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Teaching in Middle East

Teaching in Middle EastTeachers can find teaching jobs in Middle East opportunities from education with the government or teaching at schools. Forming part of the Asia continent, the Middle East has their own countries with distinct culture and beliefs.

Teaching in Middle East countries means you could be located in area’s including: Jordan, United Arab Emirate, Bahrain, Lebanon,. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.  The climate is hot and humid in the spring/summer months, although becomes cooler during winter. (more…)

Teaching in Asia Independent & International Schools

Discover for yourself the Asian continent by teaching in Asia for a number of years or short 6 months contract. Contrasting in nature, environment, climate and culture teaching in Asia provides a wealth of choices during evening and weekend leisure time in a move abroad to work.

While not teaching use some of your spare time to visit a bustling street market in Taiwan and eat an evening meal with the locals. You could also take a boat ride across the Hong Kong bay to Macau or to Happy Valley Racecourse.


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Teaching English Abroad Over 60, 50, 40 Year’s Old

Teaching English Abroad Over 60, 50, 40 Year's Old

Travelling abroad to teach for a year or for a long period of time takes planning. Teaching English abroad over 60 years old or 50, 40 is achievable, although age restrictions exist in many countries depending on factors including work/residency visa, and school employers views.

You can find good jobs that pay well working abroad as you get older as a senior teacher in good desirable countries overseas in different school types. (more…)

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