Benefits of Children's Attic Bedroom

Benefits of Children’s Attic Bedroom

Utilising and maximising space in a house or apartment is not only beneficial, but essential in a family home with 3-4 children and parents. An attic concerted into a functional bedroom provides a younger child or teenager space to grow personally over the years, and more privacy.

Extending a house or flats liveable space adding an attic bedroom for children uses limited valuable space in a home. A loft could provide a teenager independence & privacy away from family or a younger child a mezzanine area for sleeping & play area underneath. A slopping roof attic or low ceiling areas can be used for built-in storage drawers and shelves for kid’s toys & games.

What is an attic bedroom

An attic bedroom is the highest space in a house or flat internally between the roof rafters and the top floor of a property. The room area can have a large or small, flat or sloped pitch roof and can have loft insulation to conserve heat. Some householder’s also choice to convert an attic into a liveable space or use as an office.

The UK Government states the difference between an attic and loft:

  • An attic is accessed via a fixed staircase, and the eaves are squared off creating a box layout to a room. A loft, also known as a garret or sky parlor in a property is also accessed by a staircase that’s fixed. The entire area including any eaves or slope is included, and comes from Old Norse word ‘lopt’ for upper region or chamber.

Attics are built for holding raising hot air coming from lower floors of a property, providing an area for hot air to circulate; in return it helps control a buildings temperature. Lofts are also used to hold a water tank & piping, and often householders store belonging that are not frequently used.

Increased privacy for kids in their bedroom

An attic area of an apartment or house is not visited regularly by all family members. A children’s loft bedroom provides privacy away from the rest of the household as it’s out the way and the last area accessible internally.

  • Many teenager’s and younger kid’s want a bedroom place in their home where they can immerse themselves in interests & hobbies, complete homework undisturbed or entertain friend’s in they’re loft bedroom.
  • A child’s room in an attic could have various options for built-in seating under slopping roof/eaves, or a snug study area complete with study desk for school homework or university assignments.
  • Parents also choice having built-in furniture storage cupboard & wardrobe hanging spaces instead of using one that’s free standing to save room space. Boys & girls can also hide personal items away from siblings & parents in eave and attic corners.

Attic bedroom play area for children

Attic bedroom play area

Stronger roof area of a house you can hang a swing for younger kids, hammock or basket seat for teenagers to relax as the roofer rafters are strong enough.

Kids can play computer games in their attic bedroom sitting at a desk located under a slopped roof.  They can also play with toys, board games with invited friends on a mezzanine loft area where parents can build one in a bedroom.

Some houses have lofts with a high roof which can accommodate a separate platform for teen girls bunk beds children sleeping, and they can have an area underneath to relax, entertain friends and play.

You can live in an attic comfortably so long as it’s converted according to UK or USA safety regulations, as with many other adults and children are doing right now.

Use of bedroom space with slop or lower ceiling

A sound and movie system located in an area sloped too low for standing is ideal as a child is not so tall, although an attic bedroom is disadvantage for some taller teenagers. They could kneel for access to the equipment and you’re children could then sit back in a loft seating area watching movies or complete homework listening to music.

Storage shelves built in a corner or along the wall with a slopping roof are a good use of space, as the room space is low and uncomfortable for a child to move around standing up straight. They only require kneeling down to store toys, gadgets or put clothes away in a built-in cupboard or drawers you can build.

Hang baskets, store toy boxes & baskets under a low ceiling using space around the edges of the bedroom leaving functional areas for a child to play on the floor comfortably.

Parents get space away from their daughter or son

Knowing you’re kids are upstairs out the way, and even better you can’t hear them gives parents time and privacy to engage in hobbies & interests of their own undisturbed.

Kids playing games, listening to music, playing an instrument in an attic bedroom allows the entire family more piece and harmony in another part of the home.

Parents coming home after working all day or out shopping for a weekly food larder stock up like to spend time relaxing the way they want.

A seat in the lounge, study or kitchen area down stairs away from family hustle bustle is always good in between meeting wants & demands from you’re children.

Less noise coming from a teenager’s bedroom in the attic

Children taking an interest in playing a musical instrument from electric guitar, drums, violin or even playing loud music are fairly common. Giving you’re daughter or son the attic bedroom could help to reduce any noise heard throughout the home by family members, or reduce arguments arising.

A bedroom in the attic or loft in the upper part of a building is insulated, and sounds are muffled between floors walls & ceilings, helping mitigate the sound of loud music being played.

Children will know, and be able to make more noise in they’re loft bedroom, as much of the sounds won’t travel to the rest of a property disturbing parents, brothers or sisters.

Properly converted bedroom attic adds value to a home

A finished attic bedroom adds value to a house or flat, and with a staircase it become much easier to walk up than climbing a ladder. The loft room is more accessible for all age household’s members as well as accessible for carrying items up stairs.

A child or 2 sibling kids can share an attic bedroom that’s been correctly converted to UK regulations. Indeed, a bedroom space can be used by other family members including adults from parents to grandparents and extended family visiting.

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