Can You Get Multiple Masters Degrees (Answered)

Once people have completed an undergraduate degree for some the next stage is enrolling onto a course to gain a postgraduate masters qualification in a specialized field of study and training.

Continuing university study means additional learning to progress personal & career development by continued professional development (CPD).

A person can have multiple master’s degrees

As a student and knowledge acquisition for career progression in USA or UK you can have & get multiple masters degrees at the same time, either by duel masters or separate study for postgraduate qualifications.

In America and United Kingdom there’s no limit to how many masters’ degrees you can get & hold at once as universities, laws & employers have no restrictions on the amount of advanced study or qualifications a person can hold.

The intention of a person to get 3 or have multiple master’s degrees means they wish to learn skills & knowledge from different structured university study courses at advanced level.

For a life long learner, career advancement or keeping up with industry knowledge requirements could mean 3 degrees at graduate level for certain specialist jobs, or advancement to senior management.

In USA or UK you can do study for qualifications at the level of master’s that are in differing areas of specialist study in somewhat related fields, although obtained from different & separate or duel masters courses.

10 multiple master’s degree possible combinations

  • Physics, mathematics and computer science.
  • Politics, law and journalism.
  • Environmental studies, management studies and land management.
  • Communications, modern foreign languages and international relations.
  • Accounting, law and taxation.
  • Psychology, English and social work.
  • Finance, law and business administration.
  • Biology, marine science and environment.
  • Mathematics, information technology and economics.
  • Fine arts, photography & journalism.

Can I do duel master’s degrees at the same time?

United States and UK universities offer students, for some course specializations for duel master degrees.

A student can study simultaneously at the same university towards graduating with 2 postgraduate masters’ awards in loosely related specialist fields.

6 of the most common dual master’s degrees programs

  • Micro biology & chemistry.
  • Mathematics & education.
  • English & TESOL.
  • Public administration (MPA) & planning,
  • Public health (MPH) and social work (MSW).
  • Finance & economics.

Dual master’s degree program subjects are normally taken in similar fields of study, although not required, at the same university concurrently that saves study time.

Although a student is awarded & graduates with 2 separate graduate degrees they have effectively diluted the amount of intensive concentration study that one masters course provides to give time for 2 courses.

The result is a student with a duel qualifications at the same time has not immersed themselves to the same level of study if they had just concentrated they’re efforts & focus on one specialist field of study.

Employers could view duel postgraduates as less worthy & beneficial than if you studied them separately.

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Why have multiple master degrees?

…. For certain industry sectors, such as finance, science, engineering it’s fairly common in UK and USA for a person to have multiple master degrees to give them knowledge & expertise in more than one professional area of work or research.

…. 2-3 specialist masters in related academic fields helps a person stand out applying for research funding and job marketability.

…. Gaining another graduate degree at master level can fill knowledge & skills gaps if given more responsibilities in a present job role.

…. Study another degree, such as an MBA as a second masters or management studies to get ready for promotion in you’re existing company taking on more professional opportunities & responsibilities.

…. For some people, voluntary or forced career change results in them benefiting from studying a 3rd masters degree that’s required to gain new knowledge & skills to be qualified for a professional job position change.

…. Taking on new client work that requires new learning & skills can be acquired by studying another structured organized postgraduate degree over 2-3 years part time or by online learning.

…. Continuing formal structured university learning to acquire multiple master’s degrees provides a person recognized qualifications that can help toward a successful career in they’re chosen professional industry field.

…. Getting 2-3 postgraduate degrees in related fields gives the recipient specialist knowledge in more than one expertise of work, making them more employable, and improve they’re career prospects.

…. A person can refresh learning after a number of years out of formal education, and able to get masters degree from a prestigious university not available to a specific person before.

…. Holders of multiple master qualifications can potentially negotiate or be offered high paying salary & benefits package in job fields including engineering, sciences, finance, IT and research.

…. An additional degree at graduate level can provide continued professional development in a structured & recognized way that could set you apart at work.

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