Primary School Teacher Role, Training, Salary

Primary School Teacher Role, Training, Salary & DescriptionA career working in primary school teacher jobs positions in the UK is one of the honourable positions in learning.  Primary school teacher role you are the biggest decision maker on pupils learning where you as a teacher are given the responsibility of the academic achievement of a class of young age learners. (more…)

Universities in Scotland, Degree, Study in Scotland

Universities in Scotland, Degree, Study in Scotland, Course SearchListings of all 19 top universities in Scotland that provide excellent research facilities, teaching and almost every subject course to study.

Degree study in Scotland  from the northeast to the south-west of Scotland universities listed below are some of the world’s leading universities for facilities, value of skills, learning and qualifications. (more…)

Working Holiday Visa Countries (60 Approximately)

Approximately 60 countries provide working holiday visas for 1 or 2 years in 2020.


What is a working holiday visa?

Working Holiday Visa Countries (60 Approximately) Work & TravelA working holiday visa is an agreement between 2 countries that allows foreign citizens between the ages of 18 to 30 mostly or from 18 to 35 for some countries, Canadian citizens visas are issued to 36/37 years old for France.  The visa is temporary allowing a person to study, travel and or work for a year living and working abroad in specific temporary jobs in a foreign participating country.

Fostering relations between countries and encourage youth exchange through travel, work and study is at the centre of the visa.

Working holiday visas allow you to work abroad for a year in one of the 60 countries that participate in the programme.

You are issued the visa for you only and no family dependants are allowed, unless they have their own visa.


Restrictions on a working holiday visa

Each country also restricts you to certain types of jobs you can do, or geographical areas of a country or time allowed working for the same employer. You do not require a job before arriving in the country.

Employment sectors are from forestry & agriculture, hospitality in hotels, bars and restaurants, retail and other seasonal work.

You are also allowed to study for a portion of the time and travel of course. Also, the visa is longer than tourists receive and you can combine work to top up finances to enable more travel.

Quota limits generally from 200 people from each country, (some countries unlimited) that are allocated a working holiday visa with applications made online at the respective countries embassy or consulate in your own country.

Getting a working holiday visa New Zealand citizens are at the most advantage with the most countries to choose from, also British have a number of countries as options. 

Criteria to meet for each countries working holiday visa application from sufficient funds for your length of stay, medical insurance, return flight, good character, possible iris scan and finger prints taken.

Working holiday visa to Australia & New Zealand are one of the most popular with the countries as a destination and Australian & New Zealand governments agreeing reciprocal arrangements with a good number of countries.


Countries update requirements all the time and new countries are added

This list was updated June 2020.   Older people see work visa



Age range: 18 to 30 years            Time scale: 12 months

Countries citizens accept: Australia             See: Andorra embassy



Age range: 18 to 30 years, 35 from New Zealand               Time scale: 12 months

Countries citizens accept: Australia, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Poland,  France, Sweden, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany,  Portugal, Austria, South Korea

See: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Argentina     



Age range: 18 to 30 years, Canadians 35 years

Time scale: 12 months, although 6 months or less working for the same employer

Countries citizens accept: Taiwan, Estonia, Belgium, Italy, France, Cyprus, Finland, Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Malta, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Japan, The Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom

Subclass 462 visa available for Argentina, Austria, Chile, China, People’s, Republic of Czech Republic, Ecuador, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, United States, Vietnam

See:  Australia immigration and visa classes to apply   



Age range: 18 to 30 years                    Time scale:  6 to 12 months

Countries citizens accept: Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Chinese Taipei and Canada

See: Austrian Foreign Ministry



Age range: 18 to 30 years                 Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Canada, Australia

See: Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs  and         



Age range: 18 to 30 years                 Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Germany, New Zealand, France           

See:  Brazilian embassy in your country

Germany citizens



Age range: 18 to 30 years              Time scale:  12 months

35 years old for Australia, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Chile, Ireland, Germany, France, Czech Republic

Countries citizens accept: United Kingdom, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Latvia, Republic of Korea, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Chile, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Ukraine and Australia.

See: Government of Canada



Age range: 18 to 30 years  (18 to 35 Canada and Hungary)        Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Canada, Poland,  Japan Germany, New Zealand, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Australia  Sweden, Luxembourg  France, Ireland,   South Korea, Czech Republic   

See: The Chilean Department of Foreign Affairs or embassy



Age range: 18 to 30 years                   Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept for Hong Kong: Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hungary, Japan, Ireland, Austria, Canada, Ireland

Taiwan: Ireland, Australia, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, United Kingdom, South Korea, Netherlands, France

See:  Taiwan The Republic of China Consular Affairs, embassy or consulate

Hong Kong



Age range: 18 to 30 years              Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: France (Peru, Chile, Mexico apply to the Pacific Alliance work & holiday visa.

See:  Pacific Alliance work and holiday visa and embassy in France


Costa Rica

Age range: 18 to 35 years           Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Canada           See: Costa Rica government in Canada



Age range: 18 to 30 years               Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Canada, New Zealand

See: Croatian Embassy Ottawa or Croatia’s Consulate General in Mississauga or NZ



Age range: 18 to 25 years      Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Australia               See: Cyprus embassy


Czech Republic

Age range: 18 to 30 years  or 18 to 35 other countries            Time scale:  24  months

Countries citizens accept: New Zealand, Israel, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Australia, Chile, South Korea

See: Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Age range: 18 to 30 years                 Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Japan, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Korea

See:  The Official Portal for Foreigners and Integration



Age range: 18 to 30 years           Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Australia          See:  Apply in Australia at Ecuador government office



Age range: 19 to 30 years   (Canadians 18 to 35 years)     Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

See: Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a consulate



Age range: 18 to 30 years         Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: South Korea, Australia & New Zealand

See: Working in Finland immigration  



Age range: 18 to 30 years   (Argentina, Canadians, Australia 35 or 36 years)      Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Brazil, Hong Kong, Uruguay, Taiwan, Colombia, South Korea, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Chile, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand

See: Young traveller working holiday      



Age range: 18 to 30 years  (Canadians 35 years old)         Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Argentina, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Uruguay, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan, Republic of Korea (Canadian must be studying)




Age range: 18 to 30 years           Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Australia & Canada             See:  Greek government         


Hong Kong

Age range: 18 to 30 years         Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Sweden, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, United Kingdom, South Korea, Austria, France, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada

See: Hong Kong Immigration



Age range: 18 to 30 years    (New Zealand 35?)     Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: New Zealand, Taiwan, Chile, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong,

See: Embassy of Hungary



Age range: 18 to 30 years         Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Japan

See: Working Holiday Scheme between Japan & Iceland



Age range: 18 to 30 years      (35 years for Australians & Canadians)      Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Australia, Japan, USA, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chile, Canada, Argentina, Republic of Korea, Chile, Uruguay

Working Holiday Visa scheme US students and recent graduates.

Taiwan citizens application form

See:  Ireland Department of Justice and Equality



Age range: 18 to 30 years         Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Austria, New Zealand, Czech Republic, South Korea, Germany, Australia

See: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Age range: 18 to 30 years       (Canada 35 years)       Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong

See:     Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

            New Zealand apply Italian Embassy in Wellington

           Australia Italian Embassy in Canberra

           Canada apply Italian Embassy in Ottawa



Age range: 18 to 30 years        Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Korea, Sweden, Chile, Czech Republic, Argentina, Ireland, Hong Kong, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Australia, Slovakia, Portugal, Canada, Lithuania, Netherlands, Taiwan, Norway, United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, Poland, Estonia

See: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan



Age range: 18 to 30 years        (Canada 35 years old)   Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  New Zealand, Australia, Canada

Youth mobility South Korea (2020)

See: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  New Zealand, Canada & Youth mobility South Korea (2020)

See: Canada Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Canada,

        New Zealand: Ministry of Social Security and Labour



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Canada, Taiwan

See: The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg embassy



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Australia & New Zealand

See: Work and Holiday Visa Malaysia 



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Australia and New Zealand

See: EU Immigration Portal, Identity Malta



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Chile, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, France, South Korea, Peru, Colombia

See:  Information and apply at an embassy for Mexico



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  UK             See: Monaco embassy



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Argentina, Hong Kong, Uruguay, Japan,

See: Netherlands Immigration and Naturalisation Service


New Zealand

Age range: 18 to 30 years     Some countries citizens 35 years       Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  18-35 in some cases)

Countries Accepted:  Netherlands Argentina, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland, Lithuania,  Poland, Mexico, Belgium, Israel, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Norway, Canada, Japan, Slovakia, Chile, Korea, Slovenia, China, Turkey, Latvia, Spain, Croatia, Sweden, Philippines, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Denmark, Thailand, Estonia, Malta, United Kingdom, France, USA, Uruguay, Hungary, Peru, Vietnam, Thailand, Austria, Finland

See: New Zealand Immigration



Age range: 18 to 30 years     (Canada 18 to 35 years visa)    Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Australia, Japan, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand

See: Norwegian Directorate of Immigration



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Portugal, New Zealand, France, Colombia, Australia, Chile, and Mexico

See: Apply at the Peru embassy



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  New Zealand




Age range: 18 to 30 years          (35 years Canada)        Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand, Chile

See: Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Age range: 18 to 30 years    35 years Canada       Time scale: 12 months   (Canada 24 months)

Countries citizens accept:  Japan, Peru, Argentina, Australia, United States, Chile Canada, New Zealand, South Korea

See: Portugal government office in your country



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  South Korea



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  4 months

Countries citizens accept:  French                 See: Consulate in France


San Marino

Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Australia and Canada



Age range: 18 to 30/35 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Japan, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Taiwan

See: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  New Zealand          Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia 


South Korea

Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months or 24 months depending on country

Countries citizens accept: Italy, France, USA, Taiwan, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Israel, Brazil

See: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea



Age range: 18 to 25 years          Time scale:  6 months

Countries citizens accept: University graduates from; United States, Hong Kong, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands

See: Singapore Ministry of Manpower



Age range: 18 to 30 years     (Canada 35 year old)          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Canada

New Zealand under the Youth Mobility Programme



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Uruguay, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina,

See: Swedish Migration Agency



Age range: 18 to 30 years     (Canada 35 years)         Time scale:  18 months

Countries citizens accept: Canada, Australia & Chile        See:  Swiss Federal Council



Age range: 18 to 30 or 35 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Austria, South Korea, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Poland, Slovakia, New Zealand, France

See: The Republic of China (Taiwan)  



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Australia & New Zealand

See: Applications at a Thailand consulate



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Australia, and New Zealand



Age range: 18 to 25 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Canada


United Kingdom

Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Taiwan, Australia, British Overseas Territories, Canada, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan (Changes at times)

See: Youth Mobility Scheme Visa



Age: 18 to 30 years          Time:  12 months

Countries citizens accept: Australia, Germany, Sweden, France, New Zealand, Ireland

See: Swedish Citizens  For New Zealanders



Age range: 18 to 30 years          Time scale:  12 months

Countries citizens accept:  New Zealand, Australia




How to Become a Nurse UK

Nurses work in GP practices, hospitals, schools and many other places.

How to become a nurse UK guidance, nursing degree course training, apprenticeship & study qualifications so you can train, register to practice and work.

Training and qualifying as a nurse is slightly different in England & Wales to Scotland and the qualifications required for course and training entry, although Scottish and English qualifications are accepted in each part of the UK. 

Distinct difference also between NHS Scotland, NHS England & Wales and N Ireland when you become fully qualified and working as a trained nurse. (more…)

Teaching in Vietnam International Schools

A South East Asia developing country with language & international schools attracting teachers from around the world.  Teaching jobs in Vietnam international schools & nurseries or can be a government school  with English Esl teaching jobs.

Licensed teachers will find most opportunities for teaching in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to teach their specialist subject.


Teaching in Vietnam teacher requirements

To obtain a work visa and residency permit you require:

  • BA degree or above, and qualified school teacher (International school)
  • TEFL/TESL/CELT certificate teaching English (40 + hours class taught), any 3 yr + BA degree. Native English speaker (English language teacher)
  • No criminal record for any teaching post
  • Medically fit

(Fluent non native speakers have a chance of a visa, only if shortage of native speakers)


Salary & benefits Vietnam teacher

International school teachers (US$2000-$3,700) monthly                              –  Language teaching (US$1,000-2,300) monthly

Class hours around 25-28 hours with 2 days off weekly.                                –  Accommodation allowance paid by some schools

Paid flight or reimbursed after 1 year                                                                –  Annual paid holidays

Partial medical insurance cover                                                                           – Performance bonus


Teach English in Vietnam

Teaching in Vietnam International SchoolsBest chance to find school jobs are in cities and larger towns. Teaching English in Vietnam locations include:

Bien Hoa        Da Nang      Can Tho       Hai Phong      Buon Ma Thuot      Hue        Nah Trang        Vung Tau


ESL jobs in Vietnam language, international or government school can be obtained throughout the year.

You will require money to process documents and a flight to the country before you move abroad to Vietnam. Finance to rent an apartment, deposit and 5-6 weeks living expenses (minimum) is required. Most jobs for English teachers advertised do not provide accommodation.

As Vietnam develops as a country more jobs are becoming available to foreign teachers.

Before relocating to teach overseas in Vietnam get yourself medical insurance. Jobs to teach English in Vietnam seem to be offered to people aged around 21-55, visa regulations.


Teaching Jobs in China International & Independent Schools

A vast country offering opportunities for teaching jobs in China international schools with thousands of Esl English language and subject teaching in China vacancies. School teacher posts cover age from 2-18 years. Teach in China jobs at schools from primary, nursery, middle and high school subject teachers, such as business, mathematics, music, accounting and chemistry are in high demand.


Teaching jobs in China

Primary School English Language Teaching Jobs, Beijing, China         

Math, Physics & Science Teaching Jobs, Changsha. China                                       Drama & ESL Teaching Job Vacancies, Changsha. China  

Economics & Business Teacher Job in Changsha. China                                          P.E. Teaching Vacancy, School in Changsha. China               


Teaching in China international schools

Teaching Jobs in China International & Independent SchoolsMany jobs in China for English speakers are available with an honours degree and or TEFL certificate in towns & cities in China. Vast majority of educator jobs in subjects, such as mathematics, PE, art and business for foreign teachers are at bilingual, sino or international schools. Teachers can opt to teach English in China at one of the many public or language schools.

A good time to start a job is around August or September when many of the courses are starting at international schools. February or November depending on the school calendar are other good times.


Hong Kong has their own teacher employment requirements for a visa and work permit.

Teaching English in Hong Kong requirements means you need at least a CELT or 100 hours plus TEFL certificate for a work visa and possible 4 year undergraduate degree also.


China teachers salary package

Choosing to go to China to teach in Beijing or another Tier 1 city you’ll be offered a higher salary than some other smaller towns in China.

  • Salary: up to 29,000 RMB per month depending on experience, qualifications, location and education sector level
  • Working Hours: 22 – 40 hours per week
  • Living accommodation:  Apartment supplied or house allowance provided
  • Days off: 2 per week
  • Holidays: 2 + week, also festival and national holidays
  • Plane ticket: Return or single airfare refunded at the end of your contract
  • Health insurance: The employer should provide cover
  • Other benefits may include free day trips, mandarin lessons and further training


China work permit

School jobs in China International SchoolsForeign teachers (You) to legally work in China require a Z Visa. Then you apply for a foreign expert certificate (Once in China) which requires you to pass a medical and have all the relevant paperwork required. See: China Consulate visa section.

Your employer must be approved by the China government to hire foreign teachers.  Always a good idea to complete the Z visa process before flying out to China with a work visa in your passport.

Z visa regulation requirements are on a points based system for all foreign employees. You’ll need 65 points to be placed in Class B for teacher employment in China, A, B, C, where A is the top band.  Properly qualified and the correct paperwork then you should have no issues.


Require to meet one of the following for a Z visa:

  • Language teacher qualification such as TEFL, no experience required
  • Bachelors degree and qualified/certified teacher certification, no experience required
  • 2 + years experience teaching with a bachelors degree

Majority of schools require you to be an native English speaker from one of: Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Canada.

Jobs in China for foreigners can be secured with or without experience. Although, you will be effectively training on the job.


General requirements for overseas teachers in China

  • To teach in school classrooms in China you must have at least a 120 hours+ TEFL certificate or similar English teaching qualification, classroom or online awarded.  China government requirement.    This is for English teachers
  • 60 years old and under to obtain a residency permit. A few towns and cities allow teachers over 60 if a subject expert or case by case to be employed
  • Undergraduate degree for subject teachers (BEd degree, PGCE, Masters in education, PGDE, BA, such as as business, maths, history
  • Native English speaker for teachers of English in a growing number of schools, not all
  • 2 + years teaching experience for major towns and city locations,  Beijing you need 5 years teaching experience
  • Experience teaching that age range, although some positions are available without experience
  • Subject teachers teaching in state or international schools should be qualified for the age of student, although not all schools
  • Physical medical, z work visa, residency permit for the city you will be living
  • 2 years post qualification teaching experience evidence required (For residency permit)
  • No criminal record document

Qualifications and other documents require to be authenticated and then legalised at the Chinese Embassy.

Contracts from 3 months to 2 years, also possible renewable.


Residency permit in China

Depending on which province you wish to teach different regulations and qualification requirements exist.  For instance, in popular major Tier 1 cities like Shanghai you must have a Shanghai residency permit to work and live in the city as a foreign teacher.

In addition, teaching in Shanghai, or to teach English in Beijing requires at least an undergraduate degree. Also, you’ll need an English language teaching certificate, be a native English speaker and possible 5 years teaching experience.


China country facts

Teaching in ChinaWith a population of more than 1.3 Billion and growing the people of the country live within an area size of 9, 596, 960.

The capital of Beijing is in the north east of the country with a time zone of + 8 hours GMT.

Spending the local currency: Renminbi (RMB) teachers can enjoy local taste, fashion and international brands for their hard earned salary.  Electricity: 220 AC Volts, 50 Hz and you should make an attempt to learn some Mandarin language.

Dialling code: + 86      Beijing city code number 010     Tourist Hotline 010-65130828   Emergencies call: 120 Ambulance, 110 Police and 118 Fire      Climate: Warm and tropical in the south to very cold in the north in the winter.

You’ll have options to live in major cities of ShanghaiChengdu, (Giant panda city) Beijing to smaller cities and towns in provincial China.

Teaching jobs in China when listed are also located on the front page.


Teaching Job in Korea, Teach English in Korea Public Schools

Elementary & high school teaching in Korea is wide ranging from independent private to ESL jobs at public state run schools. Each year there are in excess of 10,000 job opportunities for international educators to teach in Korea.

The country is always looking for good teachers, making the location a viable option for teaching English in Korea or your subject with teaching jobs in Korea such as business/economics, mathematics, chemistry, ict/computing.


Teaching in Korea options

Private or public school for me?

As a qualified/certified teacher from your own country (3-18 years) you can choose.  Hagwons (private schools) are for additional learning.  Younger children around 5-12 out number older high school learners, so many jobs at private school are for young students. 

A government public school is similar to western school and more formal in education.

Private independent and International school jobs in Korea are also for qualified teachers where you would teach a specific subject or grade. Yes, in English.  There a a good few schools in south Korea offering boarding or an international school education.


Public school jobs in Korea

This type of school is for teachers that are looking for set hours, structure during the day with nights and weekends not teaching. 

Korea public school’s offer ESL teacher jobs, and to teach elementary, middle, high school job in subjects.

You’ll be directly employed by the government, with a contract and salary from the Korean Ministry of Education.

A popular country to teach English abroad for native English speakers, as school’s offer good salaries and other employment benefits to teachers.


Private school in South Korea

Language schools (Hagwons) jobs are available in Korea and these employers recruit direct or through a recruitment company. Many of the jobs you will see advertised are in the private sector. 

Salaries tend to be higher, although some organisations provide less structure for your working day.

Yes, you would be teaching English.

One advantage is materials, lesson plan and curriculum to follow is provided, less planning and grading than international or public schools.

Teaching schedules and lessons provided to learners are delivered morning, afternoon and evenings to accommodate students who pay for tuition.

  • Elementary/kindergarten:  Morning, afternoon, early evening
  • Middle high school students: Afternoon and evenings
  • Adult learners: Afternoons, although more at night

You’re teaching timetable may just be for young learners or a mix of age groups, depending on experience.  Expect to be teaching for 5/6 days from 7 and different times of the day.


Teachers salary and benefits in Korea


Benefits                                                                    Korea private school jobs                                                                   Korea public school jobs


Class size                                                                              24-30 student in class                                                                                             12-15 in class


Teaching hours                                                                   24-26 per week                                                                                                         30 per week


Holidays                                                                               18 days + 15                                                                                                              Up to  15 + 15


Overseas teacher                                                               One each school                                                                                                       1-15+ per school


Salary                                                                                   1.8-2.7   million Krw                                                                                                  2-3   million Krw


Health insurance                                                               Provided                                                                                                                     Provided (Check)


Airfare                                                                                  Return                                                                                                                        Return


Accommodation                                                               Single apartment                                                                                                       Single apartment


School location                                                                Cities, town, rural                                                                                                       Cities, town, rural


Start dates                                                                       August/September.  February/March                                                                      Anytime


Choosing to teach in Korea will enable you to save for the future for when you eventually return home.  Taxes are deducted for most foreign teachers.

Teaching in Korea, Teach English in Korea Public Schools


Korea teaching job requirements

– Appropriate bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university
– Citizenship of an English speaking country
– Native/Fluent English speaker
– Obtain and meet the requirements for an E2 or F4 visa
– Appropriate teaching certificate for the age group and school
– Two or more signed and sealed university transcripts
– Criminal record check
– Medical check


People are employed with and without experience, all depends on the position and school.

Getting all the required paperwork together takes time, although could be a rewarding life experience. The visa and immigration requirements, such as the medical check are comprehensive and deciding to take up job should be well planned and researched.


School teaching year in South Korea

South Korea school teaching jobs start in March and later in the year, although you could also start when lessons have already started.


Teaching in Bahrain International Schools

Bahrain has a well developed education system at all levels. Teaching jobs in Bahrain has become more open for foreign teachers as the country has invited more overseas teachers opening up employment laws. Teaching in Bahrain is available for qualified school teachers at international schools, public school advisers and government education for school education and classroom teaching roles. (more…)

Teaching Assistant, Role, Description, Salary & Qualifications

Teaching Assistant, Role, Description, Salary & QualificationsA primary school teaching assistant role can provide you with an important career in a child’s learning.

Secondary schools also have classroom assistant roles where a person aids a pupil with their work.

In primary education you are assigned to assist in a classroom with a KS1/2 teacher for general learning, where in secondary school you would be a specialist in a subject area. (more…)

Pass Your Courses With Flying Colors In College

Even if you have always been a star student during your school days, college life has its own sets of challenges to encounter and can be quite an intimidating task. Often students who reach this stage either get overconfident and complacent of their success or they adopt a careless attitude, not caring about their grade which ultimately affects their transcripts which then leaves them with no option but to regret. (more…)

Teaching in Canada Qualifications & Teacher Requirements

Teaching in Canada Qualifications & Teacher RequirementsA country actively seeking new people, teaching in Canada could offer you a chance to settle in a new country with the vast amount of opportunities the country has to offer. Choosing teaching jobs in Canada at school provides similarities to other western countries, although may not be for everyone. 

Work visa and permission eligibility to stay permanently are granted fairly easily to teachers through a points system depending on factors including, age, qualifications, language and of teacher job offer in Canada. (more…)

Teaching in Australia & New Zealand, Qualifications, Salary

Teaching in Australia & New Zealand, Qualifications, & SalaryA country with 8 state territories teaching in Australia schools provides a choice of 1,000’s of schools to choice from. Vast majority of students attend state school, although there are fee paying independent and international schools around Australia.

Teaching in New Zealand could provide an equally good experience and a long career at a school.

From nursery, primary, secondary high schools competent qualified teachers from the UK have a good chance finding and securing teaching jobs in Australia. Check this evidence out where one in every 17 teachers in Australian schools are qualified in the UK. (more…)

Pupils Transitioning from Primary to Secondary School in UK

Leaving primary school for the last time and anticipating what life will be like in the big school is what all children experience in the UK. 

Gone will be the days where you children spend much of their time in one classroom sitting in the same seat.

Transitioning from primary to secondary means becoming more independent in many ways from travelling further to school, and following a timetable of where you should be for class. (more…)

Teaching Is a Tough Job to Gain Respect from Students

No one would dare and to name or say teaching is a tough job. But this is just a misconception. Teaching is actually very difficult.

When we talk about the toughest jobs of the world, we think of jobs that are physically strenuous, tiring and hazardous, such as that of a mining engineer or fighter pilots.

Making others understand what you already know and shaping their future is a job of the highest responsibility and difficulty. After all there would be no fighter pilots or mining engineers if there was no one to teach them. This post talks about the various aspects of a teaching job. (more…)

Teaching in Russia

Teaching Jobs in Russia - Teach English in RussiaAs a large country you could teach English in Russia state, language or international schools. International or state school teaching in Russia, a teacher’s specialist subject, for example chemistry, physical education or history is available.

To teach in Russia, you require work and residence permits as a legal requirement. As a qualified teacher you can get sponsored from an employer and ultimately obtain permission to legally become a subject teacher at an international school fairly easily. (more…)

Become a Language & Culture Assistant in Spain & Get Paid

Become a Language & Culture Assistant in Spain & Get PaidLooking for a reputable school job that provides a legal work visa for Spain? Auxiliaries de Conversación and Bilingual English Development and Assessment program (BEDA) language and cultural assistant programs in Spain could be an option for you. 

As a native English speaker with a basic understanding of Spanish you can apply for language assistant jobs in Spain to work in a Spanish Ministry of Education state public school. (more…)

Teaching in Scotland, Salary, Primary, Secondary Education

Teaching in Scotland, Salary, Primary, Secondary EducationOpportunities exist for teaching in Scotland to school age children from the islands, highlands and central areas. Management & classroom school teaching jobs Scotland vacancies are offered full and part time.

See below how to become a teacher, salary, education jobs Scotland, with nursery, primary & secondary school teaching jobs Edinburgh, Aberdeen to Glasgow in state schools. (more…)

Moving Abroad Checklist, Work Abroad, Relocation Overseas

Moving Abroad Checklist, Work Abroad, Relocation OverseasWork abroad or move to take up a new challenge overseas requires a moving abroad checklist for a successful relocation overseas.  Sending bulky items by sea takes longer than air travel for instance.

Even if it is a checklist for moving abroad for a year, each person or family moving to another area or to another country will have different criteria.  (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Saudi Arabia

One of the more populated countries in the region where education is important, opportunities for teaching in Saudi Arabia international schools is open for many nationalities. Notice, school teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia male & female positions to teach in KSA major cities and towns are advertised.   

Teachers from nursery, primary and secondary school are employed to teach English in Saudi Arabia to 3 to 18 years old learners as well as school age specialist subjects including physics, P.E and mathematics. ESL English language teacher jobs are widely available at language schools. (more…)

Teaching in Spain

Teaching in Spain - Teach English in Spain Schools

Spain as an old developed country in the European Union is popular for teaching in Spain schools. As a country, teachers relocate to cities, towns and rural areas to take up teaching jobs in Spain international schools in their specialist subject such as history. You can choose to teach English in Spain as a first language at an international school or English as a second language. (more…)

Teaching in Taiwan International & Public Schools

Teaching jobs in Taiwan international & public schools as a classroom teacher in state elementary & high schools, you must have trained teacher status for the primary or secondary school level in your own country k12 level. Schools look at experience for teaching in Taiwan at that certain age range, especially kindergarten.

English teacher jobs at government or language schools in Taiwan can be found with or without Esl qualifications. Some of the larger language schools have training programs in place allowing salary package and Tefl certificate after qualification for new teachers. (more…)

Teaching in Middle East

Teaching in Middle EastTeachers can find teaching jobs in Middle East opportunities from education with the government or teaching at schools. Forming part of the Asia continent, the Middle East has their own countries with distinct culture and beliefs.

Teaching in Middle East countries means you could be located in area’s including: Jordan, United Arab Emirate, Bahrain, Lebanon,. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.  The climate is hot and humid in the spring/summer months, although becomes cooler during winter. (more…)

Teaching in Asia Independent & International Schools

Discover for yourself the Asian continent by teaching in Asia for a number of years or short 6 months contract. Contrasting in nature, environment, climate and culture teaching in Asia provides a wealth of choices during evening and weekend leisure time in a move abroad to work.

While not teaching use some of your spare time to visit a bustling street market in Taiwan and eat an evening meal with the locals. You could also take a boat ride across the Hong Kong bay to Macau or to Happy Valley Racecourse.


Teaching in Korea, Vietnam    Teaching in Indonesia  Teaching in China/Hong Kong    Teaching in Taiwan   Teaching in Thailand    Teaching in Malaysia


Work Visa Age Limits & Residency Permit for Jobs Abroad

Work Visa Age Limits, Residency Permit for Jobs Abroad 2020

As a 55 year old looking at work abroad job advertisements the same no older than 40 or, 50, 60 is listed.  Work visa age limits countries & residency permit listings below to see if you can qualify for a job overseas.

Countries working holiday visa is available for 60 nations for people from certain countries, although this is one type of visa available.

Minimum work visa age is generally 18 for most countries or 21 years old for some. You also need to apply separately for a residency permit which is issued to people at least 18 years old in a majority of countries, or for Dubai/United Arab Emirates, without parent/guardian consent is 21 years old. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Oman

Teaching Jobs in Oman International SchoolsLocation offering teaching in Oman at international schools to qualified teachers. Nursery, primary and high school teachers benefit from Oman’s rich cultural, social, activities, and by posts for school teaching jobs in Oman to further their social, teaching & academic career. Teach your specialist subject to school children from 3 upwards. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Egypt

Qualified teachers from countries around the world are in demand. Teaching jobs in Egypt international schools include early years/kindergarten, elementary/primary and secondary/high school level. Teaching in Egypt is open for you to teach a specialist subject to local children and international pupils. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia

Western trained teachers and educators from other regions can experience teaching in Malaysia private international schools. Teaching jobs in Malaysia help teachers to secure work and residency permits. You should be a suitably qualified teacher and obtain the correct paperwork to work & reside legally. 


Teaching Jobs Abu Dhabi, UAE

Opportunities for teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi international schools & UAE from Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman. Discover diverse education & school teaching in United Arab Emirates at one of the many public government or private international schools.

Qualified state school teachers looking for a position in the (UAE) can teach in Dubai or other parts of the country. The UAE is made up of several different areas with Dubai and Abu Dhabi being more well-known cities internationally. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Qatar International Schools

Education & teaching jobs in Qatar international schools to educate Qatari & foreign children. Teaching in Qatar schools offer nursery, primary, secondary jobs and specialist education roles  Kindergarten, primary/elementary and high school jobs in Qatar from classroom teacher to management positions can be obtained with appropriate experience and qualifications. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is a popular destination for tourists, sports fans and teaching jobs in Dubai schools.  Situated in the gulf, United Arab Emirates (UAE) the city is a well-developed cosmopolitan fairly large area with good public transport.

Education and teaching in Dubai international schools careers are available from nursery, primary and secondary school. You’ll need the right skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience. (more…)

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