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Advertise Education & Teaching Jobs, On Page Ads

Job board open to schools and recruitment agencies to advertise jobs: teacher jobs, non teaching education jobs vacancies abroad, such as accountant, nurse, HR, cashier…

Add any type of school education job role in the classroom or non teaching

What do you offer?

Traditional job listing for schools & recruiters

Unlimited job advertising

Job listings live for 35 days at a time

Advertise Education & Teaching Jobs, On Page Ads Available

Paid listing (GBP)

   £ 170  12 months

 £ 110    6 month

£   25     35 days


Free job listing    (2 jobs per month)   to follow shortly

Text & or small logo advertising on inner pages (to follow shortly) see below

“All activity and contact is via online methods”

Contact to advertise or discuss options at    info  @  educationtay.com

What happens next:

Send an email and ask for an employer account to be set up………….. The email address should be from your school or company organisation displayed on your website.

Login to your employer account and upload jobs. You can then add, edit, duplicate or delete.


Payment should be sent within 24 hours via Paypal of uploading jobs.

Send to   info  @  educationtay.com


Answers to question

Can I register for an employer account for free?

Yes, you pay only when uploading jobs.  No obligation to add jobs.

Jobs are displayed in the job search widget on the front page, (main search page) where people are directed to look for a position.

Some jobs are added to inner pages by this website, which is not part of the job listing service offered.

(Job seekers are visiting individual job pages first).

How many applicants will I receive for my jobs?

No guarantee of any.  Depends on a good number of factors including subject, location, start date, salary, school brand, time of year, requirements, terms of contract, country culture, laws, work via, residency……..

I have a very strong consensus and try to accommodate what you require.

Shortage of good committed trained people.

This website targets prospective teachers & for education jobs, and does not look to receive hundreds of website visitors that do not meet the search criteria.

Website visitors rising weekly. Almost all visitors are from Middle East countries, Egypt, India and a good number based in the UK at present. Also numbers rising each day for USA and South Africa.

Middle East jobs get visitors from that specific country for that job and some from other surrounding countries.  Example: UAE jobs by UAE residents, also from Egypt and KSA.

People are looking for teaching and non classroom jobs.

What types of jobs can I upload?

You can add any role that is connected with the following:

State, independent, international, nursery or language school positions.

How can I increase the probability of receiving suitable applicants?

Advertise using a title that states a role for a specific person, for example;

Early Years Teacher Required for a School in Dubai, UAE   (Be specific)

List also:

  • Requirements for the job, closing date for applications
  • Salary range, package and benefits
  • About the organisation/school, location and possibly what is on offer in the area
  • How good is the place to work for
  • Advertise well in advance of the term start date if possible.  Not easy or quick arranging documents required
  • Upload full contact details, especially your website address. People would like to see where they would be working
  • Try and avoid listing a job advertisement that has 2-4 lines



What are the rules to add/delete and duplicate job advertisements?

Adding your jobs means they become searchable to job seekers.  No requirement to add and delete every week, this is not permitted.

Every 3 weeks if required feel free to duplicate the job ad and delete the older listing, or delete and upload another job listing.

No duplicate job listings live at anytime.

Are all job seekers qualified for the role they apply?

They might think they are.  Some job seekers may lack the skills, qualifications and experience for your advertised job.

They can obviously be rejected by you when receiving an application.

Jobseekers are not pre-screened; you require completing this yourself.

What nationalities does the website try and attract?

People are from the following countries are Education Tay target audience: Canada, South Africa, UK, USA, should be native English speakers. Also job seekers from India and Middle East countries.

Can I bulk upload jobs all at once?

No.  Deliberately left the uploading of jobs one by one, you as an employer require targeting users with you’re advertisements.

Mass listing and see what you can get is not very effective.


Our organisation does not wish to be seen advertising often, Can you facilitate?

Yes, contact and state I would like Education Tay to forward applications.

Offered at no extra cost

Your listing would have:  name: In country      Logo: Country flag    Contact: This website admin

Listing managed on behalf of  x would be placed on the page, or words similar.

Are applications sent direct to an employer?

Yes, any person that applies for one of your job positions via the apply button is sending their application directly to you only.

Do my job listings require approval?

Once an employer or recruiter is approved any job listings you add will automatically become live when you press submit.

Are some jobs preferred over others in listings?


Listings are included in the job search widget located on the front page only.

I myself alone may decide and place some listings on other pages in addition to the job search widget.  This is not part of any service as there is limited space.

Can I have a currently recruiting logo on the front page?

Yes, although this is limited as a website with excessive advertisements and in an intrusive position gets penalised in the search results.  Maximum of 6 logos positioned under the job search widget.

Cost:  £     3 months    (Includes unlimited job listing)

(2020 prices and will rise significantly with increased active website visitors)

Where do I send the money for paid advertising?

Via Paypal.com online payment processing is the only method at present.  Most secure method I know to send money online.

Details will be sent with other information when you sign up for an employer account.

When is payment due, and can I have a credit account?

Payment required within 24 hours of uploading jobs.  No credit terms are given.

What other forms of advertising does the website offer?

Text advertising on inner pages that can be incorporated into a sentence or you could provide your own sentence. Requires being at least a 1/3 of the way down the page.

Small logo ads could also be added to certain pages, such as teach in Qatar or in Kuwait.  Can also be between paragraphs.

You could promote:

teacher training           course            maybe a product          organisation or website

Of course what you intend to advertise must fit with the content of this website.

Google rules apply with all advertisements that contain a website link, ie: no follow.

Do you offer a recruitment service?


Education Tay website reserves the right to not register or allow any type of content from certain schools, organisations, companies or recruiters.  This would be very limited.  No reason will be given.

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