are boarding schools good

Are Boarding Schools Good for Students

What is good in relation to every day items and daily routines of a person likes, to do’s, participate in is a matter of personal option.  One child might think something is good and another doesn’t because of personal preferences requirements or goals in life.

United States or UK boarding schools might be ok if a k12 student has personal traits to cope with being away from home, outgoing personality and can fit in at the school to do well enough academically and socially.

Choosing the right school and the correct type of boarding school for you’re child’s needs, academic education and specific talent are major contributor factors that go toward if a school is good or not.

Reasons why boarding schools are good for your child

1. Concentration on academic learning

When a student enrolls full time at boarding school they’re immersing themselves in k12 academic learning hopefully towards well above grades and top examination results.

Academically focused older elementary age children can concentrate on stem subjects of maths, sciences or English and other school subjects without the distractions of family life back home.

Equally, college prep boarding students can spend the last 2 years (16-18 years old) on intensive study and learning including for college examination preparation to gain the best examination grades they could towards a better future career and life.

are boarding schools good for your child

2. Develop a student’s talent for sport, music or drama

Some boarding schools in UK and USA specialize in certain areas such as dance & drama, sports, music and stem education. All enrolled students still require studying and completing full academic study the same as other schools, although they also get taught the area of talent they wish to develop.

School academic lessons, tuition, facilities, sport in private schools & leisure activities are all in one place at the school so they don’t require going to separate locations, which save valuable time each day.

Horse riding schools with equestrian facilities offer lessons during the day as well as tuition from teachers, and outside specialist instructors to further they’re riding talent in evenings and boarding school weekends or holidays. 

Musical specialist schools foster the advancement of talented musicians that look to a career as a professional band player, solo musician or to become part of a touring orchestra in the future.

3. Additional academic subjects not offered in state public school

Private day & boarding schools are free to offer the academic curriculum they choose as they’re not tied to local government education curriculum.

Students are required to study compulsory subjects such as math, English, history, and sciences, although they’ll be taught Latin and or classics as well. Choose from more optional subjects towards examinations at 14-18 years old as boarding schools tend to offer more subject availability for student to choose from.

4. Busy parents can choose a residential boarding school

For busy parents that work abroad, in the armed forces, travel or work away a lot the choice of boarding school is an option.

Students can be a boarder at school on a full time academic year or flexi boarding basis where they can spend a month or even one whole term and live at home the rest of the year.

Parents can call as many boarding schools allow mobile phones for boarders or video call as schools allow laptops for boarders also.

boarding schools are good choice

5. International students can receive an overseas education

For students of k12 school age an international education in the USA or UK is available while living full time all year at the boarding school parents choose. They’ll get life experience of living abroad while receiving an education, at the same time sleeping & living in a safe environment.

Parents from around the world send middle to high school sons & daughters to be educated in western countries and for some they wish to experience life at school as a boarder instead of living with a host family locally to the school.

It’s good for English as a second language students to share a school boarding room, socialize and be taught entirely in the English language so it helps not only they’re schools education, but language skills.

6. Residential education for children that’s more independent

Some children grow more distant from they’re parents as they get older, especially older teenagers that are or want to become significantly more independent from parents.

Moving away from the family home to live at a boarding school gives k12 students the opportunity to become more independent. think more, and make choices, even though they’ll require adhering to boarding school strict and relaxed rules.

Giving a growing teenager the space to think and act more independently such as cleaning they’re own bedroom & living space, shopping for essential, laundry and being on time for meals each day is positive for students.

7. Choice of academic, leisure & sports facilities

Student boarders shouldn’t’ be short of past times or activities to do individually or participate in teams & competitions.

As well as timetabled lessons students also require turning up and studying during compulsory homework each week in the evenings & examination revision time.

Boarding schools are not all work; students can take part in various sports throughout the year, indoor & outdoor dropping one if you no longer like the sport.  Activity clubs students can choose from teachers that organize and run are optional for student’s attendance during weekends and evenings.

Boarding student’s school facilities access could include: fitness & gym room, swimming pool & dive pit, hockey fields, ice rink, track and fields, courts for tennis, squash, basketball and indoor sports halls.

school swimming pool

8. Good for students that are more reserved

We all have personal traits and unique personalities and with younger and older students it can be an issue if they’re an introvert or have a reserved charter in a school environment.

Private boarding schools can be good for students that don’t mix well in groups and with a number of other people as unlike state school there’s much less friction between school schools that could cause trouble.

Should a student dislike the rough and tumble of an inner city state school boarding school with smaller classes, more relax environment and control of behavior issues could be a good choice.

10 reasons why private schools are good

9. Students around other like minded children

The majority of boarding school students come from financially stable families that don’t have money trouble affecting everyday life. There are a few students that receive a scholarship for high school, financial aid or a company or organization funds tuition fees.

Residential school students are all at the school 24 hours a day for the same thing to receive a good education, participate in school sport & extra curricula activities, something not available to the same level locally to they’re home.

10. School teaching & learning developments the whole child

One goal of boarding school is to develop not only a child’s education level, but to develop the whole person including:

  • Personally teaching & providing life guidance of right and wrong or doing what is right.
  • Social interaction with other students and appropriate adults on campus or school outings.
  • Talent development, such as sports or music or identifying a skill which a student can practice.
  • Career guidance for a more successful future.

11. Assistance and help 24 hours if it’s required by a student

Majority of students can live at residential boarding school with minimal assistance, although therapeutic schools or boarding schools accepting an autistics student they’ll require more assistance.

Staff members and teachers also sleep & live at boarding school full time and some occasional evenings and weekends acting as house parents or accommodation block supervisors for student assistance.

Students can ask questions and receive answers right away instead of waiting until the next day or when the weekend is over as an appropriate person, such as a teacher is available 24 hours a day.

12. Ample resources for teachers, students and social life

In class lessons all students will have adequate space at shared tables or individual singular table to complete class work.  As class sizes are smaller at boarding school there’s more space to move around in lessons, corridors and communal areas.

Study materials from books, multi media or coursework & homework help will be available on the school computer network for students to access, as well as access to the internet and other study material online.

During information technology subject lessons students have a computer to themselves in lessons, not sharing with another students. Equally, physical education class more equipment and other resources are available for each student, and different equipment use than a state school.

Around the school campus the dining hall has adequate seating space instead of being squashed in like sardines, and communal lounges, kitchen area and washing facilities for each dorm or boarding room section area, if no en-suite.

writing school diary

13. Extra curricula activities program

Soon as school lessons finish for the day extra curricular activities and sports are arranged by teachers for students to participate in for 1-2 hours.

Students can take part in sports

  • Horse riding if equestrian school.
  • Football.
  • Athletics.
  • Gymnastics.
  • Field sports.
  • Basketball or baseball.
  • Field or ice hockey.

Other activities could include

  • Chess club.
  • Drawing & art.
  • Dance & drama.
  • Fishing.
  • Singing & music practice & performance.
  • Gardening.
  • Animal care.

14. School social outings and trips

A feature of boarding schools is they all have numerous academic field and social trips throughout the year for all age students in small groups, as a school house or year group.

At certain appropriate times of the day and week students are allowed to leave campus at boarding school to shop locally or attend a social event, sports club or specialist tuition if expressly allowed buy parents first and the school.

Parents can expect they’re daughter or son to go on various social trips to places such as cinema, beach or countryside, theatre, amusement park and outdoor activities day, weekends or 1-2 weeks overseas school trip.

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