Boarding Schools in Edinburgh

Boarding Schools in Edinburgh, Scotland for Boys & Girls

As the capital of Scotland Edinburgh is a major city in the UK hosting large local & international business with a metro population of over 584,000.

Edinburgh is a desirable place to visit and live with ease of access, good transport links, airport, leisure & entertainment and good schools & university education.

State schools, and private & boarding school education for local and international children is available to receive school education in Scotland.

You’ll see each school is different, although offering some similar education & facilities at different age of education for boys & girls differs between schools.

Boarding schools in Edinburgh

  • Cargilfield Preparatory School
  • Stewart’s Melville College
  • St George’s School
  • Loretto School
  • Fettes College
  • Merchiston Castle School
  • St Mary’s Music School
  • The Mary Erskine School

Edinburgh schools providing boarding for students

Cargilfield Preparatory School

Co-educational boarding school for boys and girls. Dating back to 1873 when first started education is also offered as day school to local children.

Age range: 3 to 13 years old

Location: Cramond, Edinburgh. Scotland.

Stewart’s Melville College

Offering education for boys in 1st to 5th years and girls & boys co-educational in sixth year to pupils for both day and boarding school. 
Age range:  12 to 18 years old
Location: Ravelston, Edinburgh. Scotland.

St George’s School

Founded in 1888 the school is long established for providing a good education from nursery to 18 years of age to the all girls student population.
Age range: 3 to 18 years old
Location: Ravelston, Edinburgh. Scotland.

Loretto School
Dating back to 1827 the school provides admittance to both girls & boys across the entire school age range for boarding and day school.
Age range: 0 to 18 years old
Location: Musselburgh, Edinburgh. Scotland.

Fettes College

One of the largest school boarding residences in Edinburgh the school caters for co-educational boys & girl’s education for boarding & day children.

Age range: 7 to 18 years old
Location: Inverleith, Edinburgh. Scotland.

Merchiston Castle School

As a boarding school exclusively for boys aged 7 to 18 it has a host of facilities situated in the schools grounds to provide a well round education.
Age range: 7 to 18 years old
Location: Colinton, Edinburgh. Scotland.

St Mary’s Music School
The school offers co-educational learning in both academic education and musical learning for children talented in playing instruments with a choice of boarding or day school.
Age range: 9 to 19 years old
Location: New Town, West End, Edinburgh. Scotland.

The Mary Erskine School
Pupils can choose between day and boarding school, although the school offers education to girls only. The school is well establish dating back to 1694 and provides extensive facilities for learning & recreation.
Age range: 12 to 18 years old
Location: Ravelston, Edinburgh. Scotland.            


What do Edinburgh boarding schools offer students?

Attending boarding school means you’re living away from home effectively staying at the school and not going home each day after lessons.

All fee paying schools for boarders provide a balanced academic education in a number of core and optional subjects when studying towards examination awards.

Each of the schools in Edinburgh listed above for boarders is unique, although will offer some of the same essential facilities, and educational subjects such as history, music, PE, maths, English.

Boarding schools can choose the educational curriculum for students to study resulting in schools teaching a specialist subject where another doesn’t.

School boarding rooms and amenities

Accommodation provided for you from boarding school room to kitchen, lounges and games area will differ between all schools in size, style and availability.

Boarders will mainly have exclusive shared use of the facilities in the accommodation block where you’re room is located, such as the lounge, not used by day students.

Edinburgh private schools that have long between established with a history of offering student boarding places will tend to have more rooms available for the year or occasional flexible boarding.

Older students aged 16-18 mainly have a room to themselves, although you may require to share with another student in the same year depending on room availability.

House parents are available to provide assistance so children are not left alone in the accommodation areas of the school.

Edinburgh private school boarding fees

Private boarding schools are not part of state government education which mean fees are payable for a child to become a boarder and be educated at a fee paying school in Edinburgh.

Looking at the fees payable for schools in Edinburgh it looks like parents will pay a standard charge for each term a child boards at the school, and possible or optional extra fees depending on additional services requested.

Weekend, evening’s sports & recreation

In the evenings and what do boarding schools do on weekends is different to weekdays.

Student’s have access to facilities including school grounds, sports fields, courts, garden games room and possible exercise room, although some boarding school facilities may require a staff member present such as the swimming pool for health & safety.

As the school day is longer than day students evening and weekend activities are arranged for school boarders depending on the time of year, travel distance and weather conditions.

Younger school boarders will have an escort into town for shopping trips around Edinburgh while older students maybe able to leave school grounds alone, pairs or small groups depending on age and school policy.

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