Bachelor of Education BEd Degree Teaching Qualification UK

Undergraduate degree route for teacher’s to qualify to teach in school. The qualification is 3 or 4-year’s full-time bachelor of education BEd degree UK course at honour’s level.  Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England & Wales is conferred, although not every course.

BEd initial teacher training is popular with a good number of universities offering courses, although places are limited and competitive.

Did you know this type of teaching qualification at undergraduate level is internationally recognised. It’s offered in countries from Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and India, although they’re not all the same.

BEd degree Study

As the title states, you’ll undertake an education degree at undergraduate level for teaching at a school. BEd courses in the UK are mainly taken by primary school teachers, although you could teach another key stage.

Key learning and development

  • Learn & continually develop your understanding of education for the chosen age range throughout the 3-year full-time course.
  • Gain skills and knowledge of educational theories and classroom learning & management, as well as use of teaching aids.
  • How a child learns and hence develop through learning, recognise that pupils are different especially between bottom and top set learners.

Relax, you are gradually introduced to a school classroom for the teaching placements practice.

Usually at first, 2 weeks and then 5-week placements at a school in primary or secondary level to learn hands-on practical teaching.

The school placements you’re assigned form an integral part of your practical learning.

Teaching is combined with theoretical learning, such as foundation studies. Additionally, curriculum and lesson planning is introduced at university.

Courses with skills tests and taught modules for qualified teacher status (QTS) are the best option. You can then apply for your first teaching job and complete your indication year.

You become a fully qualified teacher once you successfully complete your induction year following your education degree study.

But first you require to learn how to become an effective classroom teacher.

When on you’re teaching course you will be expected to complete written assignments and gain good grades. Classroom teaching observations are pass or not and as you develop as a trainee teacher your effectiveness as a teacher will also become much better.

At first, the BEd degree is taught at a university where you attend formal lectures. Seminar group classes on the theories of education are initially taught, also teaching methods & strategies. What a joy!

Not until you are on the teaching school placements you will learn about teaching school children, well this was my experience.

BEd entry requirements UK

  • A-C grades in English, Mathematics and Science for 7-14-year-old teaching at standard grade or GCSE, or similar qualifications.
  • 240 UCAS points for mostly all bachelor of education degree courses.
  • Confident.
  • Some experience with children.
  • No criminal record.
  • Medical check at your doctors or questioner.
  • Successful face to face interview and accepted on a course.

Each course provider have they’re own entry requirements, although the above are typical.

People applying for a bachelor of education teacher training course should have experience in a school environment or somewhere working with children, all courses request this as an entry requirement for a course.

At your interview, the university is looking for the type of person you are and why you think teaching is for you.

primary job as a class teacher is not for everyone, although you could be more suited, depending on your traits and personality to secondary school teaching.

Behaviour issues and motivating learners from a job as early years teacher to help getting pupils good grades at 16-18 years at secondary school.

UK BEd teacher training courses are open to both male and female teacher trainees.

Bachelor of education degree key stages

Bachelor of education

Secondary key stage 3 4 and 5 will form part of your practice and learning as a teacher.

As you’ll realise different learning & teaching strategies are adopted between year groups, such as preparing pupils for external GCSE examinations.

BEd for primary school teaching you’ll be teaching across all key stage from early years, lower primary KS1 and upper primary KS2 at different points of the course. 

On the teaching placements, you’ll develop schemes of work, lesson plans and learn to teach effectively with a mentor on each placement.

Observing experienced teachers at first and then you are let loose with your own teaching schedule with your own classes eventually.

The fun part is that you require building up a portfolio of all your teaching and university work evidence.  This portfolio is the evidence that you have gathered including all lesson plans, lesson reviews, example lesson worksheets and assignments.

Later on in the education course you complete skills tests in mathematics and literacy for the QTS requirement that you must pass.

Where can I complete an education BEd?

Universities in England & Wales for the UK offer BEd Hon’s degrees.

Find a course, requirements and what universities you can apply to complete a (BEd) degree qualification.

Check on University Central Admissions Service (UCAS).

You have an option to study in another country such as Canada or the United States.

Apply for BEd courses, where?

UCAS handles applications for UK courses. First check the university website of choice for where they inform you on where and how to apply.

When should I apply?

A majority of courses start between August and September. UCAS accepts applications the year before from September and January.

BEd Hon’s age level?

You can choose to qualify for a specific key stage or age range, such a primary or secondary BEd where you’re qualified to teach in secondary schools with a secondary bachelor education degree.

You can then choose as schools encourage teacher to study for a masters degree in education to further enhance learning of a particular area of education.

Years of training to complete bachelor of education course?

Yes, full-time courses take between 3 to 4 years full-time or 6 years part-time study and practical training to complete.  For example, you can complete a (BEd) Honours English full time with the Plymouth Institute of Education.

You can complete a 3 year bachelor of education undergraduate honours degree with QTS in England at the University of Hertfordshire.  

Where can I teach with an Education degree?

Depending on your specific qualifying age range you have a choice between state schools, independent and international schools in the UK and abroad.

Teach in England & Wales?

BEd Hon’s degree with QTS then you can become eligible to teach in England, Wales or Scotland through registering through the countries general teaching council.

Funding sources for teacher training?

Undergraduate students can borrow through loans for each year of study through Student Finance England or SAAS for Scottish residents.

Bursaries are available of up to £9,000 for students that specialise in Mathematics or English.

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