Are Bunk Beds Childish?

People of all ages sleep on bunk beds as there are made & designed for young kids, teenage girls & boys and adults. Sleeping on a bunk can appear childish to older children if they value independence. Bunks are a space saving to sleep more people in one room area or to accommodate children sleeping in a bedroom corner freeing up more space to play or place furniture.

Bunk beds in general are not childish, although they can be depending on design, colour scheme and customization. Teen and adult bunks are more plainer where young children’s bunks are made to appeal for kids with colours, kids slide or shape & design as a house, car, bus or train. Teenagers can see bunks as being treated as kids through lack of independence with sleeping or in the same bunk as a little kid. Parents require getting bunks appropriate for the age, height, weight & design of they’re sons & daughters needs to not seem childish.

What age are bunk beds good for?

Bunk beds are made and are good for males & females of all ages, although bunks come in different sizes according to person’s age, height and width body size. So long as a person can safely get in and out of a lower and top bunk in the day or night darkness then they’ll good for sleeping on.

Young children

  • Many of the bunk beds on the market are designed and built for 5-16 year old size children where most demand come from. An appropriate kid’s bed size should be used for a child according to their height and weight, and any mobility issues allowing for head clearance between bunks, space to move around and sleep comfortably.

Parents that have a family with younger children from 6 to 12 years old and limited house space can opt for 2 boys or 2 girls sharing a bedroom sleeping on the top & lower bunk.

American Academy of Pediatrics recommends only kids 6 years old and above use and sleep on the top bunk bed for safety reasons. Children should be responsible and also informed about how to use the bunk sleeping arrangements appropriately. A suitable guardrail requires to be installed on the top bunk and regularly safety checked to stop a child rolling off the bed which itself could be seen as a child like addition.

One child can also choose to sleep on one of the bed bunks and use the other sleeping space for displaying toys, dolls or figures. Additionally, kids that have visiting extended family regularly would benefit from the spare bed space and friends of you’re daughter or son for sleepovers and have fun.

Teenagers bunk bed

There are teen sized bunk beds for children to sleep on as modern families either have 2 or more children, limited house space or they’re teenagers bedrooms are fairly small in size.  Although teens are adolescent children they’re growing up fast and have growth spurts from one year to the next until at least 20 year old.

Teenagers also require an appropriate size bunk space to move around when stretched out and enough room and head space height between bunks.

Two teens on bunks is not always ideal depending on personality and previous years sleeping experience. Older children from 12, 14, 16, 17, 19 years old may feel they have slept in a bunk for many years and are still being treated as a kid by they’re parents. Bunks can seem to not being grown-up enough and mature leave girls & boys feeling down, especially if the bunk they’re sleeping on is designed and styled for younger children or too small. So long as the bunk bed is large enough and looks good and appropriate for a child’s age, height & weight then it’s not childish or immature.

Adult bunks

Larger sized bunks are built for full size adults in mind for sleeping and enough space to move around. Adult bunks are usually around length of 209cm x width 79+ cm accommodating the majority of mature adults sleeping in dorm rooms, hostels, chalets and any extended family sharing a bedroom. Older people require thinking about if a bunk is suitable for they’re sleeping arrangements, especially getting up and down from the top bunk safely.

Do children like bunk beds

Young kids might think their funky and cool depending on design and additional functionality such as a slide attached. Lots of youngsters think bunk beds for sleeping on is fun, especially boys liking the top bunk for height.

  • Young children like the look of something different, especially in bright colours, although may look immature to teenagers.
  • The frame has more height providing a top bunk for a child over six to sleep.
  • Kids can sit with friends on the top bunk feeling cool or its fun.
  • Boys and girls like the look and style of the bunk bed design, possibly with painted murals, sports & animal figures or designed in a bus, car or train shape. Again this may not appeal to older teens as it looks juvenile and they want a mature bed space.
  • Size of the bed is more suitable for they’re height. Older children trying to sleep in a bunk that’s too small will feel uncomfortable and see the bed as for little kids only.
  • The bed space has personal shelving right next to where they are sleeping without getting out of bed.
  • A spare bunk bed can be used for sleepovers with teenagers and younger children inviting a friend over for a night or weekend. Some teenage girls and boys feel embarrassed sleeping on bunks and don’t want to look bad or less cool letting they’re friends see them on a kids childish bed.
  • You’re sons or daughters can put stickers on the posts or custom paint any storage or shelving.
  • Use one of the bed spaces for additional storage if another family member no longer uses.
  • Play children’s games on the bottom or top bunk.

Bunks appeal to a child in different ways depending on age and personality. Not all children like sleeping on a bunk as they might want a more grown up bed. Also, children might’ve been sleeping in bunks for several years and now older in their teens and see bunk bed sleeping arrangements as childish.

Kid’s childish bunk bed design & customisation

Bunk bed design and functionality are manufactured in many different formats from shorty, twin or triple beds, some with kiddish logos or features such as animal painting and wooden features.

Childish & immature for teenage girls and boys a 7, 8, 9 or 10 year old might like a bunk bed in the shape of a car or truck from their favourite children’s TV program.

Indeed the younger a bunk is designed for the more juvenile it tends to look as the makers are attempting to appeal to young children. There are beds that come in the shape of a house or kid girls Wendy Play House in a pink or cream colour, this would seem very childish to a 16-19 year old. Couple this with some bed designs with a little kiddies shout for a boy or girl to slide down from the top bunk puts off teenagers wanting to sleep on it.

Space saving sleeping space

Parents use bunks in children’s rooms to help them save limited bedroom space so they’ll have more space to move around, play and storage.

Many bunk sleeping arrangements come with storage as open shelves or drawers. A bunk is 2 beds one on top of the other meaning with storage children could feel that they have no independence, especially when they turn 12-13 years old.

Many teen girls & boys like they’re independence to some degree and bunk beds don’t provide sleeping independence and this could be seen by you’re son or daughter to be treated as a child.

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