Can you be a Professor with an MBA (Explained)  

After completing a master’s degree in business administration graduates have the option of continued studying, get a job in a commercial business or become an academic at community college or university level.

Deciding to teach at university level means you’ll require certain postgraduate qualifications depending on the grade you teach, and the level of seniority of the position you are appointed.

Can you become a university professor with MBA?

Alone a masters MBA is insufficient; UK professor requires PHD & research publications, similar to USA full professor to be given professor title, and appointed to a senior university academic scholar position.

Full US university professor

Vast majority of USA college/university tenure track full professor title job positions require a PHD, as MBA itself is not enough to be offered a full time academic teaching position.

USA assistant professor

Some United States universities you can get a faculty position becoming a college assistant professor or adjunct professor with an MBA masters degree. Each US College has certain individual requirements for a teaching post at different levels of seniority and job title.

Although not tenure track full time contract, you can be appointed as an adjunct professor with an MBA at a USA college whereby you’re employed to teach part time or on a temporary basis.

You’re academic duties & tasks focus appointed at a junior level lecturer would be giving lecturers & taking tutorials with undergraduate first & second year students.

Another option is a lecturer at an American community college where you can teach with an MBA or adjunct on a full time permanent basis with professor in the job title, although its not at the same academic level as a university.

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What is an academic professor

A university UK professor is person that’s appointed at the highest seniority grade academic position, similar to United States full professor, through notability of scholarly academic achievements in a specialist field of study.

In contrast, a United States college professor also means an academic lecturer to teach at a university, and complete research in a specific study field.

UK professor appointment

In the UK promotion to professorship doesn’t depend upon habilitation. Each university has its own policy on promotions at any level, and decides whom it promotes or appoints to professorship, against its own criteria, and academics who wish to be considered for promotion must submit an application that indicates how they meet the university’s criteria”.

University of Leeds

How to become a professor with an MBA

Successful experience of lecturing in the subject, preferably years at university level across all year groups.
Hold a doctorate/PHD with above average grades at undergraduate, postgraduate MBA degree study in a relevant subject.
Be proficient & up to date using technology for teaching & learning.
Currently have or working towards a formal teaching qualification at higher education level.
Record of research in the academic field of study & teaching.
Track record of research papers publication in the special field of teaching.
Confident speaker & communicator in formal lecturers & taking student class tutorials.
Subject knowledge depth & understanding in the specialist academic field.
Be an active participant at academic workshops & conferences.
Currently hold membership of relevant industry professional bodies related to you’re subject area of teaching & research.
Preference for full professor to have industry work experience.
Able to successfully provide guidance & supervise undergraduate & postgraduate research project thesis.

University professor weekly tasks

A full professor academic position at university would expect to meet the above requirements, especially a track record of research & publication, and years of teaching the subject. Teaching & learning weekly tasks can include:

  • Giving lecturers in you’re academic area of expertise, although on a reduced timetable allowing for other departmental duties.
  • Taking tutorials with students answering questions and answers on the lecturer subject topic of study.
  • Complete department administration tasks associated with role of university professor.
  • Supervising student thesis on undergraduate & postgraduate courses linked to the department you’re teaching.
  • Periodically attend conferences exchanging ideas and peer review of research presented.
  • Participate in research in you’re field of academic expertise publishing findings.
  • Attend meetings and training sessions mandated by the university department, and for all university staff members.

Associate professor university teaching appointment requirements

A junior appointed university academic at associate professor level you require to meet fewer requirements than a full professor. Associate job requirements include:

Good academic track record of above average grades at MBA masters & undergraduate degree level in the academic teaching subject.

  • Broad strength & depth of the academic subject.
  • Able to use classroom learning teaching aids.
  • Good listener & communicator.
  • College/university lecturer experience, although not essential for new to teaching applicants.
  • Years of industry work experience in the specialist subject.
  • Hold or work towards a formal higher education teaching qualification.
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