Can You Go Straight to Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Can You Go Straight to Level 3 Teaching Assistant?

Desiring to get working & training on a new career path as a teaching assistant (TA) at primary or secondary school in England or Wales might be in you’re thoughts.

Although a TA qualification is not a formal requirement for a school job it’s beneficial to have a qualification that provides you with basic & advanced theory of the teacher assistant role.

Although TA job positions are advertised frequently to work in schools with children many of the full or part time roles you see are competitive application processes, potentially with a number of good applicants.

Skipping a one or 2 levels and going straight to level 3 TA qualification and job role could be beneficial and work for many people, for some the understanding at lower level is good to build up knowledge of the school TA position.

Becoming a TA you can leave out levels 1 & 2 and you can go straight to level 3 teaching assistant course as no prior qualification is required. You’ll need a school TA job or volunteering for training & observation for NVQ, NCFE/CACHE level 3 TA courses as it’s a work-based qualification.

Job working as a level 3 teaching assistant

Schools, especially primary sector in England advertise level 3 teaching assistant jobs to work alongside a class teacher or provide 1:1 educational support. Can I be a TA with no experience? Yes, a teacher assistant brings alternative life skills and job experiences that are relevant.

You can go straight to level 3 teaching assistant working in schools if you have the right transferable skills, previous experience with children, good maths & English skills and subject knowledge.

Realistically TA jobs are offered to people that are able to form good working relationships with students, organisational & motivational skills to support & encourage student learning when required.

You’re more likely to be older, previous work experience and good qualifications being appointed as a school level 3 TA rather that 17, 18, 19 years old with few or no qualifications.

What qualifications do I need to be a level 3 teaching assistant?  For a school job in England you don’t require formal TA qualifications, though most likely good GCSE maths & English or level 2 functional skills is required by schools.

Staying in a teacher assistant position long term or no other relevant qualification you or possibly the school could ask you to complete a level 3 TA qualification to acquire the knowledge & principals required for the role.

You’ll need to make sure you’re capable and the school provides you with enough various roles as a TA to complete all course modules and official observations successfully.

Studying for a level 3 TA qualification you’ll possibly require a level 2 qualification & a job for work experience enabling you to enrol on skills based courses, depends on the course you take.

Can you do level 3 teaching assistant without level 2

Can you do level 3 teaching assistant without level 2

Choosing to be a classroom support assistant in primary or secondary school it’s beneficial studying for a teaching qualification. 16+ years old you can go direct to 80 hours level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools with no prior level 2 qualification or experience.

Alternatively study without level 2 NCFE/CACHE level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools over 350 hours.

Entry requirements NCFE/CACHE online TA level 3 certificate:

  • No prior TA qualification to start the course.
  • Age: 16 and above.
  • Work placement: Job or volunteer role too successfully complete 100 + hours work experience job placement in a primary or secondary school (Key stage 1-5).
  • Education: Good level of education as the course is at BTEC/A level standard difficulty.
  • Access to a computer device with internet access to study the course online, although you can complete the course face to face at college.

Level 3 teacher assistant work-based course assessment & observation

A portfolio of evidence requires being gathered and assessed for work-based teacher assistant qualifications at level 3. The evidence shows how you met each criteria to successfully pass each part of the course.

Level 3 TA certificate portfolio needs to be signed by an experienced TA or teacher at you’re school work place where you must be employed or volunteering.

You also require being able to get either a school teacher, manager or external assessor to officially observe you for certain parts of you’re TA course assessment.

The level 3 TA certificate qualification is a work-based competency based course that can be studied at your own pace online or face to face at college.

As you work at a school you gain practical relevant experience while completing required learning modules to pass the course and become a qualified school TA to work in school classroom with children.

Classroom teaching assistant level 3 qualifications level 3 in England

All courses can be studied online or face to face. You need to be 16 + years old, some with work placement requirement and other not.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools.
  • Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.
  • Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.
  • Level 3 Teaching Assistant Diploma.

Being employed & working as a level 3 teaching assistant for needing work experience for the course requirement school employers will want to know that you’re capable and have the desired knowledge, motivation and commitment to work with children’s learning at level 3 TA, although you’ll get well supported.

What is the difference between a Level 2 and Level 3 teaching assistant? Big difference between TA level 2 & 3 is the increased difficulty, depth of knowledge and understanding required.

You’re building on prior teacher assistant role principles, educational theory & knowledge at level 3 study from levels 1 & 2.

A level 3 teaching assistant course at 360 hours is much more rigors, in-depth and assessed than level 2 which is why the qualification is highly recognised in UK nationally by schools.

Similarly level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools course content is more in-depth, deeper understanding required and difficulty from level 2 qualification.

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