What is a Bunk Bed With Trundle? (How it’s Used by Children)

Families live in different size houses and flats and could have a number of children, extended family and regular visitors. Trundle bunk beds can sleep 4 adults or children in one room area saving limited space for guests, children sleepovers and the trundle can then be packed away under the bed to make a bedroom more spacious again.

A bunk bed trundle is a pull out bed that’s separate and located under the bottom bunk. Effectively a bed on it’s own that’s low to the ground for a child or person to sleeps on. The bed surface size of 180cm x 90cm x 8cm can be pulled all the way out and then pushed back in out of sight creating an extra sleeping area and saving bedroom space.

What are trundles on a bunk bed?

A detachable bed that is located under the bottom bunk that pulls out and pushes back under out the way is a trundle on a bunk bed. The bed is separate, although part of a bunk bed that’s specifically designed and sized to fit neatly under that specific make of bed.

Details of a trundle are it’s a bed that can sleep 1-2 children or adults, low to the ground, can easily be pulled out & in on roller casters and then stowed away when not in use.

Trundles are different sizes from single/twin to king size bunks; example size of 180cm x 90cm x 8cm that have thin foam mattress of between 6-8 inches and are designed for guests or occasional children’s sleepovers, not for everyday use.

Trundle beds are a separate bed on their own, although part of a bunk bed set.

  • Can a trundle be used everyday? Yes, although they’ll not last as long as the bunk bed as wear and tear will come quicker as their designed not to be used all the time.
  • How much room do you need for a trundle bed? Although trundle bunks are designed as space saving you’ll require a bedroom floor space big enough for a single or double size trundle, bunk bed and space to walk around safely.

What are trundle bunks used for and by whom

Trundle beds from a bunk are used for temporary sleeping arrangements for relatives; friends and you’re kid’s sleepovers. The bed is easy to move around, close to the ground, quickly made and packed away when not required.

Main feature of a trundle bunk is they save space in a bedroom allowing for up to 4 people to sleep on one bunk bed, and good for small bedrooms. Appropriate age to use a trundle from toddlers, young kid’s from 18-36 months, teenagers and adults can use or sleep on. Bunk bed trundles are safer for children as they can’t fall off unlike a bunk bed that’s higher of the ground.

How far does a trundle bed come out? They can pull all the way out to a single, double or king bed size or even pull away from the bunk as their not attached to the bunk itself.

Good for kids are trundle beds part of bunks as they accommodate 3-4 children is one bedroom area, giving them an area to sleep, play and socialise. A children’ room with a trundle bed means a friend for a sleepover doesn’t require sleeping on the floor and kids have more floor space.

One downside is you can’t buy a trundle bed replacement as their made especially for that certain type of size and shape of bunk.

You require making the trundle bed each time a person sleeps in it and take the bed sheets and duvet off for storage under the bunk.

Advantages and disadvantages of trundle beds

Advantages of Trundle Bunk BedsDisadvantages of Trundle Bunk Beds
Trundles can come all the way out from under a bunk bed to the middle of the floor to become a totally separate bed space.Not easy to get onto a trundle as its very low to the ground, effectively you step or roll on and then slide or roll off the bed.
Modern trundle beds have easy manoeuvrability with caster wheels for sliding in and pulling out from under the bunk.Lying on for a long period of time or sleeping on a trundle bed is not very comfortable as they have thinner no box spring mattress (around 6-8 inches thick) than normal bunk beds at 10-14 inch thickness.
Can be used in a teenager or kids room for sleepover and guest room for extended family visits, easily set-up and stores away.Awkward to get on the lower or top bunk bed if you just pull out the bed as a person requires stepping on the trundle in the way.
You can sell the bunk bed separately when you’re children out growth there bunks and keep the trundle section for overnight visitors.No storage capacity as the trundle takes up the entire area under the bunk bed.
Come in different sizes from double to king size and can be customized for stylish trend or fashionable children’s room.Using a trundle on a bunk is designed for occasional use, used all the time or frequently will not last as the bunk bed.
Practical use as you can separate a trundle bed away from the main bed entirely and then stow it away under the bottom bunk.Kids using a trundle to sleep on could feel left out as they don’t have their own permanent bed space or area to sit on or sleep.
Toddlers or young children are safe to use a trundle as they are low to the ground and when you pull it out the wheels can be locked in place. As the bed surface has no holes and close to the floor children can’t fall out the bed.Not suitable for using or sleeping on a trundle are elderly, disabled and people with back issues as they don’t have box springs for comfort, only thin foam mattress.
Your daughter or son can invite 3-4 friends over to watch a film use the trundle to lay on instead of the floor or extra seating.You require putting bed sheets & covers on and off daily if a guest is using the trundle for a week’s stay or two.

Are trundle beds comfortable?

One trundle bed disadvantage is their not suitable for people with limited mobility, children with back problems as the mattress is thin memory foam and has no springs. Some manufacture makes of bunk trundles are designed to hold a thicker mattress of more than 8 inches thick.

Although close to the ground getting into or off a trundle bed at night is not easy as you require rolling off the bed and standing up.

Healthy children or adults will find trundle beds comfortable enough to sleep on for short visits or sleepovers, although not long term or permanent use.

Bunk Bed

One bed stacked above the other is called a bunk bed, where a bunk bed trundle is a bunk bed with a pull out separate bed underneath the lower bunk. Trundle & bunk sleeping is stable and sturdy and this type of sleeping arrangement saves space in a child’s bedroom, especially when it a smaller room and 2 kids sharing.

See an explanation of how bunk bed with trundle are sturdy & stable

Bunk beds are more popular with younger children as they can be customized to look cool & trendy, climb on the top bunk and possible spare bed space for any friends visiting. The bunk itself is sturdy as its 2 beds fixed on metal or woods frames, although many modern designs they can be separated to form two single beds.

  • Ideal for children sharing a small room a bed bunk sleeping provides more room for playing on the floor and also a child gets some privacy between the bottom & top bunk.

From single, double to king bunk beds they come in different sizes where usually the top bunk is single/twin size and bottom can also be single or double size. Getting onto the top bunk is by way of a climbing a ladder or stairs which is easy for able children, although not for kids with mobility issues. Additionally, the top bunk is not safe for younger children or people who are restless sleepers as they might fall and injure themselves.

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