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Apprenticeship Training Courses, School Education Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Training Courses UK, Apprenticeships in ScotlandKnown as work based training jobs, modern apprenticeships in Scotland, Wales and England are skills qualifications that are nationally recognised by employers. Choose from many apprenticeship training courses or school education apprenticeship.

You can work in many industries including accounting, advertising, retail, transport, school education jobs, local council.

Jobs are split into apprenticeship courses at entry, advanced, intermediate level and advanced skills enhancement respectively.


Apprenticeship training courses UK

Apprenticeships jobs are a work based qualification taking from 1 to 4 years.

MA courses are predominately in work practical skills and knowledge training and possible day realise at college.

With over 200 apprenticeships to choice from in a range of industry sectors, many people have an opportunity to gain a new qualification.

Vacancies can be with large organisations or a small company that is family run.

Do not expect to get rich while receiving a modern apprenticeship wage as you are on a training programme. Although you have a training job, you will become qualified and receive a higher wage.


Education jobs apprenticeship training

From school receptionist, it technician, cook, nursery and other education jobs roles.

Specific roles:

  • Nursery assistant leading to nursery nurse jobs
  • Classroom teacher assistant in nursery, primary or secondary school
  • School finance assistant, receptionist or personal assistant
  • Business manager or school bursar job after completing an appropriate level of training
  • Meals and lunchtime school cook
  • Grounds person or maintenance role


Employers of apprentices

Training is conducted while being employed. You actually require a job first to start an apprenticeship.

Employers can be from a range of industries, public, government and anywhere around the country.

As an employee you will work, train and build up your knowledge and skills working alongside experienced qualified people.

Check out official websites for training jobs: apprenticeships Scotland, Wales, England in London, Glasgow, Swansea and towns, cities and rural areas around the UK.


Education training

Practical hands-on training in the company.

Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland Level

Intermediate Level Apprenticeships: Entry level suitable for many jobs for years.

Advanced Level Apprenticeships: More experience and gain higher level skills, knowledge and qualification.

Higher Apprenticeships: Knowledge-based qualifications that can include a foundation degree.



Appropriate assessments take place before you are awarded the qualification to test your skills, knowledge and competence for the work.


Apprenticeship wages

Not a lot, although a minimum training wage is provided throughout your training and some employers may provide additional payment and benefits.


Age restriction

16+ is the minimum to start an apprenticeship and you can start at any time of your life, although some employers have upper age limits.


Length of time

Courses are between 1 to 4 years time for completion depending on the level and course you take.


Modern apprenticeships entry requirements

Each specific course has its own entry requirements that can include age, certain skills, qualifications in English and mathematics.



National Apprenticeship Service pays your fee depending on your age:

– 16-18 up to 100%
– 19-24 up to 50%
– 25-year-old plus pay your own costs


Broad sectors of apprentice jobs in England, Scotland and Wales

Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care
Arts, Media and Publishing
Business, Administration and Law
Construction, Planning and the Built Environment
Education and Training
Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
Health, Public Services and Care
Information and Communication Technology
Leisure, Travel and Tourism
Retail and Commercial Enterprise


Search here for apprentice positions in the UK

https://www.apprenticeships.scot/find-a-vacancy     Scottish apprentice training courses


Skills Development Scotland for Training

http://www.getingofar.gov.uk   Official UK government apprentice promotion website

https://www.gov.uk/find-traineeship   Main government site


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