Are Boarding Schools Strict

Are Boarding Schools Strict in USA with Students?

Gone are the days when corporal punishment was administered for breaking the rules while living at a private school as a boarder.

Boarding & public schools in each state of the US are places for elementary, middle and high school age students to learn in a compassionate, firm, but fair environment showing respect for each other.

Parents should expect children they send to live at a private school to agree and adhere to standard school rules, polices and guidelines including South Carolina, Maine and Texas.

USA private day and boarding schools are moderately strict with students, being firm but in a relaxed trusting environment for students to follow school policies & rules while having freedom and choice doing the right thing with teaching & staff members giving reminders.

How strict are America’s boarding schools?

To operate efficiently any boarding school requires to have polices, procedures and strict school rules for teachers and students to follow at all times otherwise operational inefficiency, disorder and conflict would occur.

Boarding students are not closely monitored all the time, more like watched over from arms length and given a sense of trust to act responsibly by following all school polices and when off school grounds going shopping in pairs or alone.

Living at a private school students are given lots of freedom to choose what to do after lessons including activities, and allowed to wander around the school & grounds during the day and evenings.

Students can change into casual clothing of they’re choice after formal school lessons have finished, normally around 16.00.

You’ll have times when you must be back at school in you’re room and in bed according to age and school year. Boarding senior students are allowed to leave school campus being out up to 22.00-23.00 some days while younger students could be back at school by 18.00 depending on each school rule.

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School boarders’ curfew

How do you survive a strict boarding school

Each individual US boarding school from California, New York State to Florida will have a curfew time for students to be back in they’re room or at school depending on the time of year, day of week and students age.

Leaving the school grounds is allowed according to each boarding school polices and for you’re age. Generally you’ll go out in 2-4 student groups if younger or chaperoned and seniors can go to the city/town alone.

Do boarding schools allow phones & laptops?

Smartphones & laptop computers are allowed at US boarding schools after timetabled lessons each day. School boarders can call/text or video chat with family and friends back home in evenings & weekends.

Schools will have rules where student boarders can only use laptop computers & phones until bedtime or in cases of emergency other they’ll be temporarily confiscated.

Students will require to keep mobile phones in they’re school boarding room or locker, not using them for friends chat during the school day.

Out of bounds school areas for students & teachers

Female students are strictly not allowed to enter/be in the boy’s accommodation area or rooms and boys are forbidden to enter girl’s boarding school rooms and accommodation blocks.

Only authorized teachers or school employees will have permission to access or be in student boarding room accommodation areas.

Strict boarding schools

Is boarding school cruel?

Junior students away from home at a young age starting at an American boarding school could be a bit overwhelmed by all the procedures, school day and timetable to follow, although teachers and housemaster/mistress are on hand to support students.

What may seem strict to a child with many school rules it’s just the school creating a sense of order for teachers and students to follow.

Boarding schools work in ways where they’re they’ll have organized daily routines Monday-Sunday each academic school day & year and keeping a calm respectful school environment is essential for a boarding school to function correctly.

Senior students boarding at school tend to settle in more quickly and adapt to living at the school and understand better the rights & wrongs of a following school procedures & rules.

How do you survive a strict boarding school?

  • Learn & follow all private school rules for boarders.
  • Don’t follow others bending rules or polices at school.
  • Do as you’re told by teachers and school staff.
  • Be on time for lessons, dining hall and school events.
  • Clarify any school rules that seem unclear or ambiguous.
  • Become organized and prepared for all lessons & activities.
  • Try to keep calm and composed if you are angered or frustrated.
  • Don’t verbally or physically attack or retaliate against other school students.
  • Be respectful and curious to others.
  • Become more independent by thinking & doing things yourself.

Strict boarding schools

Military academies are seen as strict boarding schools in the US, although they are just highly organized, install discipline during training and regimental to function appropriately.

All United States boarding schools appear to be strict in there own way for them to function efficiently, although this is how they operate to provide training and a good education to fee paying students.

Children that don’t fit in living at boarding school

Types of children not suited to boarding school

Types of children not suited to boarding school are students that don’t follow rules or don’t see adults as an authority figure. These students would have many negative issues as a school boarder, especially with teachers and other students.

In addition if you’re child regularly attends activities or has commitments that boarding schools doesn’t provide, such as specialist sport club, musical or other leisure facility then boarding school is not the right place.

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Boarding school rules & policies

Get out of bed in the morning by a certain time on school week days.Be in school uniform or dress code during the school day timetable.
Keep the boarding room clean & change beds sheets frequently.Follow instructions of school teachers and appropriate staff members.
Permissions for deliveries of certain items & food is required.Students are not allowed pets or animals on school grounds.
Attend and complete supervised homework/study times.Internet access is allowed only after school lessons.
Food in boarding rooms should be kept sealed.Keep noise level low so not to disturb others around school.
Be on time for school class lessons.Only leave school grounds if permitted following school policy.
Dress in school uniform for breakfast on school days.Dining hall sit at designated table areas for students and age.
No visitors from outside school except family.Students require permission for a vehicle on school property.
No talking, laptop or mobile phone use after lights out in boarding rooms.Must be in you’re room at the designated time and lights out on time.
No smoking, possession or alcohol consumption at school.No boyfriend/girlfriend allowed on school grounds.
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