Are AMU Degrees Worthless (Reasons Why They Have Value)

Studying for a qualification from associate to doctoral degree means you have chosen a specialist field of education and qualification that helps you achieve a personal or career goal.

For higher paying jobs or positions that require significant knowledge or expertise in the field a bachelor or masters degree could be required that showcases you’re skills, although also identifying which degree and institution is suitable can be vital.

Graduating with a degree from AMU University in United States is not worthless as it provides value to you and employers as recognized qualification, skills & knowledge in a field of study useful for a career in work, although not for all employers. 

Is an AMU degree worthless for a job or further study?  

Obtaining a degree in USA from American Military University online is worthwhile if you wish to gain employment that’s not highly technical or specialist in a small-medium sized company or federal government organization in America.

Linkedin platform has profiles of people that presently work in fortune 500 companies as well as federal government and smaller USA commercial companies after gaining a degree from AMU University. 

Graduates are working in skilled and managerial roles related and unrelated to the bachelor or masters degree they obtained with salary packages up to $100,000 per year.

Is a degree from American Military University respected

Bachelor and master degrees worthwhile

My present qualifications at bachelor & masters level is in business & management and an AMU MBA could be beneficial depending on the career decision I make for the future.

American Military University MBA online would be useful to me if a wanted to change jobs in the future working at management level making decisions as am not looking for a job with a world leading firm that requires face to face study qualifications.

Using the MBA knowledge of business administration subjects a graduate could apply marketing, finance, HRM and business operational analysis to a job role daily in the organization they work for.

Should you be like me, aged 50+ not looking for a job at a high profile company an accredited online MBA qualification could be sufficient to work in government or a smaller local company.

An AMU University MBA would be useful on a graduates resume showing they gained a highly recognized qualification, skills & knowledge to be successful in a managerial job role. 

The master’s course is also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, thus being externally assessed for rigor and student assessment.

Studying at AMU University for a second master’s degree that further extends specific knowledge in an area of study or gain multiple master’s degrees can help you with gaining further promotion, responsibility and a higher salary with a present employer.

No difference which study mode

Many of the undergraduate and master’s degrees offered by American Military University doesn’t make a difference if it’s face to face learning or just online study. AMU degree courses where no equipment or face to face assessment is required for teaching & learning include:

AccountingBusiness AnalyticsCriminal JusticePolitical science
Business AdministrationCommunicationsEntrepreneurshipHRM

When is American Military University not worthwhile?

For me an American Military University degree is not worthwhile if I wanted a career in a regulated occupation or science that requires specific hands on assessed skills & knowledge from the degree course qualification.  Two specific industry courses:

  • Electrical engineering normally involves university students being taught, learning & practice on electrical equipment and wiring in class training.
  • Sports management online degree is no good as you are not taught different types of sports or access to assorted equipment so you can instruct people in the future.

Looking at employer’s job adverts for stem science, financial or professional occupations they ask for people with hands on skills & knowledge, training and qualifications you attained from a degree course of study as important factors.

Certain jobs and professions an AMU University online degree is not useful as it doesn’t provide any applied learning or instruction face to face on the course or is very limited, meaning it’s insufficient.

Some countries don’t accept online degrees for work permits

Equally, AMU University online degrees are worthless if you intend to apply for a work visa/permit for certain countries including Kuwait, Qatar, KSA, UAE and Oman as they don’t accept any form of online degree study qualifications for visa purposes.

For profit online university learning

As American military University is a for profit online learning institution some USA technical or high profile employers perceptions or hiring managers mindset don’t see AMU university degrees worth anything compared to in person study at a US college.

When looking at job listing in states around America I see a few job descriptions that states “Bachelor or master’s degree from top university” or “online degrees not accepted”.

This show theses employers don’t respect online degrees, also they think they are not worth much at all, certainly not appropriate to be hired for a job role at their company.

Getting a job with a degree from AMU University

Many companies in United States and abroad don’t care where you studied for a degree in America or if it’s by online study or face to face learning, what they concern about is:

  • You have a degree from an accredited university.
  • Grade you achieved.
  • Skills, knowledge and learning you have accumulated is at a high enough level for the job requirements.
  • Does the qualification make you a qualified person to work in specific job role in regulated profession industries, such as nursing?
  • Soft skills & personal attributes you have as a person that combines with you’re academic and work background to make you a good candidate for promotion or to be offered a job at a new company.

As a graduate from American Military University you are prepared academically with critical thing & analytical skills and have a recognized accredited qualification to continue study or secure a graduate level job position.

Skills & knowledge you attained from the course of study will help you in a future job role and over you’re working career to develop deeper understanding & critical thinking for specific daily tasks you complete.

For some roles you’ll face competition in apply for a job where the degree you studied and subject skills and knowledge will be compared to other candidates qualification.

Yes, another candidate could be chosen instead of you that acquired a degree at a bricks & mortar university or more prestigious American university, especially for professor, law, medical or engineering bachelor degree holders.

As an AMU University undergraduate or postgraduate student you’ll be offered suitable jobs by federal government and smaller and bigger companies in states around America.  Industry employers will welcome you as an employee for a junior or management role in a related or unrelated position to the academic field you studied as along as you have the required personal skills, knowledge & attributes for the job role.

Can you commission with a degree from AMU? 

As the US military requires applicants to have at least a regionally accredited bachelor degree an American Military University online degree is accepted to commission in the military as an officer.

Requirements are subject to change signing up for armed forces service as a commissioned officer in USA, the same as commercial companies, so check that an AMU degree fulfils the specific needs of the organization hiring criteria before enrolling.

American Military University accreditation

In United States Higher Learning Commission (HLC) regionally accredited American Military University as a learning and qualification awarding institution.

Additionally, Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and U.S. Department of Education recognize AMU University as an accredited university to issue bachelor and graduate degrees in America.

Some AMU’s subject degrees at bachelor & master’s level are accredited by specific industry bodies including business, nursing, sports management and public health courses.

Transfer credit from AMU to another university

AMU University is regionally accredited, not nationally, hence transfer credits are accepted by some other USA college (Not all) should you decide another university is more beneficial towards you’re study goals.

Other colleges in America are likely to only accept a certain number of prior learning study credits from the AMU course as you’ll need to complete additional subject topics mandated for each course.

Is American Military University a diploma mill?

A diploma mill is where you pay a tuition fee and receive a degree for little or no academic study effort.  American Military University is not a diploma mill as each course has entry requirements from high school diploma, employment requirements or other academic qualification.

All AMU University associate, bachelor or masters degrees are fairly rigorous, not easy to pass, as they require critical thinking, effort and many hours of study, hence students will fail a course if little or no study effort is given.

Course assessments include written assignments that must be completed by a set time that are graded where a student requires attain a certain grade to pass the degree course.

AMU University student admission criteria onto courses

Prospective students to enroll on a bachelor degree course at American Military University you require a high school diploma, meaning they just don’t admit any person on a course.

Advanced masters degree enrolment at AMU university students require a bachelor degree + transcripts or higher in a related subject, and meet other requirements for certain courses including teaching, nursing, public health or cyber security masters courses.

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