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Pupils Transitioning from Primary to Older Secondary School

Pupils Transitioning from Primary to Older Secondary SchoolLeaving primary school for the last time and anticipating what life will be like in the big school is what all children experience in the UK and around the world.  Gone will be the days where your children spend much of their time in one classroom sitting in the same seat.

Pupils transitioning from primary to secondary school means becoming more independent in many ways. From travelling further to school, and following a timetable of where you should be for class will be a new adventure. (more…)

School Council Selection and Student Involvement

Opportunity for students to get involved a school council lets students learn how to be part of an organisational structure using systems and processes to make a difference to their school. The status of a school student council can be greatly enhanced if its membership is made up from some of the following: (more…)

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