Children’s Bedroom Ensuite Benefits (With Ideas)

Bathrooms are in every home, usually one in a standard 2-3 bedroom family house/flat used by parents and children. Providing a more child friendly environment for kids and teenagers with they’re own ensite bathroom gives more privacy & opportunity for more design & unique features associated with a child.

Teenagers and kids benefit from a children’s bedroom ensuite bathroom as it’s convenient, as they don’t require leaving they’re bedroom to shower or go to the toilet. Also they have they’re own shower/bath & toilet in a personal room space, and don’t need to share.

What is a bedroom ensuite

A bathroom that is connected in a bedroom directly for sole use of the people in that room is a bedroom ensuite. To enter a child’s bathroom attached to a kid’s room you would first enter through the bedroom door and then walk through to the ensuite, which is a separate room area.

Ensuites became popular more in the UK & USA in the later 1970’s providing a private separate bathroom for individual bedrooms instead of just one toilet room for the whole household. With a bathroom also in a child’s room it provides parents and the family more time & opportunity to use the household toilet, bath & shower to themselves.

An ensuite bathroom contains at least the essentials of a sink, bath with shower and toilet. You’ll also find 5 piece bathroom sets comprising: 2 separate sinks, shower, bath, toilet and bidet. It’s not essential to have a bidet or shower in an ensuite bedroom, so long as it has a bath alternative, though children and busy teenagers could benefit from a shower as its quicker that taking a bath.

Is it important to have en suite bathroom for a child?

Although not important, the purpose of an ensuite is to provide a private bathroom space that can be part of a child’s bedroom where they have privacy in they’re own room to wash and groom themselves. Teenagers can take their time as they’re not competing for using a bathroom to make themselves presentable when meeting someone important.

With a child’s own private bathroom in a bedroom they can have items out on display not seen by family members or visitors, and allows plenty space for grooming accessories.

Child has independence in they’re own bedroom

Own independence and a sense you are allowed to do certain daily things yourself is very important to all age children, also develops & installs responsibility. Many boys and girls want their own ensuite as they can decide on colour scheme, design and accessories in they’re bathroom.

They’ll require cleaning the bath/shower daily after use, not doubt for some girls & boys after encouragement from parents.

What are the significant personal benefits a child has with their own ensuite?

  • Younger children and independent older teenagers benefit from no interruptions, peace and quiet, take all the time they wish in they’re own bathroom. In addition:
  • Child’s private bathroom area means they have their own sink, shower/bath and don’t share a toilet and can leave all toiletries in place that will remain untouched.
  • It’s worth adding an ensuite to a child’s room as it negates the requirement for your daughter or son to rush around or standing in line with other family members, and no excuse for being late for school.
  • Convenient as a child doesn’t have to leave their bedroom to access a shower, meaning you’re son or daughter can get out of bed and walk into the bathroom, especially with house guests present.
  • Don’t need to get dressed and walk along a corridor to have a shower or go to the toilet as the facilities are already in the bedroom.
  • The ensuite is always ready and available for any opportune moment when they require the toilet without queuing or waiting for another family member to finish.
  • Your sons & daughters friend’s during sleepover don’t require wandering around the house when bathing or needing the toilet as they can use the facilities in the room their sleeping in.
  • Many of the modern day bedroom ensuites built are fitted with a shower as it saves space, especially in a smaller bathroom where a cubicle of 800 x 700 could be installed.

How much value does an ensuite add?

Do you release that a bedroom ensuite adds value to a house or apartment according to a UK Building Society survey where they estimated up to 5% of the homes market value could be added. Many children and adults like the idea of a convenient bathroom in a bedroom, and this helps with selling.

How to create a friendlier & functional ensuite for children

  • Also install lower down shelves for younger or smaller children, as they might not be able to reach upper shelving or cupboards designed for adult use.
  • Place in you’re child’s bathroom a plastic step-up stool that can used to access the sink easier and reach higher up areas, especially when bathing or cleaning. Avoid potential accidents by placing the stool on a non slipping mat.
  • Another use for the children’s bathroom stool is help getting on the regular sized toilet seat, if required, thus no need to replace it.
  • Hanging hooks are useful in a kid’s bathroom for towels and any clothing. Use of 2 or more hooks installed lower down for a child to reach easily drilled into the wall is beneficial. As a result of extra hooks for your son or daughter to use it helps to keep items from getting wet, dirty and provides a place for items instead of the bathroom floor.
  • Place non-slipping mats in you’re girls or boy’s enuite or use no slip tiles to reduce possible injuries from knocks or falls from a wet floor.
  • Keep out any sharp objects, electric tools or gadgets from you’re daughter or sons bathroom for safety reasons.
  • Give you’re kids the autonomy to customize and add accessories over the years within reason.
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