Work Visa Age Limits & Residency Permit Teach Abroad 2019

Work Visa Age Limits & Residency Permit Teach Abroad 2019As a 54 year old looking at working abroad or school teacher job advertisements the same no older than 40 or 60 is listed.  Work visa age limits & residency permit table below to teach abroad or a job working abroad.


Minimum work visa age is generally 18 for most countries or 21 years old for some.  You also need to apply separately for a residency permit which is issued to people at least 18 years old in many countries, or for Dubai/United Arab Emariates, without parent/guardian consent is 21 years old (See

Minimum working age in European Union countries is 16 years old (without restrictions), 15 years and above age to start work in some African, Asian and South American countries. 


See table below for country age limit.  General age limits for a work visa in each location overseas.

Work residency permit for each country is different to your work visa, with other criteria to meet, eg; salary over a certain amount or length of stay. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Oman

Teaching jobs in Oman International Schools and CollegesLocation offering teaching jobs in Oman at international schools to qualified teachers. Nursery, primary and high school teachers benefit from Oman’s rich cultural, social, activities, and by posts for school teacher opportunities in Oman to further their social, teaching & academic career. Teach in Oman your specialist subject to school children from 4 upwards. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Egypt

Qualified teachers from countries around the world are in demand. Teaching jobs in Egypt international schools include early years/kindergarten, elementary/primary and secondary/high school level. Teaching in Egypt is open for you to teach a specialist subject or English to local children and international pupils. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia

Western trained teachers and educators from other regions can experience teaching in Malaysia private international schools. Teaching jobs in Malaysia help teachers to secure work and residency permits. You should be a suitably qualified teacher and obtain the correct paperwork to work & reside legally. 


Teaching Jobs Abu Dhabi, UAE

Opportunities for teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi international schools & UAE from Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman. Discover diverse education & school teaching in United Arab Emirates at one of the many public government or private international schools.

Qualified state school teachers looking for a position in the (UAE) can teach in Dubai or other parts of the country. The UAE is made up of several different areas with Dubai and Abu Dhabi being more well-known cities internationally. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Qatar International Schools

Education & teaching jobs in Qatar international schools to educate Qatari & foreign children. Teaching in Qatar schools offer nursery, primary, secondary jobs and specialist education roles  Kindergarten, primary/elementary and high school jobs in Qatar from classroom teacher to management positions can be obtained with appropriate experience and qualifications. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is a popular destination for tourists, sports fans and teaching jobs in Dubai schools.  Situated in the gulf, United Arab Emirates (UAE) the city is a well-developed cosmopolitan fairly large area with good public transport. Education and teaching in Dubai international schools careers are available from nursery, primary and secondary school. You’ll need the right skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience. (more…)

Teach English Abroad as a Sustainable Living Guidance

Teach English Abroad as a Sustainable Living GuidanceAre you reading stories of overseas travel and deciding I would like to teach English abroad?. Travelling abroad to teach for a year or for a long period of time takes planning.

You of course, have to decided if the decision is right for now, and for the future?.

The notion of moving to another country abroad to teach children or adults English requires certain qualifications, skills, experience and finances.

In addition, motivation, time and a detailed plan to successfully provide a sustainable living as a teacher of English overseas are required. (more…)

TEFL Certificate Qualification Training Course

TEFL Certificate Qualification Training CourseA TEFL certificate qualification is for teaching English as a second language abroad.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is recognised, requested by employers in language centres and learning institutions around the world.

The language teacher certification course can qualify you to teach English at a language or state school without a degree in a number of countries.

In addition, schools abroad in a number of countries English language teachers are employed on a full time, part time & contract basis. (more…)

Head of Year Job Role & Description

Schools are challenging at times, especially dealing with pupil’s everyday concerns. Head of year jobs from my experience as a secondary form tutor are focused on a pastoral role, and yes working with students that do not want to be at the school. Teacher’s with additional responsibility and non teaching jobs in education roles as year head are available. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Kuwait International Schools

Kuwait education system continues to attract new and experienced educators. Teaching in Kuwait you can build a career as a classroom teacher to leadership positions. Teaching jobs in Kuwait are for international school educators who teach children between 3-18 years.

Nursery/kindergarten through to secondary school places are offered to students. As a teacher you’ll find yourself teaching a class of students from many countries, as well as local Kuwaiti children. (more…)

Teaching in China

A vast country offering opportunities for teaching jobs in China with thousands of Esl English language and subject teaching in China vacancies. School teacher posts cover age from 2-18 years. Teaching in China jobs at schools from nursery, primary, middle and high school subject teachers, such as business, mathematics, music, accounting and chemistry are in high demand.


Teaching in Thailand

Jet away to a tropical climate teaching in Thailand long term or a contract for 2 years. Teaching jobs in Thailand public & international schools are at all levels from nursery, elementary and high schools. There are jobs for teachers in schools all year round starting in August or April. You can also experience the country teaching English in Thailand at a language school or one of the government 2nd tier schools


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Pupils Transitioning from Primary to Older Secondary School

Pupils Transitioning from Primary to Older Secondary SchoolLeaving primary school for the last time and anticipating what life will be like in the big school is what all children experience in the UK and around the world.  Gone will be the days where your children spend much of their time in one classroom sitting in the same seat.

Pupils transitioning from primary to secondary school means becoming more independent in many ways. From travelling further to school, and following a timetable of where you should be for class will be a new adventure. (more…)

Education Job Role and Workplace

A role in education can see you working in one certain sector. Education jobs role can be from nursery school to university. We all require to start somewhere, possibly 16 year old working at a nursery school as an assistant. You could be employed as a classroom assistant at sen, primary, secondary or in the independent sector.


Early years teacher role and jobs From 3 to 7 year old leaning at nurseries, infant school and KS1 at primary school. Specialist teacher during an important time of a child’s life learning the basics of subjects and interacting with other children appropriately through your guidance.


Cover letter Job Applications for Teachers

Cover letter Job Applications for TeachersView a teacher job online and decided that is the job for me.  Now comes the writing of a cover letter for the job application.

This is the time to get the attention of the secondary, primary school or recruiter who is going to read it.

I know from past experience applying for teaching positions the cover letter is your first chance to convince a school that you are the person for the role.

You will find yourself adding a fair amount of information on one A4 page, detailing what is requested by the employer in the advertisement. (more…)

CV Action Verbs Use for School Teachers

Do you wish to be noticed by the school or recruiter you send your resume/cv? Use of power cv action verbs in an application for a school teacher job is a must.  Projecting achievement, can do willing attitude is all part of what is expected in a professional person cv. (more…)

Recruitment Agency Supply Teaching in UK Schools

Recruitment Agency Supply Teaching in UK SchoolsThe choice of council or recruitment agency supply teaching can be an advantage for some or a disadvantage for other teachers.  Supply long or short term teaching has a place in today’s schools to cover a teacher that is not in the classroom.

A three way partnership between a school, teacher and the teacher a short term gap to fill a post due to a teacher’s absence.

A school does not willingly take on the services of a an agency and accept supply teacher’s on a daily, weekly or longer term basis, although there may be more than one reason why a school seeks use of a temporary teacher to fill a classroom teacher gap. (more…)

Education UK, School, College and University Study

Education UK, School, College and University StudyEducation UK School College and University Study within the United Kingdom education UK, is widely diverse for age groups, subjects, providers and curriculum studied from the public and private education learning sector.

Education has a number of age levels from compulsory and optional attendance. (more…)

School Council Selection and Student Involvement

Opportunity for students to get involved a school council lets students learn how to be part of an organisational structure using systems and processes to make a difference to their school. The status of a school student council can be greatly enhanced if its membership is made up from some of the following: (more…)

Teacher Duties at School Enabling Effective Student Learning

Teacher Duties at School Enabling Effective Student LearningA career teaching, or just a few years is not for everyone. Classroom teacher duties at school are a full or part time challenging role with a lot of learning and preparation outside of classroom contact time. A number of people realise or are told during initial teacher training than they are not suitable for the teaching profession.

You are not just teaching, think about parent contact, paperwork, marking, cover lessons, keeping up with your subject and changes in the curriculum every 2-3 years. (more…)

Returning to the UK & Adjusting after Teaching Abroad

Returning to the UK & Adjusting after Teaching Abroad

Are you heading home by choose or necessity?  Depending how long you have been away you may find the hairdresser or favourite shop has closed.  What do you mean I am not entitled to free healthcare? I am British and I paid my taxes.  You left the country and now returning to the UK & adjusting after teaching abroad find things are not the same.


Each person going home to live has their own personal requirements and plan to integrate back in their own country successfully.


Contribute Guest Post, Teaching, School Jobs

Are you looking for a website that offers you to submit a guest post for school, education, teaching & school jobs abroad?

This website’s main focus is teaching & education jobs and supporting careers guidance at schools.

You can also contribute study, courses, training, education content.


Email first the guest post topic you propose to write about (Read the guidelines first)

No Follow links only.


Educational Grants, Bursaries & Student Scholarship Funding

Educational Grants, Bursaries & Student Scholarship Funding

Searching the internet, local library and other sources of information for educational grants, bursaries & student scholarship funding are available for undergraduate and especially postgraduate taught degrees & research.

Many grants are awarded by universities, research institutes and governments to attract students and to conduct research.

Education grants are awarded if you qualify and meet the criteria of the awarding organisation.

Of course, all places that award grants have a limited amount of money they provide within a certain time. Study grants can be from nursery assisted learning or college and university level. (more…)

Student Loan to Study in the UK

Student Loan to Study in the UK - University & College LoansStudents can apply for a student loan to study in the UK for the course and study level you propose. Student Loans Company (SLC) organisation provides loans to students in relation study at higher education in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Loans assistance can help full-time students although the assistance you receive depends on the course, where you reside while studying and when applying, and your individual and families circumstances. (more…)

Professional and Career Development Loan Study Finance

Professional and Career Development Loan Study FinanceUniversity, college or work-based professional and career development loan finance from a UK bank could help you fund training and development for a job or existing position, basically learning loans.

Career loans can be for study, training, trade qualification or to qualify in a certain profession.

The UK has a well-developed range of education loan products with opportunities for students and people that wish to gain further training & qualifications for career progression. (more…)

UK University Course Search and How to Apply

UK University Course Search and How to ApplyTo find a Scotland, England, Wales UK university course and how to apply by the deadline date: See below by clicking on links to the appropriate website.

Below are UK universities and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland databases of available courses to study in the UK by subject, level and university provider.  or Scotland search by specific university website. (more…)

Study in Scotland on a Professional or Degree Course

Study in Scotland on a Professional or Degree CourseChoosing to study in Scotland for an undergraduate degree or professional qualification could provide the opportunity for a positive life changing experiences.

Language schools, post 16 further education colleges and universities combined offer just about any course of study.

Scotland is an open and welcoming country for all visitors, and indeed is visited by many people as a destination for a short break or longer stay. Another reason is the country has a rich heritage of culture education, art and research. (more…)

Master in Business Administration & Management Degree

Leader’s and senior managers could benefit from a recognised master in business administration (MBA) or master management studies degree where they receive advanced grounding in management theory.

Managers with years of experience and in the possession of a master’s in management  or MBA could be a valuable asset for an organisation or indeed working for themselves.

Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate business qualification that is well known and asked for by employers around the world. (more…)

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