Do Children’s Bedroom Ensuite Add Value to a Home

In a family house or flat with 3 or more people it’s always a good idea to have more than one bathroom as it makes life easier with less waiting and children arguing. Many room items add value in a home that makes peoples lives more convenient, especially an ensuite in a bedroom.

Homeowners can add up to 5% of the house or flats market value in UK by adding and connecting a children’s bedroom enusite to an existing bedroom. The bathroom should ideally have a bath with shower, toilet, wash basin & mirror, and neutral design & colours to appeal to future buyers.

What is a Children’s Ensuite Bathroom

An ensuite basically means a bathroom that is directly connected to a bedroom or partitioned, all part of the same room or 2 internally connected rooms not shared.

Why do people say en suite? The word comes from France where is relates to “following”, although people are indicating they have a bathroom & toilet in their bedroom, which means they don’t require to leave the room for a shower or toilet.

In the USA & UK ensuite means you’re own private bathroom in your bedroom, and is accessible by walking through that same room. A children’s bathroom is basically the same as adults, although may have adoptions that are child friendly, and even tiles with a kids theme.

Does adding an ensuite add value in a children’s bedroom

A children’s bedroom ensuite adds not only personal value for the present household it also adds a financial value. A UK Nationwide Building Society survey in 2017 concluded that up to 5% of a house or flats market value could be raised with the addition of an ensuite bathroom.

A further survey by Direct Line Home Insurance also suggests with the addition of an ensuite, giving 2 bathrooms in the home could possibly raise the properties value by 5%. For a £260,000 house this increased market value would be £13,000, with an outlay cost on average £3,600-£5,000 in 2022 depending on quality and bathroom fittings.

Cost of a bathroom installation connected to a bedroom depends on the existence of water pipes & electrical wiring, means it will be cheaper, than running new piping and under floor heating.

  • Speaking to 10 estate agents in Scotland about an additional bathroom in a child’s bedroom, 8 out of 10 stated that a house would have more appeal with buyers and would increase its value by thousands of pounds.

In modern times an ensuite is desirable for many adults, not just teenagers or you’re younger children. Although you can use a house or flat bedroom for you’re child, if you moved the new owner could want the room for an adult living in the house or guest room.

Why do people want an ensuite bedroom

  • Convenient where you don’t need to leave the bedroom to wash or go to the toilet.
  • No need to share as you have your own toilet, bath, shower, sink, and no requirement to walk around the house.
  • Why have an en suite in a child’s bedroom? No waiting in line for other children or parents to finish in the bathroom, and giving more time in the shower.
  • Own personal toilet space to leave all grooming and toiletries out that won’t be moved by other family members or visiting guests.
  • Access to a second or third bathroom in a family home of 4-5 people reduces disagreements between children deciding who’s next to wash in the morning before breakfast and school.

How important is en suite bathroom for a child? Providing you’re son or daughter with they’re own personal bathroom in a child’s bedroom gives them independence & daily decision making tasks. Also, teenage girls & boys personal grooming, toiletries and sanitary items are not on show for other family members or visitors.

They’ll decide when to wash themselves and clean up after.

  • Are ensuites essential in a house or flat? Not necessary for basic living requirements, but they help greatly with comfortable daily living with other people, and are convenient. Children don’t actually require their own bathroom, although many UK adults expect a personal bathroom in a home when buying a more expensive flat or house.

Is an en suite worth it in a child’s room

A home with 2 or more bathrooms with shower, either a flat or house is always more desirable than only one.

An ensuite in you’re girls or boy’s room is highly worth it if you have the space and finances, if one is required to be installed. Not just added value, you also get more harmony in a household with children if they have a bathroom of their own.

Ask yourself; is an ensuite in a child’s bedroom suitable for you’re family at present and in the future? With a larger household requiring frequent use of the family bathroom a good idea would be for older kids and teenagers to have they’re own enusite, especially sharing a bedroom.

A bedroom that already has an ensuite can be a kid’s room, although installing a bathroom in a children’s bedroom comes with opportunity cost.

Yes, you get a private bathroom for that bedroom, although you loose bedroom area size. In addition, think of the total costs required for the standard of bathroom design & fittings that match the rest of the home.

  • How much space do you need to add an ensuite? The size of the bathroom depends on the size of the connected bedroom. Smaller space means a more compact shower, wash basin, toilet, mirror and lighting, at least 0.8 meters x 1.8 meters, although 1.5m x 1.3m is more appropriate. You should also aim to install a bath with shower as it provides wider appeal when selling a home.
  • Do you need a bath in an ensuite? Not necessarily, although it’s beneficial for the family bathroom to have a bath, especially when reselling you’re flat or house. Teens and young kids don’t require a bath anyway, and could find a shower more suitable for a busy teenage lifestyle.

Connecting or adding a bathroom to an existing child’s bedroom you’ll need to think about the plumbing and water source required.

Also, if you are selling in the future and wish to add value with a bathroom ensuite you should install neutral design and tiles for wide ranging buyer appeal. Look to create the best bathroom design, layout and quality you can afford in keeping with the rest of you’re home.

Contents in an ensuite

Standard ensuite bedrooms will have a toilet, wash hand basin, and either a shower or bath. Each person has individual tastes, routines or requirements when it comes to what they do in a bathroom. One person likes a shower as it’s quick & easier, while others like to take a hot bath and relax for a while.

You’ll also see a child’s bedroom with an adapted ensuite room for disabled use where the shower, bath and toilet has modifications specific to a persons disability.

4 piece ensuite for a child’s bedroom is very normal in family homes in the UK or USA for you’re daughter or son. Bath with shower above, toilet and sink gives a younger child or teenage boys & girls an option.

Houses & flats with a bath will generally be in larger bedroom space with a partition or separate connected room.

A 3 piece ensuite is found in smaller bathrooms so the bedroom can have its own private shower, toilet and wash basin where a toilet is required. Does it need a shower? No as the bathroom can have a bath if there’s enough space, although many people expect a shower option.

5 & 6 piece ensuite are found in larger rooms to accommodate additional amenities other than the essentials. 5 items include toilet, sink separate bath & shower units and possible bidet. With 6 you’ll see a bath & shower separate, bidet, toilet and 2 wash basins.

Do you need planning permission for ensuite in a UK house or flat

Normally you don’t require planning permission if you’re intending to install an ensuite in part of an existing bedroom or other room space, as the property size or structure remains the same. Building regulations should be applied from you’re local council where you live in the UK complying with drainage, wiring and fitting windows laws.

Living in a listed property, house or flat, you’ll require UK planning permission to change the fabric of the room/building adding a bathroom as an ensuite.

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