10 Reasons Why Private Schools are Good

10 Reasons Why Private Schools are Good for Students

As a parent you’ll have your own informed opinion of what is good for you and you’re son or daughters k12 education.

What’s good for one student is not necessarily for another that’s why there’s a choice of public and private schools in you’re local area for you’re child to attend.

I’ve taught in both state public and private schools and seen the positive advantages of private school education offers when choosing the right school for a child’s needs and academic, sporting or musical talent goals.

10 specific reasons why private schools are good

1. Attend specialist music, drama or sports school

Gifted and talented children have an option of attending a private day or good boarding school that also specializes in one of sporting, dance & drama, music or academic stem education that a child has.

A student can combine a full time private academic education with a specialist talent they have with receiving formal lessons and specialist coaching for they’re specific gift or talent in one place saving a lot of time.

Specialist sports k12 private schools in states around America offer additional physical education lessons in a number of school sports at elementary & high school age for talented aspiring athletes.

For each student at school, you’re child for example would receive additional lessons in popular sports such American football, baseball, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, rowing, horse riding and track & field events.

Equally, music specialist private schools have more instruction in musical instruments and specialist teachers and students can take part in bands, orchestra or musical events & contests to show talent.

Each student with a specific talent in a sport, music, drama can concentrate more hours of lessons, coaching and practice during school time as well as after school extra curricula activities.

Facilities extensive at private school
High school football

2. Facilities are extensive at private school

When walking onto a private school campus you instantly see a wide range of up to date academic, sports, games & leisure facilities the school has to offer.

Students benefit from using the track & field equipment & facilities as well as teachers having appropriate facilities & equipment to teach good lessons in a range of subjects.

Private high and elementary schools have well arranged  & equipped classrooms, learning resource center, dining hall, lounge areas, garden, large grounds and medical facilities for students use.

Advantages of private school in UK and United States is many have also a good selection of sports facilities for teaching students and choice during after school extra curricula activities including:

  • Riding trails, equestrian facilities and livery stables for ponies & horses.
  • Rowing boats ownership and possible boat house.
  • Athletics track & field facilities.
  • Squash, badminton, basketball and tennis courts.
  • Indoor sports halls, gymnasium and swimming pool.

3. Positive behavior with very few discipline issues

Private schools in the USA, Canada and UK are positive welcoming student school learning environments which is promoted by each schools policy and monitored by teachers or other staff members.

When a student agrees to enroll at a private school they sign an agreement to adhere to the school behavior and other acceptable policies & guidelines expected from all students.

It’s actually easier to expel or kick a student out of private school than state school as they have less restrictions on having to retain or accept students, especially for bad or negative behavior.

Teachers at day and private boarding schools get to know students well enough to avert the vast majority of issues between students that could potentially cause verbal or physical disagreements.

Fee paying schools have an admission criteria to be met by each student and a private school can, and do reject school students that have previously caused trouble at a previous k12 school.

All students enrolled at a private sector high school for example should feel relaxed in an atmosphere with no physical violence or verbal abuse as seen more often at state government elementary & high schools exhibited by a few students causing trouble towards other students.

4. Range of extra curricula school activities

When class lessons have finished for the day students take part in extra curricula activities of they’re choice at the school.

Activities are put on and are available for all age groups, abilities and desired participation for male and female students to participate for 1-3 hours.

Students can participate alone, in teams or part of an organized group. Teachers get involved as well as external coaches that have specialist knowledge & skills in musical, sporty, performance, games or arts.

Sports and games are available for students to get involved indoor or outdoor, debating, languages practice, dance & drama, musical events or even band practice.

Range of extra curricula school activities
School computer class

5. Smaller class sizes

Private schools are fee paying and one significant good feature is smaller class sizes generally 5-16 students to a class lesson depending on the type of private school and subject.

Normal private schools, students without disabilities including faith schools have more students per class than a special education school that’s privately run and operated.

Small class sizes at a k12 school is good for more student teachers interaction where the teacher can give more individual attention to each student in lessons as opposed to a larger classes.

Students benefit from being able to ask more questions or receive a specific explanation or example to they’re question instead of competing for time with many other class students.

Small classes at private school benefit the subject teacher during lessons as they can manage the class more effectively and interact one to one or in small groups of students than in a class full of students.

I have found when teaching a class with a small number of students in lessons I can use more effective teaching techniques. As a result benefits to students learning & understanding has meant better grades, higher academic standards and teaching methods being adopted.

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6. More attention from teachers in lessons and school

Elementary & high school students can expect more personal interaction with the teachers as student to teacher ratio is smaller than state schools.

Students receive more attention in class during formal lessons, around the school and out with normal school teaching timetabled time that generally leads to increased student grades in external examinations.

Other good benefits of private school is students have a teacher, house parent or other staff member to discuss or talk about school work, including homework help or a personal matter about they’re wellbeing.

Overall personal attention at private day and boarding schools students receive is an important benefit of attending a fee paying school and is one of the most important services a private school provides.

7. Selection of good school sports and games

Students at private school can take part in a selection of sports and games during formal lessons or as part of extra curricula activities after school lessons in evening are private & boarding school weekends.

Sports options include:

 TrampolineHorse ridingFootballGymnasticsArcheryField sport
JavelinShot putDiscusFencingRowingSailing
BasketballBaseballCyclingLawn tennisTable tennisDrama & dance
Swimming & divingWrestlingHockeyLacrosseSquashBadminton
Private school sports

Competitive sports teams at school and away competitions are a feature that students can participate if qualifying at a private school.

Specialist sports and other coaches brought in from outside the school also participate in some of the games and sports activates or give instruction to individuals of groups of students.

Day and boarding school choice
School lockers

8. Day and boarding school choice

Private schools give parents the option to choice to send they’re daughter or son to residential boarding school or day attendance at private school returning home each day after lessons.

Day private school is good for any students that lives locally returning home each day and wants a personal life outside school daily, possibly attending sports & leisure clubs in the community or visiting friends in the neighborhood during evenings or weekends.

Opting for a boarding school education a student can be immersed into school residential life benefiting from school academic education, sports & leisure and personal life with children of they’re own age they already know.

Boarding school is also good for college prep high school students that wish to focus academically on study for examinations and receive tuition help from house parents.

Equally, students living & sleeping at school throughout the academic year benefit from using the school sporting facilities to practice and excel developing a talent they have towards being a professional sports player.

9. Range of academic field and social trips

Certain school subjects such as history, geography and business & economics lessons generally have at least 1-2 field trips where students go to a location outside school for practical real life lessons or investigation.

In the past I have taken my business & economics class students to a bank to see how they operate giving them real life practical teaching & learning experience of the subject topic.

A visit to the beach or local hillside looking at rock formations or contours of the land I know private school students that go on geography academic field trips so they can see for themselves live practical examples instead of text book or video explanations or pictures.

Teacher and student social trips to local attractions, shopping, beach and activities centers private school arrange periodically for all age of students in small groups or larger groups of students the same year.

School social trips and vacations nationally or internationally are arranged for students to go on skiing trips or looking at ancient buildings & sites as part of an extended relaxing break or exchange student trip.

10. Less student resources sharing

No student wants to be left out or wait to use a piece of equipment or use of facilities.  Private schools have fewer students and make sure students don’t require sharing computers during lessons or during important study time.

Schools in the private sector where parents pay for a child’s education expect they’re enrolled student to receive an education where a suitably amount of equipment and materials are available in lessons & activities without waiting in turn or missing out.

Each student attending a private day or boarding schools can be assured they’ll have adequate resources, facilities, teaching & assistance to be taught and participate fully in school life at the school they choose.

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