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Contribute Guest Post, Teaching, Careers, School Jobs 2021

Are you looking for a website that offers you to submit a guest post for school, nurseries, education, teaching & school jobs abroad?

This website’s main focus is teaching & education jobs and supporting careers guidance at schools. You can also contribute teacher training, education content related to state school independent & boarding or international schools and at nursery.

You must be an expert in the subject; a former or present teacher to write about teaching for example.


Email first the guest post topic you propose to write about (Read the guidelines first)

You’re focus should be for people to look at your content and not a link.


Contribute Guest Post, Teaching, Careers, School Jobs 2021


Guest post I can contribute?

Finding a suitable job


Career advice

Own experiences of teaching, working

Moving, living and working abroad

Challenges or easier working and life style

Freedom to work or teach away from western targets and admin paperwork

Student finance


School        Curriculum        Qualifications       Teaching         Courses        Job search         Education or teaching strategy         Teacher training         Wellbeing   

Recruiting teachers         Professional development           Homework          Marking           Assessment           Other similar


Guest post submissions are free.


What are the Guidelines for a person to contribute?

  • 900 words plus in English, with useful information. Quotes and references are good.
  • No tips, how to, ways, things, reasons, everything you need to know in the title
  • Nothing similar you have written or will write in the future
  • Provide the source link for pictures to be added
  • Not posted anywhere online or other location and will not be
  • Relevant links only in the text body    (You have no association with)
  • Check first to see if a similar resource is not already on the website
  • You give full unconditional permission to Education Tay to use the resource and it is yours to contribute and not copied from somewhere
  • Content requires to be non promotional. Ask for a paid sponsored post if you wish to highlight an organisation or service
  • Websites this site links to must be in good standing and 12 months plus on line.


The article requires to be written going beyond standard website content. Example for interview questions: why ask that question with possible answer, not just an answer.

Also, topical depth coverage using “Searches Related” key words that Google provides at the bottom of the search page. You could also answer “People Also Ask” content that Google lists on the front page when conducting a search.


Paid promotional article submission is also available that is highlighted (See front page blog section) on the homepage for 4 weeks. You’re article would be permanent advertising on this site in the blog section.  Cost £70.


Examples of the standard of content accepted:

BEd teacher training

Teacher training interview questioning 

School head of year

Teaching tough job  (Contribution)  Too basic, although received hundreds of views


What do I get out of my contributed post?

A contributed by (Name/Organisation) can be added to a bio, add a paragraph if you wish.


You receive

One website homepage brand name link, and also to social media profiles.

The website must be well established, certainly no new or recent sites. 12 months old plus.  (Add in content body or author bio)


Main body of article links, infographics and all other will be no follow.


How to submit a guest post: Send a (Word document) article with pictures (jpeg or png) which follows the guidelines above.




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