Do Children like Bunk Beds (Survey 300 Parents & Teenagers)

Parents get beds that are first practical for a children’s bedroom and often ask they’re child what type of bed they want to sleep on. Sometime parents don’t have a room for all children and 2 kids require sharing or the child’s bedroom is too small for 2 single beds and the best idea is a bunk bed.

I conducted a small survey face to face of 300 parents & teenagers ranging from age 3 to 17 years old children asking “Do children like bunk beds” asking 14 different related questions.

Younger children like bunk beds from 4-10 years old as they think there cool, have a place to sleep, play and entertain friends in they’re own room. Teenagers & many 11 + year old girls & boys stated they prefer a single bed as they think bunk sleeping is for kids and wanted there own bed space.

Children and parents comments about liking bunk beds or not

  • As a 14 year old sleeping on a bunk bed some of my teen friends commented is that the same bed you have had since you where young, I don’t like that about bunk sleeping.
  • 16 year old girl stated she didn’t like the look of a sleeping bunk as it’s not cool and a few friends commented nasty things.
  • My sons don’t like bunk a bed when they’re brother gets onto the top bunk it shakes the entire bed frame and it’s annoying. When I’m trying to sleep and he’s jumping on and off the top bunk a few times an hour I get angry sometimes.
  • My mum gave us two old sheets and showed me how to build a fort, one sheet from the top bunk to the floor by rolling out the sheets on all sides of the bunk to make a tunnel effect. 2 friends over for the afternoon said this was cool for playing games. (2 boys 7 & 8 years old).
  • 12 children said they felt claustrophobic lying and sleeping on bunk beds and would not use them again. Sleeping in the bottom bunks there is another bed very close above my head and a wall to my left leaving me closed in. We could move the bed away from the wall for open space, but this takes a lot of floor area up.
  • My friends feel it’s weird for me as a teenager to have a bunk bed at 15 years olds and I agree as their childish and for young children not people my age. I don’t like sleeping on a bunk and would rather be sleeping on a normal bed.
  • I have sons with an attached slide to a bunk bed acting as more fun and safety to slide down from the top bunk to the bedroom floor. Parents can purchase and add a slide to they’re daughter or sons bunk, although some young kids models already come with one, just remember it takes up a bit more room floor space. (Mother 2 boys 8-9 years old).
  • 25 teenagers from 13-17 years old stated bunk beds are naff and didn’t like them at all, and wouldn’t sleep on one.
  • My 2 daughters were sharing a small room with a bunk each, although my oldest has moved out the house. Now my youngest daughter uses the top bunk for extra storage and hosting friend’s sleepovers. Her friends think its great they have a bed to sleep in instead of a sleeping bag on the floor.
  • Stairs for getting on and off the top bunk were used by younger children under 10 years old as it was easier getting to they’re bed.
  • Younger girls & boys 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 tend to want to sleep higher up and agree the top bunk is better as it cool, and out the way.
  • My sister is too young to use the top bunk at 5 years old and she prefers the bottom bunk anyways as my mum has arranged a table and storage close to the bed for her to use.
  • Bunk sleeping is ok.The bottom bunk is much better for getting in and out of bed. When sleeping in the top bed I sometimes misjudge where the floor is and stumble getting of the bed, and even fell a few time.
  • A mother of two 8 year old girls said there were arguments all the time for whose turn it was to sleep on the top bunk as both daughters think bunks for sleeping was ok so long it’s the top bunk.
  • We installed bed lamps in the upper and lower bunk area so our children can switch of the room light and use they’re own lamp directly by the bed. With the bottom or top bunk light on it doesn’t disturb the other person sharing a bedroom. This helps stop arguments of having the light on or off if one child is trying to sleep and the other writing school homework in bed or typing on a laptop in bed.
  • Our young children like they’re bunk bed sleeping idea most of the time. They have a trundle bunk bed where I can pull out an additional bed space from under the bunk when one of they’re friends stay over and push it back in out the way when not required.
  • As both of us are older teenagers we have extra space for storage using bed bunks freeing up room for another wardrobe and chest of drawers.
  • Can’t re-arrange or style my bedroom the way I want sharing a bunk space.
  • No own personal room area to sleep or relax that’s why I don’t like sleeping on a bunk.
  • A good thing about bunk sleeping arrangements in my bedroom is space saving and more floor area to move around, and another chest of drawers as our room is fairly small.
  • A few children stated they don’t feel safe sleeping on a bunk bed as they’re restless sleepers or toss and turn often at night. They don’t want to fall or roll out of bed, and think the top bunk is unsafe for them, a main reason they don’t like bunk beds.

Bunk bed related questions & answers

What age do kids not want bunk beds?

From the survey of children the majority didn’t want a bunk bed to sleep on, although would use one occasional on holiday, hostel or a school trip. Children from 11-12 and teenagers especially wanted to sleep on a normal looking bed and not stand out as different.

Some younger children aged 8, 9 10 years old said they’ll be glad when they have a single bed and not sleeping on a bunk anymore as they’re parents have so many rules in they’re bedroom, especially what is allowed on the top bunk.

What age should a child get a bunk bed?

Children from age 3 can use bunk beds to sleep on, although only the bottom bunk for safety & practical reason. A shorty bed bunk design would be better for smaller and younger children as their not so tall overall and the bottom bunk is closer to the ground that standard bunk designs.

Is a bunk bed a bad idea or good sleeping arrangement?

Bunk beds are a bad idea if a child is irresponsible and tries jumping of the top bunk or careless often, especially at night in the dark as injuries will occur. Bunks are an overall good idea and safe if you’re sons or daughters follow basic rules on safety on how to use they’re bed space appropriately. Parents should regularly check the bed frame, ladder is strong no damage, guard rails & slide secure, also if the bunk is no more than 3 inches away from a wall preferably.

Only allow a child of 6 years old and above for safety reasons & who is cognitively responsible and physically easily able to get on or sleep on the top bunk. A good child’s rule to follow would be no more than 2 children at the same time on the top bunk as it could destabilize and fall over with too much weight.

Kids should have bunk beds as they clearly save and help to maximise bedroom space, especially 2 teenagers or younger children that like to play a lot in they’re bedroom.

Bunks in small rooms for children 10 years old and under can be fun as they can customise they’re bunk space and become closer friends with they’re bother or sister.

  • Two advantages bunks have over single beds it that parents can install a curtain rail on the top & lover bunks for more privacy, you’re making a top bunk private by hanging a sheet or curtain on hooks from the roof for a child’s privacy.
  • Second, many modern bunks can be split into 2 separate beds allowing children to arrange they’re bedroom the way they want or get rid of the other bunk as they have they’re own room now.

14 survey questions that were asked

  1. Have you ever slept on a bunk bed?

Yes   177

No    123

2. Do you have a bunk bed in you’re or child’s bedroom?

Yes  75

No   225

3. Why choose a bunk bed?

4. What type of bunk do you have in you’re bedroom?

Standard 2 bunk  38

Triple bunks   0

Shorty   17

Trundle bunk bed   20

5. What size bunk do you sleep or slept on?

6. What age group are you in?

4-7     107

8-10     96

11-13   38

14-17   59

7. Do you share a bedroom?

Yes   127

No    173

8. Does your bunk bed have additional features?

Slide    12

Stairs   15

None    43

9. Do you prefer the top or bottom bunk?

Top        165

Bottom    88

None       77

10. Are bunk beds safe?

Yes  149

No   151

11. Are bunks cool or trendy?

Yes    55

No   245

12. Is sleeping on a bunk provide privacy?

Yes   26

No  274

13. Are bunks comfortable to sleep on?

Yes  191

No   109

14. General comments

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