Teach English Abroad as a Sustainable Living

Teach English Abroad as a Sustainable Living, TEFL CertificationAre you reading stories of overseas travel and deciding I would like to teach English abroad?. Travelling abroad to teach for a year or for a long period of time takes planning.

You of course, have to decided if the decision is right for now, and for the future?.

The notion of moving to another country abroad to teach children or adults English requires certain qualifications, skills, experience and finances.

In addition, motivation, time and a detailed plan to successfully provide a sustainable living as a teacher of English overseas are required. (more…)

Head of Year Job Role & Description

Schools are challenging at times, especially dealing with pupil’s everyday concerns. Head of year jobs from my experience as a secondary form tutor are focused on a pastoral role, and yes working with students that do not want to be at the school. Teacher’s with additional responsibility and non teaching jobs in education roles as year head are available. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Kuwait International Schools

Kuwait education system continues to attract new and experienced educators. Teaching in Kuwait you can build a career as a classroom teacher to leadership positions. Teaching jobs in Kuwait are for international school educators who teach children between 3-18 years.

Nursery/kindergarten through to secondary school places are offered to students. As a teacher you’ll find yourself teaching a class of students from many countries, as well as local Kuwaiti children. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Jet away to a tropical climate teaching in Thailand long term or a contract for 2 years. Teaching jobs in Thailand public & international schools are at all levels from nursery, elementary and high schools. There are jobs for teachers in schools all year round starting in August or April. You can also experience the country teaching English in Thailand at a language school or one of the government 2nd tier schools


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    teaching children with special needs

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CV Action Verbs Use & Cover Letter Applying for Jobs

CV Action Verbs in a Job Application, Cover Letter Applying for JobsDo you wish to be noticed by the school or recruiter you send your resume/cv? Use of power cv action verbs in an application for a school teacher job is a must.  Projecting achievement, can do willing attitude is all part of what is expected in a professional person cv.



Teacher Duties at School Enabling Effective Student Learning

Teacher Duties at School Enabling Effective Student Learning

A career teaching or just a few years is not for everyone. Classroom teacher duties at school are a full or part time challenging role with a lot of learning and preparation outside of classroom contact time.

A number of people realise or are told during initial teacher training than they are not suitable for the teaching profession.

Duties and responsibilities of a teacher means you are not just teaching think about parent contact, paperwork, marking, cover lessons, keeping up with your subject and changes in the curriculum every 2-3 years.


Returning to the UK & Adjusting after Living in Another Country

Returning to the UK & Adjusting after Living in Another Country

Are you heading home by choose or necessity?  Depending how long you have been away you may find the hairdresser or favourite shop has closed.  What do you mean I am not entitled to free healthcare? I am British and I paid my taxes.  You left the country and now returning to the UK & adjusting after living or teaching abroad and find things are not the same.

First you must be a registered UK resident to access the NHS healthcare system for free, except emergencies.


Each person going home to live in their own country has their own personal requirements and plan to integrate back in their own country successfully.


Student Loan to Study in the UK

Student Loan to Study in the UK - University & College LoansStudents can apply for a student loan to study in the UK for the course and study level you propose. Student Loans Company (SLC) organisation provides loans to students in relation study at higher education in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Loans assistance can help full-time students although the assistance you receive depends on the course, where you reside while studying and when applying, and your individual and families circumstances. (more…)

Master in Business Administration & Management Degree

Leader’s and senior managers could benefit from a recognised master in business administration (MBA) or master management studies degree where they receive advanced grounding in management theory.

Managers with years of experience and in the possession of a master’s in management  or MBA could be a valuable asset for an organisation or indeed working for themselves.

Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate business qualification that is well known and asked for by employers around the world. (more…)

Criminal Records Check UK for Education & Teaching

Consideration for education & teaching positions will involve a criminal records check UK or with your countries police department, where the employer asks permission to conduct a criminal record background check on your past.

You can also apply yourself for a police clearance check.

As a mandatory requirement for other countries teaching abroad, all teachers, lectures, classroom assistants and support staff the criminal background check reassure all parties that you are an appropriate person. (more…)

Bachelor of Education BEd Degree Teaching Qualification

Bachelor of Education BEd Degree Teaching QualificationUndergraduate degree route for teacher’s to qualify to teach in school. The qualification is 3 or 4-year’s full-time bachelor of education BEd degree UK course at honour’s level.  Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England & Wales is conferred, although not every course.

BEd initial teacher training is popular with a good number of universities offering courses, although places are limited and competitive.

Did you know this type of teaching qualification at undergraduate level is internationally recognised. It’s offered in countries from Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand. (more…)

PGDE Scotland, Teacher Training Postgraduate Qualification

PGDE Scotland, England Teacher Training Postgraduate Qualification

Teaching in Scotland could provide you with a graduate respected occupation and well defined career progression. First you require qualifying through a postgraduate PGDE Scotland teacher training course or other teacher qualification such as a PGCE, BEd in Education, MEd Masters.

The Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) qualification is a popular formal study & training course at postgraduate level to becoming a primary or secondary school teacher in Scotland schools. Also, becoming more popular in England, after completing an undergraduate degree. (more…)

Masters in Education (MEd) Postgraduate Teaching Degree

Masters in Education (MEd) Postgraduate Teaching DegreeAs an advanced degree, masters in education (MEd) postgraduate teaching qualification provides additional skills, knowledge and a greater insight into a specialist area of education.

Becoming required by more employers, an advanced degree in education is additionally becoming a requirement for new teachers in primary schools, especially management and specialist roles.

The UK government is evolving education at all levels and teachers and other people in education could gain an advantage who hold a postgraduate degree in education. (more…)

Teacher Training Interview Questions & Answers, PGCE

A teacher training interview with a school or university require PGCE interview questions & answer responses to be well planned for a successful outcome.

The following standard questions asked with possible response, and my contribution as a secondary teacher for 6 years.

Applying for a BEd, BA, PGDE, PGCE or school direct training course?


Teacher Training UK, Primary & Secondary PGCE Courses

Teacher Training UK, Primary & Secondary PGCE Courses Training to be a teacher in the UK is not the same for all parts of the UK 4 nations. Teacher training UK is different in Scotland than England & Wales although similar.

Depending on the type of teaching course, such as school direct, BA, BEd or PGCE  primary or PGCE secondary you complete will provide you with the professional qualification. They are required for the nursery, primary, secondary or tertiary sector. (more…)

Post Compulsory PGCE Further Education Qualification

What is Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) ? in general a one academic year full time post compulsory PGCE course studies & training at England or Wales universities in conjunction with two college placements.

Further, professional teacher training qualification at level 7 for the post 16 sector, full time or part time course also that qualifies you for teaching at a further education college, sixth form, adult education and training companies.


Early Years Teacher Jobs, Description, Salary, Training & Role

Early Years Teacher Jobs, Description, Salary, Training & RoleQualified and trainee early years teacher jobs role (known as nursery teacher) are for people to work at a primary school or nursery with practitioners and the nursery manager to deliver learning & social development to a group of children between 3-5 years.

You could also teach children up to age 7 at an infant or reception school providing 3 early learning job options.

Accepting one of the nursery teacher jobs or many nursery school jobs at the start of a child’s school learning, you plan, deliver imaginative lessons and adapt plans for effective lessons to mix groups of young children working closely with a nursery nurse. (more…)

Independent School Jobs Roles

Independent School Jobs, Boarding School Vacancies UKThere are more than 2000 independent school jobs UK locations in Scotland, Wales & England for primary school teachers should you be looking for private school jobs. An independent fee paying school could also be known as a boarding school or preparatory school in the UK. (more…)

Nursery Nurse Role, Salary, Training & Description    

Nursery Nurse Role, Salary, Training, Description, Nursery AssistantDo you like active in and outdoor play, reading and supervising other activities with young children?  Pre school early years nursery nurse role can provide you with a full or part time job at a primary or nursery school using your knowledge, life and social skills. Nursery assistant jobs at nurseries are for people age 16 and above tasked with a general role with assisting the nursery teacher & nurse with meals, play, educational activities and tidying up. (more…)

Teach in the UK

Teach in the UK Schools for Overseas TeachersDid you know there are more than 26,000 primary and secondary schools to teach in the UK from islands, rural areas, villages, towns and cites. 

Majority of teaching jobs UK advertised are with government state funded schools where children compulsory attend free up to 16 years old. Support or admin school education jobs are also plentiful. (more…)

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