondary school pupils supporting classroom learning & teaching.

You can choose a TA job role to be a general classroom assistant in primary school, specialist secondary TA or specialise with special educational needs school pupils supporting learning.

Some course providers require for GCSE mathematics & English or similar to enroll on a TA level 3 course in England, although not all.

Classroom teacher assistant qualifications level 3 (England & Wales)

  • Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.
  • Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.
  • Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools.
  • Level 3 Teaching Assistant Diploma.
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