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Does Children’s Bedroom Furniture Desks Have Storage?

Girls and boys of all ages in our homes have personal possessions, items they use for play, study and hobbies. Adequate bedroom storage space for you’re daughter or sons drawing utensils, games or study materials is useful to help keep a child’s bedroom tidy and cuts down on items collecting dust.

Vast majority of children’s bedroom furniture desks have storage drawers and or shelves under or below the table top. Storing compartments can be 2 or 3 sliding drawers on one or both sides with shelves attached above the desk top. Stand alone children’s desks are also designed with no storage space.

Stand alone bedroom furniture desks with storage

A single desk with storage that stands against a bedroom wall or in a corner is most popular for children, as they can be moved fairly easily and repositioned in the bedroom.

These study desks benefits have various forms of storage from shelving and sliding drawers where you’re daughter or son can store school & hobby material on a shelve, in one of the sliding drawers or possible cupboard space in a few designs.

What does you’re child want the desk furniture for, how will they use it and functionality possibly providing storage are questions parents should ask themselves?

Also is it for a young child between 6-9 years old to only sit at a desk drawing or writing or for an older child to complete home work and also have space for a desktop computer for the next 5-10 years?

5 children’s bedroom desk storage types

  • Desk top with single side 2-3 sliding drawers storage on the left or right side with each drawer capable of holding papers, action figures, writing or artist materials. Or choose two drawer storage desks with deeper drawers capable of storing larger items than 3-4 shallow desk compartment.
  • Study desk with double side 2-4 drawers on both the right and left side of the desk. Drawer storage is positioned under the table top to both sides of the child’s leg room. This style of desk is more ideal as it has a lot of storage drawer compartments to put things away to keep bedroom clutter to a minimum.
  • A desk that has single or double shelves on top of the desk that come in various width sizes depending on desk design and length of table surface. The shelving is capable of holding items a child would have easy access and sitting a desk lamp on if sharing a bedroom.
  • Table top with drawers on one side and storage shelves on the other, possibly facing outwards.
  • Single or double shelves on top and or below the desk top for additional storage.

Child’s bedroom desk size, width & design dictate the amount of storage available.

A specialist desk for under 10 years old kids for play and not study is not the same for taller and older children. A suitable teenage boy or girl’s desk with storage for school study between 14-19 years old means as a parent you’ll require buying a new larger desk, and with storage capability if required.

You’re child’s bedroom will require a larger and taller study desk when you’re daughter or son get older as size, height and use has changed with age and they’re present and future growth.


Desk part of a bedroom furniture set

Younger children from 3 years old upwards have an option of a desk built in as part of bedroom furniture set comprising bed and table with storage. Space saving smaller bedrooms size benefit from a bed frame with a desk under the bed, with a ladder or steps for the child to step up to they’re bed.

You can still have storage drawers as part of the desk and shelf above with many designs of bedrooms sets. Desk size and width will be smaller as with less storage space available as they are styled for younger children needing less storage. Girls & boys will still have enough space in drawers for toys and other forgotten items.

A pull-out desk as part of furniture sets doesn’t have storage. Parents can make a choice depending on the type of desk required, how a child wants to use it, how often used and the amount of bedroom space available.

Desk with storage for child’s use

Younger children’s desks would require being suitable for a number of purposes from reading, writing & drawing and homework. A bedroom desk that is easily portable and able to be placed in various areas of a bedroom would be of benefit for a boy or girl for ease of use especially if they are playing with friends or family.

Good idea to choose a desk suitable for functional use according to a child’s interests and needs, and possibly store away writing & drawing materials in drawers.

Appropriate desk and storage for age of child

Children aged between 4 and 10 years old will require a desk for different use, size, height and functionality than older teenagers 16-19 year old. Primary school children like to draw and do hobbies on a desk, not just on the bedroom floor.

As a parent you’ll require to think if your daughter or son would benefit from using a specialist desk such as for under 10 years old to play and not study, possibly with a shelve and no storage drawers.

Older children require storage areas part of desk that is large enough for homework, crafts, computer, gaming and storage drawers for collectables & school work writing utensils, possibly a corner desk to save usable space.

Desks come in different sizes, although the vast majority is rectangle in shape. A few desks on sale are designed for odd shapes or to fit in a child’s bedroom corner if limited space.

Bedroom desk without storage space or shelving

  • Not all furniture bedroom desks have storage as you could opt for a plane desk if you’re child has a spacious bedroom and only requires the desk for one functional use. A child would have a suitable space for they’re age & height and specialist use from drawing, crafts or gaming only.

Indeed, desk furniture use can be varied in larger bedrooms if no additional storage space.

There are plain desks for a small child under 6 years old to sit and be contented writing or colouring in a book that can be moved easily to another space or room as they are light weight with no storage area.

Desks with no storage are also specialist made with a table top designed in different length x widths that can be used for artist or design work for a 17-19 year old university student.

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