Can You Get Two Masters Degrees & at the Same Time?

In today’s world of work & research postgraduate educational knowledge, as well as qualifications to gain and be successful at work is essential.

People that take up a professional career in science, IT or medical field life long learning is required to keep skills & qualifications required for a work role up to date.

Can you get 2 masters degrees?

Should you choose you can get & have two master’s degrees in different or related subjects as there’s no a law or regulations stopping a person from acquiring more than one graduate degree qualification.

Actually it’s perfectly normal for someone to get & have 2 masters degrees to become more skilled & knowledgeable allowing you to take on research work in two separate fields or if promoted to managerial level responsibility.

In United Kingdom & United States many universities offer duel master programs or postgraduate students return after working several years to complete a second masters, such as MBA after getting a job first.

One option is enrolling at 2 different universities part time completing separate degrees at master level if currently working that way you can study, keep a job and earn a salary at the same time.

4 reasons for getting 2 master’s degrees

Acquire specialist knowledge & skills in 2 fields of academic study enabling a person to complete additional specialist work for the company they are presently employed.
Career change that requires a new or additional master’s qualification giving you skills & knowledge required.
Up date skills & qualification as a result in changing work requirements or regulations introduced that require people working in a certain occupation must have a postgraduate master’s award as evidence of training and skills.
Job requirements require you to have specialist subject knowledge in a certain field and qualification for a specific role, such as university librarian to function efficiently. You’ll be able to research, catalogue and provide a service better helping people look for & find the reference knowledge they are look for.

Two masters degree course combinations can include

Mathematics & FinancePolitics & JournalismMedia & FilmStatistics & FinanceEducation & Biology
Architecture & Interior DesignLand Management & Civil EngineeringEconomics & Political ScienceBiochemistry & Food ChemistryManagement Studies & Logistics
International Relations & LawEnglish & CommunicationsTown Planning & EnvironmentTravel & Modern Foreign LanguagesBusiness Administration & Taxation
Physics & Electrical EngineeringSocial Work & PhysiologyComputer Science & MathematicsPublic Health & Environmental HealthNuclear Engineering & Physics

You can do two masters courses at once?

Studying a duel masters at the same time means you can do two masters degrees at one at the same USA or UK university of you’re choice, although its advisable picking specializations according to goals, and if it make sense studying together.

What are master’s degree duel programs?

A postgraduate student can be enrolled in duel master’s degree courses at the same time studying two master qualifications that can be in related subject specialization fields of study. 

When graduating you are awarded 2 separate master degree qualification in different subject areas, greatly shortens the time required to complete both courses.

Depending on the combination of course specializations degrees chosen a student can be required to study in one or two different university departments, or indeed schools on campus.

Availability of subjects & university course requirements

Duel master course specializations degree programs may not be available at some universities, or possible full or part time due to logistical or timetable clashes. Factors that affect duel master courses:

  • Course study requirements that include certain & amount of topics required to be awarded the qualification.
  • Student requirements that must be met in relation to past level of study in both specialist course areas, such as undergraduate degree in the field.
  • Ability of the student to complete the workload for both courses concurrently to a good level within the course time line.

Studying on 2 masters programs simultaneously means a student must meet the departmental academic & university requirements to be enrolled, study and graduate with both masters.

You can fully expect on a duel master degree program to separately:

  • Study course material.
  • Write assignments.
  • Attend lectures & tutorials.
  • Sit examinations, if required.
  • Write research projects

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Is it a dumb idea to get 2 masters degrees

Is having 2 masters degrees good for a career?

Choosing to study duel or separate postgraduate qualifications means it’s good having 2 or multiple masters degrees in related subjects, or one that provides alternative additional complimentary knowledge & skills.

Once graduated a person would have enhanced job marketability in possession of two graduate master’s level award qualifications, if you choose the right combination of courses to secure a job you desire.

Companies & local government organizations like employees that do continued professional development.

They recognize you up skills or train in another specialist job area to bring additional knowledge & skills to the workplace adding to existing knowledge & capabilities that can help with efficiency.

Benefits of having 2 master degrees include:

  • An employee can take on more specialist tasks & roles at work.
  • Gain additional funding for research projects or higher level of contribution funds as recognition of expertise attained by double graduating in academic fields.
  • A combination of a specific graduate degree coupled with a master in management helps greatly to running a department or entire organization effectively.
  • With two graduate qualifications an employee becomes more valuable to a company, and less likely to be laid off.
  • Running your own small business or start up a double graduate masters holder can accept a more wide varying client list of projects or assignment work to complete.
  • Apply for higher professional skills job that is always in demand giving you security in an employment position for life.
  • Gaining 2 or more masters course qualifications in valuable subject fields generally means an employee receives a higher salary package that just with one, although not always.
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