On Page Advertising for School Education & Teaching Jobs

Pay a contribution for text and or logo/banner for school education on page advertising teaching job, course on inner pages that can be incorporated into a sentence and you could provide your own sentence or paragraph. Requires being at least a 1/5 of the way down the page where you can advertise for UK & teaching abroad

Most pages small logo ads plus text will to be added to certain pages, such as teach in Qatar or in Kuwait.  Can also be between paragraphs. 

Duration: 12 months (365 days)


2021 advertising prices

Exclusive £160 sterling per page advertising/promotion, country pages, teacher training, jobs.
Most popular information page £360 sterling for exclusive advertising/promotion  (One of the popular information pages listed above)


You could promote:

teacher training              course              organisation or website  visa information        jobs     

Of course what you intend to advertise must fit with the content of this website and page.

Google rules apply with all advertisements that contain a website link, ie: no follow.


On Page Advertising for School Education & Teaching Jobs



“All activity and contact is via online methods”


Contact to advertise or discuss options



Website visitors

Main visitor website traffic for information pages from the UK, Ireland, India, USA, UAE, KSA, South Africa Oman. Egypt, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, although this website receives Google search qualified traffic from countries around the world.


Popular pages

Country teacher job pages: Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Australia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Malaysia, Taiwan, Egypt, Oman, Taiwan, Dubai/UAE


Education & information pages:

Visa guidance             teacher training interview questions            bachelor of education         class teacher duties           teach in Australia       

  teach in Spain          primary teaching school role          teacher in Scotland          Spain language & cultural assistant           head of year 



Answers to questions


How many applicants will I receive?

No guarantee of any.  Depends on a good number of factors including subject, location, start date, salary, school brand, time of year, requirements, terms of contract, country culture, laws, work visa, residency, advertisement……..

This website targets prospective teachers for education jobs and information related to education, does not look to receive hundreds of website visitors that do not meet the search criteria.

Website visitors rising monthly. Almost all visitors are from UK, Ireland, Spain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India and some from south East Asia Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia at present. Also numbers rising for USA and South Africa.

People are looking for teaching and non classroom jobs, information on teaching abroad, teacher training and other teaching information.


How many unique visitors does the website receive daily

At present 360 unique website visitors daily on average (September 2021) from around the world split 50:50 between job search related and education information search queries.

99.9 % visitors from Google search.


What nationalities does the website try and attract?

People are from the following countries are Education Tay target audience:  Top visitor country is UK then India, Ireland, Gulf countries, Egypt, Spain, USA, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Australia, South Africa.

Visitors daily from Europe, New Zealand, Singapore also. although very few.


Are applications sent direct?

Yes, any person that applies for one of your listings is sending their application directly to you or responding directly to you.


Where do I send the money for paid advertising?

Via Paypal.com online payment processing is the only method at present.  Most secure method I know to send money online. Details will be sent with other information.


When is payment due for on page advertising? and can I have a credit account?

Payment required within 24 hours.  No credit terms are given.


Do you offer a recruitment service or send us teachers?



Education Tay website reserves the right to not register or allow any type of content from certain schools, organisations, companies or recruiters.  This would be very limited.  No reason will be given.



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