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Cover letter Job Applications for Teachers

Cover letter Job Applications for TeachersView a teacher job online and decided that is the job for me.  Now comes the writing of a cover letter for the job application.

This is the time to get the attention of the secondary, primary school or recruiter who is going to read it.

I know from past experience applying for teaching positions the cover letter is your first chance to convince a school that you are the person for the role.

You will find yourself adding a fair amount of information on one A4 page, detailing what is requested by the employer in the advertisement.


3 examples of what may be added:

Why should we give you the job?

What is your teaching philosophy?

How do you raise attainment with under performing pupils?


St. Andrews International School Bangkok, Putney High School and Glasgow City Council all expect formal written letters for teacher applications.

Basically, start by drawing the attention of the reader by stating you wish to apply for the job as title and subject….. at  school.

You aim to state why and what you are applying for in a short paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention.

Mention how (with one or two keywords) you fit the school role and why that school.

Maybe you are a business or mathematics specialist and apply to a school that is a maths or business enterprise specialist school. Or you have specialist behaviour management skills that could help the school.

Read the job advertisement more than once and clearly follow what is required to be submitted in the letter that accompanies your cv

Look for key details and information such a names, department and location.

Don’t see them? Look on their website or conduct a search online.


Cover letter layout and formalities

Top left: Name, address, post code, telephone number, email and date

Left two spaces down: Recipients name, department, address

Dear Miss/Mr (Use an actual name)


Main body of the letter

Research the job, school and choose some key points to include in your application that can be seamlessly included.

Think about culture, ethos, extra curricular activities, examination results and how this matches what you offer as a teacher.

“Here you are matching/link skills, experience, qualifications. traits, personal attributes and past achievements to the person specification and job advertisement requirements”

Do you have the same vision as the school? How

Use action verbs to address what the job description is asking for in a prospective teacher.  Some power words here to help.


CV key points

Link some of your CV key points to the person specification such as qualified teacher, school wide responsibilities or present head of year.  A few is good, not a large list.

Make sure you vary what is added between qualifications, teaching experience, school and personal qualities you have.

You wish to highlight yourself from other applicants and project a caring, calm, well organised up to date teacher is applying for the role.


In closing

State that you are available for interview at short notice, or on the advertised date for teacher interviews, and can start in the role on the specified date.

End with “ I look forward to hearing from you in the near future”


Sign the letter.


Use character size 12 with Ariel, Times New Roman or another standard font.

This is a guide for a teacher job cover letter.


Picture source: Pixabay


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