Are Private High Schools Worth it

Are Private High Schools Worth it for Child Education & Cost

Parents in countries from Canada, UK and United States weigh up the right choice of k12  school and what education or other benefits a certain school provides in addition to teaching & learning.

Many factors that are individual to you’re child’s education and parents personal circumstances have a bearing on if private school worth it or not, a number of benefits are listed below.

Smaller classes sizes, more facilities & resources and intensive education means private high schools are worth it for academically focused students or learners with talent looking for a school with sports, athletics or music specialization.

Student academically focused and education goals

Type of student that benefits enrolling into private school, and they’ll think its good is motivated, willing and wants to do the best they can in education and other activities a fee paying school offers.

Parents will know they’re son or daughter well enough in relation to academic and social ability to do well enough for you to say yes, private school will be worth it for my child’s high school year’s education, for others it will not be.

Fee paying private k12 school worth for parents depends on the type of person the student is, academic focus, and goals in education.

Smaller class sizes at private schools

As a former teacher that taught at both private and k12 public school each individual student in my class received more help, assistance & attention in small class size lessons resulting in a distinct benefit of high school education at private school.

For many students high schools that are privately educated its worth it for students in class with fewer students as it leads to generally better teaching & learning outcomes at college prep student, and at any high school age.

Smaller class sizes at private schools

Student behavior is better

Discipline is better at private schools with older students as they have an admission criterion that enables a school to reject children that have been disruptive at a previous school.

All my time teaching at private school I seen and heard very few negative issues with students and certainly no aggressive actions or fights, unlike state schools with changing hormones teenagers.

Co-education or all male or female students

Male or female high school students that would benefit from an all boys or all girls education & teaching environment can choose a private education school if no state school option is available locally.

My observations as a teacher was that many children are happy in co-education learning environments at school being taught and working in groups with opposite gender.

Although, for some boys and girls it’s a big distraction or they feel pressured, intimidated or receive unwanted attention that ultimately affects they’re school education and grades.

Private boarding and day school

Busy parents that travel a lot could opt for a high school that’s private offering residential boarding for they’re daughter or son. A student benefits from a stable living, sleeping and school day all in one place instead of disruption when parents are not available or at home.

Students can spend time at day school then 1-2 years as a flexible boarder living at home and the school or full time sleeping & living as a full time school boarder.

Parents may not have a suitable school option locally for they’re child’s preferred teaching & education, although people that have the means or financial aid option you can choose private k12 education that suits you’re child best.

Students that follow a faith Catholic or Christian religious denomination private fee paying high school offer an alternative ethos. Students would receive additional teaching in the faith the school follows that may not be available to you’re child elsewhere in state school education.

More academic subjects

Education at private school generally means they’ll be more choice of academic subjects than state school offers when students choose the additional academic courses they’ll study towards final examinations at high school.

Subjects could include economics, ancient history, classics to ancient & modern languages including Japanese, Spanish, Latin, Italian and others according to the ability of teachers.

Depending on a students career goals it maybe worth attending a private school to access teaching & learning in a students desired subjects to obtain grades for college or university study towards a career.

School and class facilities

Vast majority of private schools will have more resources and better facilities for teachers and students education than state high school.

Teachers have the resources, materials and school facilities to deliver & maintain a high level of teaching & learning in class lessons at private school as they’re mainly better resourced or financed than government schools.

Students will not be competing or sharing many resources in class unless working in pairs or groups.

High schools for students that are private can have large campus ground with sports fields, courts for ball games, track & field facilities, gym, exercise room, indoor halls, swimming pool, and even an ice rink.

Dinning hall and possible canteens for student meals and snacks are usually available, learning resources center, boarding accommodation blocks and car parking at some schools for college prep students that have a vehicle.

Intensive study at college prep age

The all important high school years are when students choose the additional subjects they’ll study towards examinations towards a job or college/university entrance.

High school students can dedicate themselves to being taught in class and receive additional intensive revision lessons & assistance from teachers during the week and at weekends when examinations become closer.

Some students choose to spend they’re college prep years at boarding school as they’re living, sleeping and receive intensive teaching and examination guidance all on the school campus.

Transportation to and from school each day, as well as travel distance cuts into emotional stress or lost time at an important time of a students school education journey if the private school is some distance away from home.

Specialist, athletics, sport or music schools

Specialist sports schools

A child that has a natural gift or talent for something that wants to develop it and is currently is state education high school they’re talent is being wasted or you’re son or daughter is being held back.

Some private high schools have not only academic learning; they also specialize in one of, athletics, sport, music, dance, drama & performance type schools.

A student that attends a specialist focus high school, for example music will receive expert teaching, tuition and extra curricula instruction to play instruments to develop they’re musical talent.

Facilities, teaching & learning resources are tailored for students to be taught and develop they’re individual talent towards a professional career.

Partial athletics, music or performance art scholarships are offered if a student wants to enroll at private high school with a scholarship, although there’s a competitive application and students must meet the criteria.

Cost of private high school education

Well of parents and others that are financially comfortable can afford to finance tuition fees for a child at private school in USA, UK or Canada.

Lower income families require to think about the cost & benefit a private education for a high school student would offer and a child future.  Not only parents require paying school fees extra costs for equipment, uniform, school trips, events and spending money requires being accounted for yearly private education.

Financial aid, full or partial scholarships are given in each state in the United States for bright students that have excelled academically or students from low income households to attend private school.

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