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Cover letter Job Applications for Teachers

Cover letter Job Applications for TeachersView a teacher job online and decided that is the job for me.  Now comes the writing of a cover letter for the job application.

This is the time to get the attention of the secondary, primary school or recruiter who is going to read it.

I know from past experience applying for teaching positions the cover letter is your first chance to convince a school that you are the person for the role.

You will find yourself adding a fair amount of information on one A4 page, detailing what is requested by the employer in the advertisement. (more…)

CV Action Verbs Use for School Teachers

Do you wish to be noticed by the school or recruiter you send your resume/cv? Use of power cv action verbs in an application for a school teacher job is a must.  Projecting achievement, can do willing attitude is all part of what is expected in a professional person cv. (more…)

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