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What Technology Can Change The World of Education?

What Technology Can Change The World of Education 2020? Technology has been evolving over the years. Gadgets have evolved from large, simple ones to smaller and more complex. Technology has greatly impacted all aspects of life. The education sector has not been left behind. What technology can change the world of education for school students in classrooms around the word; for one new quicker interactive way of teaching & learning.


Teaching Is a Tough Job to Gain Respect from Students

No one would dare and to name or say teaching is a tough job. But this is just a misconception. Teaching is actually very difficult.

When we talk about the toughest jobs of the world, we think of jobs that are physically strenuous, tiring and hazardous, such as that of a mining engineer or fighter pilots.

Making others understand what you already know and shaping their future is a job of the highest responsibility and difficulty. After all there would be no fighter pilots or mining engineers if there was no one to teach them. This post talks about the various aspects of a teaching job. (more…)

Teacher Duties at School Enabling Effective Student Learning

Teacher Duties at School Enabling Effective Student Learning

A career teaching or just a few years is not for everyone. Classroom teacher duties at school are a full or part time challenging role with a lot of learning and preparation outside of classroom contact time.

A number of people realise or are told during initial teacher training than they are not suitable for the teaching profession.

Duties and responsibilities of a teacher means you are not just teaching think about parent contact, paperwork, marking, cover lessons, keeping up with your subject and changes in the curriculum every 2-3 years.


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