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Contribute a Guest Post for School & Teaching Abroad

Are you looking for a website that offers you to submit a guest post for school teaching?

As a reasonably proficient writer you can contribute to the resources of this website.


Email first the topic you propose to write about         and any link you think should be added on the page, including your bio.

Adding authoritative links later is no problem.


Contribute Guest Post for School & Teaching Abroad

Another option with no writing

This website regularly adds useful contextual links to established pages, and looks to attract them also.  Do you know a useful website with content that matches or compliments and wish to add a link?  The resource should be at least equal of this site.

Also, do you know any website that would think the content of this site is useful and will add a resource back to this site?


Website aim and audience?

Looking to create an education website that has a range of resources for the school and teaching sector abroad & UK.  Factual information, guidance on schools, teacher’s view, and a place to find a job in education.


Guest post I can contribute?

School          Curriculum for primary school, nursery       Teaching and training          Education or teaching strategy
Teacher training        Recruiting teachers        Own experiences of teaching and working        Interviews


What are the Guidelines?

  • 700 words plus in English, basically looking for 1000 words plus with useful & actionable information
  • No tips, how to, ways, everything you need to know in the title as they are BS
  • Definitely nothing similar you have written or will write in the future, as this damages both websites 
  • Provide the source link for pictures to be added
  • Not posted anywhere online or other location and will not be
  • Well written, or at less good written quality content will only be accepted.  (Yes, not all submissions will make the grade going on past experience)
  • Highly relevant links only in the text body    (You have no association with)       Definitely no rich anchor text, branded only
  • Check first to see if a similar resource is not already on the website. Factual, guidance, your view, your experience and similar are accepted
  • Of course you give full unconditional permission to Education Tay to use the resource and it is yours to contribute and not copied from somewhere


Examples of the standard of content accepted:

Returning to home country

also to teach English abroad

Primary to secondary school move

Interview questions for teacher training

See also some of the career advice content


What do I get out of it?

Articles are shared on social media and maybe read by website visitors.

Certainly no money as I do not have much!

A contributed by (Name/Organisation) can be added to a bio, which can help to raise your profile online. Add a paragraph if you wish.

One website brand name link, and also to social media profiles. The website must be well established, certainly no new or recent sites. 6 months old plus.

For example: Contributed by Education Tay Visit our website and social media page for more information on this article and……


How to submit a guest post: Send a (Word document) article with pictures (jpeg or png) to info @ educationtay.com which follows the guidelines above.



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