Are Catholic Schools Strict

Are Catholic Schools Strict in United States

Opting for a catholic lead ethos education for you’re child in United States mean parents are choosing a Kindergarten to high school private education, as US catholic schools are independent from state education.

To operate efficiently US catholic denomination schools are strict with student uniform, enforcing good behavior to keep discipline in lessons and around the school campus for teachers to teach effectively, other wise students are ask to leave.

Private catholic schools education more strict

United States catholic schools are private fee paying education schools operated separately from the district or state government. 

Independent schools are known for more strict operational procedures & student rules enforcement resulting in student’s mutual respect for each other and teachers.

catholic schools education more strict

Strict catholic school rules

Teachers all adhere to school rules and implement them on a daily basis. Strict rules are in force at all USA catholic denomination private schools against:

  • Bulling other students verbally or physically.
  • Intimidation individually or part of a group.
  • Verbal abuse by calling another student names/insults or directed at staff members.
  • Physical violence is not tolerated at any catholic school.
  • Disobedience by not following reasonable instructions teachers ask a student to follow.
  • Swearing using foul language.
  • Causing intentional damage to school property or a person’s belongings.

In towns & cities around America each catholic elementary or high school sets standard schools rules and code of conduct all students require following.

Catholic schools are strict to ensure that all students follow rules & code of conduct keeping a disciplined school environment. They look to promote fairness, kindness, respect and tolerance towards other students, although they are all different.

Parents should expect students to behave in an appropriate manner at all times attending a catholic ethos school where people are required to respect fellow human beings, no matter there differences.

Easier for the student to be expelled from school

Enrolled catholic school students actually require being better behaved as it’s much easier for the school as a private education provider to suspend, temporary expel or kick a student out that’s disruptive or constantly breaking school rules.

“There are consequences if a student breaks rules at a school depending on the severity of the student’s actions”.

US catholic school student uniform

American catholic religious school student boys & girls wear a uniform that is specific to that school for a number of reasons:

  • A school uniform provides a standardized clothing dress for all male or female students.
  • Every male student is dressed the same, as well as female students that are dressed in the female school uniform.
  • School uniform can help with students being less distracted at school or in lessons about latest fashion or not or a child’s clothing looks cheap.
  • Same uniform reduces bulling and peer pressure.

Dress code of students and teachers

Students are only allowed to wear the school permitted uniform to school including coat & footwear, and appropriate clothing for physical education lessons, all of which require being worn correctly, including the neck tie.

Teachers are expected to wear appropriate clothing for the subject they are teaching, and be clean & presentable at all times.

Independent schools are known for more strict

Teachers check & enforce:

Girls skirt length at a catholic school which should be strictly at or below the knee.

Hair styles for boys require being short & neat. Girls can have longer hair that’s appropriate for a religious faith school.

  • A student’s hair must be natural with no coloring.
  • No lip or noise piercing.
  • No excessive jewellery around the neck, wrist or hands.

School has a set structure

All schools have set daily routines and practices for the smooth operation of the teaching & learning schedule, time management, health & safety and overall daily operational efficiency.

Catholic schools are so strict to not waste valuable teaching & learning class time or limited school resources by following strict routines & procedures.

“Each church run school in America requires teachers being dedicated to delivering excellent engaging subject lessons to students using differentiation to encourage learning and challenge each student to become better”.

Schools also have expectations that students are serious & dedicated to study & learning where they’ll try as much as they can to achieve the best grade, follow instructions, and behave in a good manner.

Weekly mass and during catholic religious events throughout the year are held, as well as prayer during whole school assembly times.

Set homework 2-3 times a week by teachers where all students require trying in class and attempt all homework set by teachers.

Catholic schools are so strict to implement successful operation of the timetable and respecting fellow students & teacher following the catholic teachings.

Admission of students is selective with a face to face interview following written & verbal testing checks to see if a child meets the appropriate education level, and checking previous school records, including for any adverse school issues.

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