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Are Corner Desks Good? (Explained)

Living rooms and children’s bedrooms are not all the same size or shape. Indeed, older houses have rooms with small corner areas that might not be usable for you’re present needs. Each room corner can be used for shelves, storage or table that fit in the space.

Depending on what you require a table for corner desks are good to save floor space in a smaller room or use in a quirky corner and have computer cables out the way. You can also have a desk with a lot of storage all in one corner of a room, as they come in different sizes and shapes to fit many corners.

Corner desks saves bedroom floor space

Floor space in a bedroom is useful for hobbies & interests, children playing and a clear passage & area to walk around from obstructing clutter.

Children sharing a bedroom require individual personal space for interests and study. Parents could have 2 corner desks at opposite ends of a bedroom so you’re son or daughter disturbs the person less with whom they are sharing a bedroom.

Larger or smaller rooms in older houses or apartments sometimes have quirky areas of walls, alcoves or small corner that is not suitable for anything else but a table/desk or storage. A gaming or computer desk placed in a corner would have all electrical wiring & cable behind or under the desk, and not along a wall or the floor to step on.

Desk in corner of room out the way

Main feature of a corner desk is that it is designed to fit in a room corner, possibly an area of the room that is not much use for anything else you wish.

Two disadvantage of a desk designed for a corner

  • You relocate the desk to another part of the room it might not sit flat against a straight wall, especially if it’s curved back design.
  • Not easy to clean or dust behind the desk if located in a corner. You could leave enough space for cleaning, although maximum use of space if not used.

Every person has their own preference to layout of a living room, hallway or bedroom influenced by what they’ll use the desk for, how often and space for other room furniture.

A desk positioned in a corner you could have more leg room sitting on a chair if people are sitting or walking around close by. Studying or playing computer games in a corner means you’re out the way of other people using the room.

Larger or smaller rooms in older houses or apartments sometimes have quirky areas of walls, alcoves or small corner that is not suitable for anything else but a table/desk or storage. You could install additional shelves up the wall above the desk to have easy available access to items for study or hobbies instead of moving away from the desk.

Children invite friends into they’re bedroom, sometimes between 4-12 teenagers want to look at a computer screen for chat or gaming. Enough space for several chairs for girls and boys to sit around a desk positioned in a corner is a good idea, as it keeps the rest of the room free for people to move around.

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Corner desks are good for all age children use

Children’s needs, wants and requirements change with age, life styles, interests and trends. You’re daughter or son’s room could have 2 or more desks depending on interests and what they’ll use them for.

Two or more desks allow a child to separate study away from games & play. Completing homework or studying for examination is not good on a gaming desk for example as there is too much temptation and distraction.

Child’s room corner desk uses benefits

  • Study desk big enough to complete art, maths & technical drawing school homework.
  • Computer table where a child could have a computer, printer/scanner and other items.
  • Gaming desk in a room corner away from other furniture or disturb a roommate less.
  • Hobbies and crafts table large enough so you can leave materials sitting out and return.
  • Writing, drawing and designing table surface.
  • Vanity corner desk with mirror.

Designed for use in a room corner only

Should you have a room that is an odd shape with a number of corners then a desk that fits into one of these corners would utilize that space leaving the rest of the room to be used for larger furniture. Indeed, a desk in a room corner in general takes up less livable space of a room as it’s out the way and could be used for multiple purposes.

Corner desks are designed in different shapes and sizes with many available for you’re room corner. From storage desk drawers and with shelves depending on the design you would like the back and side is made either with flat L shape ends or curved back for rounded room corners.

People tend to use space along the walls or more to the centre of a room for they’re daily living needs.

In smaller bedrooms or shared areas efficient use of a room could be granted with a desk in a corner providing a good area of space no matter how big or small the table surface and storage capacity is to complete required work or tasks.

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